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Punkbuster is hard to remove

This is some sort of anticheating software that you can’t really remove called “Punkbuster”:

Removing Punkbuster « Bucking the Trend

For those who want to really uninstall Punkbuster, the file PnkbstrA.exe is located in the Windows\System32 folder in Windows XP. Before deleting it, go to Start Menu -> Run -> type msconfig, then look at the Services tab. Uncheck PnkbstrA, and delete the file. That should get rid of the thing.

Apparently some online servers require Punkbuster to be installed, but there is an uninstall program you can download if you don’t like hacking with msconfig:

PunkBuster Online Countermeasures

To manually install/uninstall the components, users may use our PBSVC Setup Program. However, uninstalling the new service components will disable PunkBuster and may prevent playing on PunkBuster servers.

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  1. 18 June 2008    

    @john: Got it. It isn’t clear and punkbuster doesn’t let me play on our lan at home which the kids want to do sometimes

  2. john john
    18 June 2008    

    you won’t be able to play at some call of duty servers if you don’t have this running…