Samurai Noodle and Serious Pie

Abel introduced to me to “Samurai Noodle”: It is nearly impossible to find on the “reverse” side of Uwayjimaya. Really tasty and completely crowded with Japanese folks, so it must be good. The spicy chicken broth is amazing and you can order the ramen in three different ways, soft, medium and hard. Also the Samurai Armor is terrific. Gets you a boiled egg, really amazingly tendor pork. And if you run out of noodles, for $1.50, you get more 🙂 It’s pretty authentic tonkotsu ramen.

I thought “Serious Pie”: was a bakery for peach pies and things. Not! It’s a nice piece of pizza. Almost like what I remember eating on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Almost. Pretty good. Try the mozarella and tomato, the most authentic!