Future Web Platforms: From LAMP to where?

Tongfamily.com kind of missed a generation. I can’t believe it is 20 years since the first post on the site (1994!). And I still somehow have the 5,000 posts done over the years. There have been several major iterations of the site and while the text has survived not much else has: 1994. FrontPage Extensions […]



Be careful when buying a USB wifi adapter

The net of this is that you probably want to buy your USB Adapter from either thinkpenguin.org for general intel linux and from modmypi.com or adafruit.com for Raspbian. Be careful that there are lots of knockoff cards and things that don’t work: Be careful when buying a card for this project: – WLAN cards documented […]

The Best HDMI Switchers – IGN

Well as usual I’m one port short. The system is 1080p only so don’t really need 4K switching (yet!).The big benefit of this one is automatic switching so you don’t have to program things Kinivo’s HDMI switcher is a stylish accessory for your entertainer center and can even switch inputs automatically based on what device […]


Rich’s Excellent Photo Workflow

OK, it is a bit eccentric, but when you have 10,000 or so photos a year (?!!) that need to get processed, you begin to rely on yourself more and less on software. That is I’ve had various photo programs (iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom) lose databases and crash several times. Also I’ve had bad hard drives […]