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Ten million sales secured, is iPhone an iCannibal? | 9 to 5 Mac

Apple’s iPhone sales are breaking expectations, with the latest guess-timates indicating eight million sales of the iPhone this year alone – meaning the company’s well on course to achieve its stated ten million sales target.

AppleInsider | RBC says sub-$100 “iPod phone” market up for Apple’s taking

“resilient post-launch” sell-through has paced the company ahead of Wall Street’s expectations and on target with his forecast of 5.1 million 3G units in the September quarter and 14 million total iPhone units for the calendar year

AppleInsider | Apple may report unprecedented 3 million Mac quarter

ike Abramsky cited proprietary data from his firm’s recent IQ/ChangeWave Panel which “suggests that massive back-to-school Mac sales” could see the Cupertino-based company report year-over-year growth of 44 percent to 3.04 million units for the three month period ending September.

The study of 4,400 respondents demonstrates “resilience despite a sluggish consumer spending environment,” and would also signal 22 percent growth on a sequential basis, the analyst said. Apple shipped a record 2.496 million systems for the most recent quarter ended June.

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