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PC Worlds says battery is short but so is everyone else

Well, PC World says it is just 5 hours on 3G, but that’s as good as everyone else, so here is to recharging by noon every day!

AppleInsider | iPhone 3G clarifications: battery life, GPS, office apps

Apple’s call time on 3G is much shorter than the 10 hours promised on normal GSM phone networks but has run tests it says show iPhone 3G to be the longest-lived of the 3G cellphones in its class, which includes both smartphones and high-end media phones.

In a calling test, the Apple device exceeded Apple’s own estimates and lasted for five hours and 38 minutes and just edges out the Samsung Instinct by five minutes — a statistic which doesn’t factor in the need for legacy voice support on the Instinct and other phones for CDMA-based cellular networks

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