Google Contacts as the hub not!

Google finally has their contacts close to a separate application. You can get a list when you logon to gmail and edit them. The biggest issues are:

# Amazingly that Google has got to be the only contact manager that has no notion of first name and last name. It is all one field. So there is no way to sort by first and last name. And most importantly for things like iPhones which search by first and last name so parsing doesn’t really work. For instance, “Nuevasync”: really has some big problems trying to sync into the iPhone, it has to guess like crazy and for instance, if you have a PhD at the back, then it thinks it is the address.
# Google doesn’t support unicode! So you can’t use it with Chinese. What is it with these guys? It is pretty basic stuff to support UTF-8. This breaks all the contacts

So the net is that right now while the contacts on Google seem like they would be great, some really simple things make it pretty unusable.