My buddies really like it but what if you are overseas and don’t have the Sprint network around. Then apparently there is a USB download option where you can download to your PC and then use the USB 2.0 cable to put it on the Kindle.

Sunday Salon: Reading on the Kindle

What I think is really silly about my owning a Kindle is that I have no wireless access overseas meaning I have to download everything via USB whereas people in the U.S. in the wireless coverage area can download directly to their Kindle from (what seems like) thin air. In essence, my purchase

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  1. @john: unless you are trying to help somone who is deployed for a year plus in Iraq, then this becomes a bigger issue 🙂

  2. yeah a problem but not much of an issue really for a US based person even if you travel a lot. i have 100 books downloaded to my kindle right now, even if i was out of the country for months i would be unlikely to run out of material to read.

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