Iphone apps u have to have

Wow there r so many. Apple is truly creating an amaIng franchirse.

When u get yours here are the top 5 new apps I love and the top 5 I use over and over.

1. Cardstar. This let’s u put all your loyalty cards into your iPhone and it generate scanablr bar codes on your screen. Pain to setup but this is the future.

2. Flicktunes. Simplifies the interface so u can use in your car. Set a play list and then swipe right skips and left goes back. So no more looking to change songs.

3. Wikitunes. A much cooler interface than the native player app. This shows lyrics.

4.FMyLife. Man is this good entertainment. Read snippets about peoples well lives. Hilarious.

5. 6500 Facts. These r actually pretty interesting.

Then the ones in actually use alot

0. Skype. Works superbly. Just need to be in wifi range. If u have a jailbroken phone try gvmobile that does the same with google voice. And they have free calling to any number in the US now!!

1. Twitterfon. Free and reliable way to post to Twitter

2. Facebook. For when email is down.

3. Flixster. See the latest movie times and then buy the ticker.

4. Opentable. Reservations and it really works.

5. Shazam. I love music and this I’d software is amazing.

6. WordPress. I blog therefore I am.

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