Volvo 850

Man, I have such trouble with batteries on the cars I don’t use much. Both the Volvo 850 and the Acura are always discharging. Finally blew what must be my fifth battery. Read in Consumer Reports that the Wal*Mart Everstart is good. Thanks to now I know I need a Group Size 47 battery. Called 47-3 with CCA 590 called Wal*Mart Plus Power


Well, this is one complicated preamp. I must say fortunately AVS Forum has an owners thread. Most amazing features are the Audyssey (what a spelling) system which does automatic speaker calibration. There is even a microphone included and super easy graphical interface. Wow.

Also it autodetects an ethernet connection so it can do Internet radio and you can control it through its own webpage. How about that. Finally, it looks for Windows file servers and can play songs from them. Maybe it might even work against a Time Capsule (not!).

1080P Network Camera

Wow great for security applications.

SANYO introduces 1080P Full HD network camera

SANYO introduces 1080P Full HD network camera
Full HD and face recognition has made it into the CCTV camera market too, as Sanyo introduces the VCC-HD4000, the world’s first 1080P Full HD Network camera for security applications. The new HD4000 features 4 Megapixel resolution (2288 x 1712, and incorporates advanced H.264 video compression, for Full HD (1920 x 1080) video or 2288 x 1712 Jpeg. The HD4000 has advanced human face detection; the AF function automatically detects and isolates faces, and is capable of detecting up to 32 human faces at a time…

SANYO introduces 1080P Full HD network camera – digital camera and photography newsVCC-HD4000 features 4-Megapixels resolution and built-In 10X zoom

SANYO, a world leading digital CCTV camera manufacturer, introduces the VCC-HD4000, the world’s first 1080P Full HD Network camera for security applications. The compact and simple-to-use device records video both in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4-megapixel resolution. The VCC-HD4000 utilizes the advanced H.264 video format and features a 10x AF HD lens. The camera will be on display at the SANYO Security Booth #14087 at ISC West, April 1-April 3, Las Vegas.

“Using this camera in critical security situations makes perfect sense,” said Bill Lawrence, Vice President and General Manager Security Products Division. “Compared to conventional VGA cameras, the 4-megapixel CMOS achieves a resolution approximately nine times that of a conventional camera making it possible to cover nine times the monitoring area.”

High-Quality Clear Images

The new VCC-HD4000 features 4 Megapixel resolution (2288 x 1712), which means that fewer cameras are needed since the VCC-HD4000 covers nine times the monitoring area. It incorporates advanced H.264 video compression, for Full HD (1920 x 1080) video recording or 2288 x 1712 JPEG resolution. Dual Codec monitoring can be conducted in H.264 and JPEG formats by minimizing network traffic. The progressive scan CMOS sensor provides clear smooth images. The VCC-HD4000 also incorporates a high-performance, high-resolution optical 10XAF lens that is Full HD compatible. Coupled with a separate digital 16x zoom-in function, the lens can zoom up to 160x maximum

iPhone to get copy and paste…at last!

At last there is going to be copy and paste. For me letting Notes sync and be stored is a big deal. And at last there is going to be a unlocked price for iPhone. They will charge $600 for an 8GB model vs $199 right now. So it is a $400 subsidy difference. With the $30/month charge, that means it is about a year of non expensive contract. It will ship in July probably in sync with the iPhone refresh and hopefully an iPhone nano.

As an aside a netbook would be available in September.

The Complete Guide to iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone and iPod touch | iLounge Article

Yesterday, Apple officially announced iPhone OS 3.0, the upcoming operating system update to the 2.2.1 software currently running on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, and second-generation iPod touch hardware. A beta version of iPhone OS 3.0 was released soon thereafter, showing off many of the disclosed “consumer” features of the new software, as well as a number that had not yet been mentioned by the company.

Shanghai cool apots

Some quick notes:

88 Xintiandi I a nice boutique hotel. And it has a nice breakfast with an open balcony. Convenient in Pixi. Thanks Ryan.

Iphone handwriting input. In every iphone and it really works. Just scratch a character and the iPhone recognizes it.

iPhone google maps works really well in chin. U can search in English and it returns locations in Chinese. The gps is really good so if u get lost. a

Dumbest person in the world

I am the stupidest person on the planet! Arrive 2.5 hours early. I shoo everyone to the flight, but pack up my computer and lose track of my mates. I ask what gate and the person says 10C. I see the sign that says B and C gates transit and there is another sign saying 20 minutes to C gates. I take the elevator down.

See a BA person and say I’m going to C gates and ask how long it will take to get there, he says, “well about two years I think!” I think he is joking, but am confused why all the signs say B and C gates and then on the train it says just B gates. Go to the B gates and there is no C gate sign. Wander upstairs to look at the departure board. BA in its incredible wisdom only puts B gate departures there so it is unclear what is going on. I hear, “Shanghai passengers, final call.” I go to the CSR at a gate and say i want the Shanghai flight. She say, “It is at 10C.” I say, “well where is C terminal then?” She says we don’t have a C terminal.

I now feel like I’m in an Abbott and Costello skit. “Who is on the First?”

Run back down to the train. Ask yet another BA person, I need to get to C10. She says, there is no C. She uses her radio to call. Says, oh, you mean 10C. I say that is what I said. She says, no C10 doesn’t exist, but 10C is of course in A.

Also says, when coming back from B gates, you have to reclear passport control and also go through the whole security thing because even though international flights leave from B, to get to A, you need to reclear.

Buddies start calling at me. They try to hold the plane. I’ve run like a mile now. Go through security. Cut lines. It is now 5 minutes. The BA person won’t let me go through passport control even though the bus  is still there. Insists it is too late. He rebooks me typing at 1 word a minute. OK, got boarding pass. All clothes comes off, pat down search of course.

Make it out, but of course passport control has no direct escalators to the terminals because they want you to go past all the stores. Work way through two escalators, run over a few people.

Make it. It is right at departure and watch the last bus to the flight leave.


Lesson here is now the difference between 10c and C10. Talked with the BA rep. She says, “oh, our slang is when we say gate 10C, we assume you know it is A10C. And if we say 20, you are supposed to know it is B. And of course we’ve put all the signs for C but you should just ignore those for the next two years. So gate 10 means A10 and 10d means a10d. You were unlucky in that 10C is the only one that can confuse you.

I thank her and go take a shower. hoping no one will notice. Get a call from my “friend” John. He is laughing.

Apple Netbook and iPhone OS 3.0

Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About

Dow Jones Newswire reports that Apple is indeed planning to launch a netbook computer with a touchscreen as soon as the 2nd half of this year. They cite “two people close to the situation” as sources.

Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About

Engadget is reporting that Apple will be hosting a media event on Tuesday, March 17th to demonstrate iPhone OS 3.0, the next major upgrade to the iPhone operating system. Apple will reportedly also provide details on a new iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) to aid developers in creating applications for the new operating system.

No wonder Tivo is going out of business

I can sort of understand why they have had so much trouble. It is a nice product and sets up well. But I wanted to upgrade the plan from a yearly $129 to a lifetime $400. And when I called, they said, they couldn’t take my money. They have a 30 day window and the plan then locks in, so even if you want to pay them more money now, they refuse to take it.

This is one case, where you can see why cellular companies can make money, but TiVo has such a hard time. You would think the policy would be upgrade anytime you want and this extends your commitment. If you downgrade, then there is a big penalty. But essentially, if you con’t change in the 30 day window, TiVo locks out any additional revenue opportunities for themselves for a year.