Coffee Reviews

Well now that we have a fancy coffee machine, you can really tell the best from the worst coffee. I like the “Cafe Britt”: just because I’ve been there. But of course, there is a site “”: that covers referrals. The new trend is something called Single Origin Espressos. That is a single bean from a single coffee farm. These ratings are reverse chronological so a good way to see what is “freshest”:

h3. “Terroir Coffee”:

# “Terroir Coffee La Esmeralda”: La Esmeralda Panama. It is Rainforest Alliance Certified and micro-roasted. It comes from one coffee famr in Panama. They have a great “top 10”: list. It is rocking expensive at $23 for 8 ounces, but interesting to have for a coffee test. The coffee is actually shipped on the roast date!
# Kenya Mamuto. 97
# Guatemala El Injerto.94
# La Minita Costa Rica. 94
# Kenya Kigutha. 95
# Kenya Karagoto. 96
# “Terroir Coffee Decaf Espresso La Lapa, Costa Rica”:

h3. “Atomic Cafe”:

Another top microroaster that is a coffee house in Massachusetts and now seels its beans

# Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Korate. 94
# Kenya Peaberry Ruera Estate. 96

h3. Some other roasters

# “Coffee Klatch”: is another small roaster and their “Esmeralda”: also is top rated from the same place. It is even more expensive at $33 for 12 ounces 🙂
# “Paradise Roasters”: A local Minnesota company. Rated 94. Called Ethiopia Awassa Special which you can also order online at “”: Also expensive at $17 for 12 ounces, but probably worth it.

h2. Johnson Brothers

# “Johnson Brother”: Another Minnesota microroaster. They like “Kenya Peaberry Nyeri-Tatu”: and “El Salvador Pacamara Tierra Fertil Los Alpes Reserva”: $12 for 12 ounces.