Entourage Calendar Sharing

This is a great example of having to read your posts to remember crazy stuff. In this case, I want to share my calendar from Entourage to Entourage. How do you do it with a hosted Exchange. Man, I did this “originally”:http://www.tongfamily.com/2008/05/entourage-2008-and-hosted-exchange-2003/#more-3473 then promptly forgot how. There is a item at “Mobility Today”:http://mobilitytoday.com/news/005450/hp_exchange_email that explains this.

# You *can not* do this with Entourage by itself when you are going at a hosted Exchange. This is because Entourage isn’t in the same private network as Exchange by definition since it is hosted
# You have to use Outlook, so I hope you have Parallels or a Windows machine.
# In Outlook 2007, create a new profile for the user who wants to share his or her account by choosing Control Panel/Switch to Classic View and then click on Mail. Click in the Mail tab, New… for a new profile. Click on manually configure and then enter for Microsoft Exchange Server, mail-13ps.atlarge.net and the user name is Rich Tong and the click on More Settings
# Now click on the Connection tab since you need to set RPC over HTTP by clickin on “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and then click on Exchange Proxy Settings enter rpc.atlarge.net and make sure both On fast network, connect using HTTP… and On slow networks, connect using HTTP first in the section called Use this authentication, select Basic Authentication and choose OK
# Now click Next and close and close
# Start Outlook and you will get a Connect to… dialog and enter for the user name _bizatlarge\rich.threeinitials and the password and now Outlook should start with you connect. It will show retrieving mailbox settings for quite a long time
# Now right click on the Calendar and choose Permissions then click on Add… and you should see the Global Address List and add folks and choose OK and choose Publishing Editor to get the right permissions