iPhone SMS debugging

iPhoneCodes – iphone-elite – List of codes found in CommCenter – Project Hosting on Google Code

Any command can be preceded by *#, ** or ##.

** is SETUP.

*#5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
**5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
##5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
*#5005*62# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*62255# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*87223# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*86# Displays the Voice Mail dial-in number.
**5005*86*VOICEMAIL# Sets the Voice Mail number to VOICEMAIL (international format).
##5005*86# Erases the Voice Mail number from phone.
*#5005*7672# Display the SMSC Setting.
**5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER# Sets the SMSC to SMSCNUMBER (international format).
##5005*7672# Erases the SMSC number from phone.
*#5005*22# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
**5005*22# Unknown. Displays “Please wait”; returns to dialpad – Note 2
##5005*22# Unknown. Displays “Please wait”; returns to dialpad – Note 2
*#5005*5264# This reads LANG and tells you the “actual language” (en).
*#5005# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
##5005*22*12345678# Function unknown, displays “please wait”…; power-off to exit.

TuneWiki is amazing

This thing really works. Karaoke on your iPHone. I’m actually amazing by how nice the application is.

TuneWiki for iPhone and iPod Touch | TuneWiki

Tunewiki is the first media player ever to combine music, videos, community and legal lyrics for free! In this document we will guide you through all the screens and features of the TuneWiki Media Player for iPhone. TuneWiki will open up some amazing new options for you, and playing your “same old” music will never be the same!

* Play your music while lyrics appear on screen, synced with the audio.
* Find music videos on YouTube by artist and song.
* Listen to thousands of streaming internet radio stations with synced lyrics.
* Search for your favorite song’s lyrics legally whether you own the actual song or not.

iPhone 3GS launch records

And it went amazingly smoothly, I got my 3GS in 15 minutes at the Apple store. They are getting really good at fulfillment!

9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence

On this year’s launch day, iPhone sales exceeded sales recorded on 2008’s iPhone launch day, Black Friday 2008 and Dec. 26, 2008 — all heavy-volume sales days. In fact, this year we surpassed 2008’s launch day sales at about noon Central time, and sustained our previous peak hour record, also set in 2008, for 11 straight hours.

Random robotic things to buy

Fun things for the summer:

  • Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0. While NXTs were fun, the new versions are amazing, the new sensor can detect colors and laso you can load images and sounds into the robots memory so it can talk and show picture. The new hardward has 3 servo motors, an ultrasonic proximity sensor, two touch sensors and a color sensor. Presales have started as #8547 NXT 20 from Amazon.com, Shop@Home and TRU.com.
  • Vex Robotics Design System is used at iD Tech camps for building more complex robots. These are more expensive at $400 for the starter system with the big difference whether you want a visual C compiler or a hardcore development environment called RobotC. Looks like Trossen Robotics is one of those great specialty sellers for all robotic cool stuff 🙂 Besides Vex and Mindstorms, they also carry Robobuilder and Bioloid which are really focused on building human-looking things rather than being general purpose like Mindstorms and Vex

Arrgh Microsoft Sync crashes

One of the more unobvious commands. Option Entourage and rebuild the database when you get a Microsoft Sync crash…

Mactopia Product Forums: Entourage

> When I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2008, I turned on Microsoft Sync
/> Services to sync my Entourage calendar and Contacts with iCal and
/> Address Book. It worked fine until I installed the latest patch, 12.1.2.
/> Now, Microsoft Sync Services is constantly crashing, with only the
/> following error message: “Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a
/> problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Try repairing your database with the database utility (launch Entourage
pressing the Option key down).

Word game and puzzle tools

Here are some that are useful tools if you ever want to create your own puzzle book or want to have a treasure hunt with clues:

  • Boggle Solver. Find all words in a scramble of letters. This is the essence of Boggle. 
  • Acrostic Poems. These are fun puzzles and this helps you put the words into order
  • Su Doku Puzzles. This online Su Doku maker let’s you set the difficulty
  • Word Search. Just type a bunch of words in and then you can find them.
  • Word Scramble. To just scramble a bunch of words.