Cool new file server (redux)

Well that post is getting longer and longer and here are some additional notes: SATA drives can plug directly into a SAS backplane. Wow that is pretty cool the so if you have an SAS motherboard, you just need SAS cables to the backplane Storage with SSDs The future of course is moving to PCI […]

Poodles and SSL

It seems like it never ends. Here’s a new problem with SSL using SSL v3 encryption. You have to make sure to disable it in your browser or check the site to make sure it doesn’t accept it. Firefox has an add-on that turns SSL v3 off. Chrome has a command flag. There isn’t any […]

Aoyue 968A is the coolest

Got to love the internet, got just the coolest solder and hot gun engine today. Of course there are no directions that make any sense, so thank goodness for Youtube, with lovely musak, here’s how to assemble it! See


Building a cool file server

I haven’t built a machine in a while and have never built a dedicated file server box. So lots of great learnings from the exercise. We’ve used first Mac Mini with Drobo and then Synology (nice embedded product), but now it’s time to go all the way to Linux with ZFS so wish me luck. Here […]

Things broken on Yosemite

Not surprising really: Tunnelblick. This is an OpenVPN system. Seems to hang network access on Yosemite. This gets fixed by the latest update to Tunnelblick. You have to manually down load it. Lastpass. Seems to forget the email and that I have already typed a password. This gets fixed by the latest version of Lastpass, […]