Handbrake 0.9.4 for DVD to MPEG-4 conversion

Handbrake version 0.9.4 adds 64-bit support | iLounge News

Popular open-source DVD to MPEG-4 converter Handbrake has been updated to version 0.9.4. The new version offers a host of improvements, including speed, size, and quality improvements taken from the x264 project, support for 64-bit and parallel builds for added speed improvements on 64-bit capable machines, support for soft subtitles, a live preview feature, better input support, constant quality encoding which varies size to meet a given quality level, a new custom anamorphic mode, and more. Handbrake 0.9.4 is available now as a free download for Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Windows XP or later, and Linux.

Handbrake version 0.9.4 adds 64-bit support | iLounge News

They did drop the AVI format, which if you want to convert using that, use 0.9.3. Windows 7 can runs all formats without codecs except MKV. Use the CCCP pack for that.

New iPhone coming next summer???

9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence

Today we learned that new iPhones were found using apps with tracking software in the San Francisco area. The news is not surprising since the same thing has happened around this time of year for the past few years. This is the traditional time that Apple starts testing new iPhone hardware for release in summer.

What is interesting about today’s information is that the new iPhone hardware is denoted as 3,1.

Former iPhones were labelled like this:

* OG iPhone= 1,1
* iPhone3G = 1,2
* iPhone 3GS= 2,1
* iPhone(PA Semi?) = 3,1

The iPhone 3G wasn’t a big upgrade from the original iPhone, hence only the point upgrade in the hardware code number. While it did add a 3G radio and GPS, the processor was still the ARM 11-based Samsung chip that was also used in the original iPod Touches.

The 3GS hardware upgrade was a different processor entirely. While Samsung was still the supplier, it was now a ARM Cortex A8 based unit that provides the massive speed gains in the new iPhone 3GS hardware (and new iPod touches).

Will we see even more speed in the next iPhone?

The 3,1 moniker indicates that the new iPhone hardware is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 3GS -perhaps one with a processor from PA Semi. Apple bought PA Semi two years ago. Steve Jobs previously told the New York Times , “PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods.”

New iMacs DOA or Cracked Screens

So it wasn’t just me. The iMac Core i5 cames with a cracked screen in the lower left, just like these reports!

27″ Core i7 iMacs Arriving DOA or With Cracked Screens? – Mac Rumors

Engadget reports on a growing number of complaints from purchasers of Apple’s high-end 27″ Intel Core i7-based iMac who have received new machines that either refuse to power on or arrive with cracked screens directly out of the box.

Apple’s new Core i7-based iMac might be a performance monster, but it looks like the whole family’s having some problems getting out of the gate: in addition to the previously-noted performance issues with the Core 2 Duo models, a quick glance across Apple’s support forums and on other Mac boards around the web reveals that some machines are showing up DOA and / or with cracked screens. We’re a little more familiar with the DOA issue, since the new i7 we just bought doesn’t boot at all, but the cracked screen issue seems to be equally common and mostly affecting the bottom left corner, from what we can tell.

Reports of problems have surfaced in Apple’s support forums (#1, #2), as well as in our own forums. It is unclear at this time just what proportion of the new iMacs have been affected by the issues, but the volume of complaints suggests that these may not be isolated incidents.

The 27″ iMac appears to have experienced several issues since its introduction last month. In addition to these new complaints from purchasers of Core i7-based model that only recently began shipping, early users of the Core 2 Duo-based models reported performance issues related to Flash video playback. That issue, however was reportedly addressed with the release of Mac OS X 10.6.2 earlier this month.

OWC Expresscard driver crash

Well not all is right as rain, my old Rosewill RC-605 uses Silicon Image drivers and won’t run on Snow Leopard, so I got a $20 OWC ExpressCard eSATA and it sort of works, but the driver crashes and the drive disappears on the latest Snow Leopard. How sad.

Note that it saysDoes eSATAII Rosewill RC-605 ExpressCard not work with 10.6? (external HDD question) – Mac Forums

Sonnet’s version of the Sil3132 driver works with the Rosewill RC-605 card in 10.6.1.

Does eSATAII Rosewill RC-605 ExpressCard not work with 10.6? (external HDD question) – Mac Forums

Try this: install the driver, repair permissions, shut down (completely — don’t restart), then plug in the card and reboot. After you log in, turn on your connected drives, they should mount. If not, restart again with the drives turned on. YMMV, but that’s how I got it to work. It’s fully operable, plug-and-play now.

Apptix shared Exchange configuration

Well all the magic URLs changed when Apptix switched us to Exchange 2007. Here they are:

cp.collaborationhost.net. This is the control panel where you can change user name and it also has your detailed configuraiton information
mobile.collaborationhost.net. This is the ActiveSync address that you use to sync your iPhone
smtp.collaborationhost.net. Where you send mail
pop.collaborationhost.net. Use POP3 to read mail
imap.collaborationhost.net. Inbound IMAP mail boxes
AUSP01VMBX05.collaborationhost.net. This is your actual mailbox on your exchange server
outlook.collaborationhost.net. This is the Exchange proxy for doing http into your mailbox
msstd:outlook.collaborationhost.net. This is the URL for the Certificate

The only read assymetry left is that the outlook web access address is totally different, it is


You can login with either you company username@company.com or if you know the magic userid that is assigned  uniquely to every person which is collaboration\username

Home Theater Buying continued

OK, some more recommendations.

Mythos SSA-50 is a single bar that projects surround sound. Nice because it is wall mounted and good if you don’t want wires going to the back speakers.

TiVo HD. I have an HD XL which is $400. Just never use 1TB worth of disk space. The $250 HD seems fine for most uses. About 20 hours of HD programming. Since it includes Netflix viewing, the only thing really missing is Comcast On Demand. And you need a CableCard as well. The lifetime service is $400 additional or $300 for 3-year, which seems pretty good compared with the incremental $15/month ($15×12 = $180 per year for a Comcast DVR). The three year cost analysis is $250 plus $300 = $550 vs. 3 x $180 = $540 so it is about the same, but you get On Demand from Comcast but a much Netflix and a better user interface from TiVo.


Urban Dictionary: Kimosabe

Tonto greets the Lone Ranger with the expression “kemosabe”, which has also been written “Kemo Sabe” or “Kemo Sabhay”. The origin of this expression is somewhat unclear, but James Jewell, an early director of the radio series, said the name comes from a boy’s camp located on Mullett Lake, Michigan that his father-in-law had run from 1911 to 1941. The translation was said to mean “trusty scout.” Fran Striker, the writer of the Lone Ranger scripts, said the actual expression was Ta-i ke-mo sah-bee, which he said meant “greetings trusty scout”. In the pilot of the Clayton Moore TV series, “Enter the Lone Ranger”, Tonto explicitly states that “Kemosabe” means “trusty scout”.

Apple Black Friday sale $100 off computers and iMac is fast

We picked up a new iMac core i5. Man is that 27″ screen wonderful and it is fast. Now for another $200, you get about 5% more performance with the core i7 🙂 Only thing missing is a Bluray drive…It basically shows the new iMac Core i5 is twice as fast as a mid-2009 MacBook which is great as it means our video editing is going to be faassttt…

Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About

Boy Genius Report posts a supposed leak of Apple’s forthcoming Black Friday sale items. Among the discounted items are iMacs ($101 off), MacBook Pros ($51-$101 off), iPod nanos ($11 off), and iPod touches ($21-$41 off).

More Quad-Core iMac Benchmarks Show Substantial Performance Gains – Mac Rumors

Speedmark is Macworld Lab’s standard test tool for benchmarking new and upgraded systems running Mac OS X. It uses real-world applications and everyday tasks. It is a general-purpose suite that includes tasks everyone from a high-end user to a new user performs every day.

Macworld Lab follows a detailed script to perform the 17 tasks. Each task is performed three times. We compare the results to a 2.13GHz MacBook with 2GB RAM (Mid 2009), which is assigned a score of 100. We then take the geometric mean of the normalized scores.

Mac Mini will not screen share reliably

I’m trying to use a Mac Mini as a server for the Drobo. It is going to run headless. The main issue is that I am trying to use Screen Sharing to access it, but somehow the screen sharing hangs and the application is there, but there is no window.

One thing is that the two machines on a separate time capsule seem to disappear. Maybe something strange in between. They are daisy chain together. Almost like the time capsules are not passing file and screen sharing properly. Spent an afternoon on this.

Discovered that I have MobileMe on these and when i login locally it knows my me.com name and puts in this gigantic string for user name. Also some machines show they can’t contact MobileMe so I turned off back to my mac. That didn’t help. Rebooting machines did seem to help but that is not good for a headless server.

Also this seems to fail most when I’m trying to run remote desktop sharing and ten propagates to file sharing. Although can happen file sharing just breaks.

Some posts mention the process netauthagent hangs but there is no auh process in snow leopard.

Others talk about Kerberos encryption keys and bad network passwords in Keychain Access. I deleted all those keys and rentered passwords but no joy.

I lost the kerberos reference but doesn’t help as it just say delete without saying how to fix.

Finally unplugged the mac mini and dropped dreams of gettig the drobopro into the machine room. Using iMac now and hoping it is more reliable. There isn’t a big penalty anymore for leaving a machine on but I’d prefer to use one without a rotating hard drive for reliability sake.

The Mac Mini is out there churning away, but the service is broken. Rebooting the Mac Mini helps, but that isn’t a great solution is you want it out of the way.

So time to search with Google…First there is this NetAuthAgent issue, but I don’t have that running. I wonder if Snow Leopard changed the name of the process.

If Your Screen Sharing Stops Working, Read This – Mac Forums

PROBLEM: Sometimes when I do this, one of two things happens… either the Screen Sharing program launches in the dock but the window for the other Mac does not appear at all, or the Screen Sharing program launches and a small black window (with nothing visible inside) appears. Killing and restarting Screen Sharing does not help, and restarting the remote Mac does not help.

SOLUTION: One way to solve this problem is to restart the Mac where you are attempting to use Screen Sharing. But this is overkill; it works because it incorporates the second, easier solution to the problem:

1. Launch the Activity Monitor program.
2. In the Process Name list, look for “NetAuthAgent”. It may show as “Not Responding”.
3. Select NetAuthAgent, and then click Quit Process (the red stop sign button at the top of the Activity Monitor window). Then, click Force Quit.

Your Screen Sharing should now work.

It appears that as part of connecting to the remote Mac, your Mac must authenticate itself… and NetAuthAgent is part of this process. If this program freezes, hangs, or locks for any reason, the authentication will not work, and you cannot use Screen Sharing. Killing NetAuthAgent is harmless, as far as I can tell, and it will automatically relaunch the next time it is needed.