Reregister from Mod to regular Rec

If you have a player who wants to go from say GU9 Mod to GU11, then this isn’t a problem, you just have to:

# Make sure you get permission from the parent via email
# Choose Edit/Registrant and search for the kid
# Make sure Play UP is set to yes
# Now Choose Edit/Reassign and select the new level, in this case GU11
# Now Choose on Quick Clicks, Assign Particpant
# Make sure you know the name of the team they will go to and pick that group
# You should now see the unassigned player and put them there.
# Email to the coach and parent to let them know.

If it is a scholarship kid, there is a fee difference going there, so you also have to

# Choose Edit/Registrant again and find the kid and click on them to see Player Settings
# Click on Registrant Financial Information. You should now see a fee different $90 vs $65 or $25 more.
# Click on New Payment or Refund
# Choose Adjustment and click on Decrease Fees and Type is Scholarship and the amount $25. In the comment put your name