Finding Big files on the Mac

If you are using leopard and don’t mind the CPU times, then go to Finder and choose View/View Options and click on “All Sizes” This calculates the size of all files within a folder. Very useful to see why you suddenly have 14MB of /Library files. If you have Tiger then… » How To Find The Largest Files On Your Hard Drive

If you are like me, occasionally (actually most of the time in my case) you run out of disk space on your hard drive and you wonder what is eating up so much space. Well in order to make some space in your hard drive you need to delete some files.

I am going to show you a quick way to find the files that take the most space on your machine. Here is how we begin:

# First of all, we need to find the biggest files in your computer and start by deleting the ones that are no longer important.
In order to do this let’s use one of the great and powerful features of Tiger called “Smart Folders“. So from Finder, choose File/New Smart Folder and then choose “+” on the right and then “+” again and choose Other… and look for Size and pick greater than 1GB and choose Save. Name this “1GB+ Files”
# This appears on the left bar of Finder and when you click, it search for a 1GB files