Canon 5D Mark II features

Man I sure hope that this camera has great quality, because the “DPReview”: and “”: preview has me drooling as well as “Ken Rockwell”:

* 21 megapizel, full frame, 14-bit (so you can’t use your EF-S lenses like the 10-22 or the 18-55, but it is going to be really good hopefully for low noise and for getting nice wide angle even with a 24-105 F/4 lense)
* 1080i/30 H.264 high definition video (12 minute clips, so great for most home movies really).
* ISO 100-640 calibrated. Will go up to ISO 25600 but I’m sure look like a cartoon.
* LiveView with facde detection and no mirror flip if using contrast detection.
* $2700 list price (gulp for the body only!).
* Vignette compensation
* Relatively compact at 810 grams (1.8 lb) and 152x114x75mm (6×4.5×2.9″)
* 3.9fps upto 310 on a UDMA CF card
* AutoISO mode where you pick the exposure and aperture and it picks the ISO
* Face detection AF where the camera looks for the faces and focuses on them.
* 3″ LCD that is VGA resolution (!!!)

Some of the negatives:

* It doesn’t come in with a flash built in, but with such a fast camera, it is not clear how much a flash really buys you (just boost to ISO 6400 if you need it).
* Stays with Compact Flash even as the world is moving to SDHC. Prices of CF is still decent but in the long term, you can see SDHC dropping.
* It is heavy in 28 ounces plus a lense, so you are lugging around more than a kilo.

The guys are “”: did a review of it as a video camear. They say it produces 1080p in very low light. There is a new camera called RED which uses dSLR lenses which are of really great quality, so maybe I don’t need to buy a Canon XH-A1 camcorder.