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t continues to vex many of us that we can’t print from our iPhone – surely it would be a simple matter to enable printing over WiFi or Bluetooth? Now you can, thanks to EuroSmartz new app, “Print” ($3.99), which joins the company’s popular “Print n Share” app ($6.99) to enable such functions.

Google Sync is cool

I’ve been using it for a while and it is really very good. Much less buggy that our Exchange stuff. And it is great to see other people calendars. Works better than native Exchange really. Now, it does push mail too, so you don’t have to configure imap.

AppleInsider | Google brings push Gmail to iPhone, iPod touch

Google Sync, the service that allows users the ability to sync Gmail contacts and Google Calendar with the iPhone, has been updated to support Gmail as well, bringing push capability to the iPhone


Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About

the next-generation iMac may be the first to offer quad-core processors in the form of Core i7 “Clarksfield” mobile processors from Intel. Additionally, previously rumored Blu-ray support may not be included in the new models.

More specifically, people close to the Cupertino-based company have picked up on chatter suggesting that earlier plans to offer Blu-ray technology on the new all-in-one desktops may have been pulled back just before the systems went into product last month.

Sidekick OMG!

Microsoft kills the Sidekick. The first smart phone is dead – Computerworld Blogs

There is no official word on the death of the Sidekick from Microsoft or Tmobile, but it certainly looks bleak for the iconic device.

This week, Microsoft announced that they had lost all Sidekick user data including pictures, contacts, calendars and other information from the Danger’s servers. Since the devices sync with the servers, the devices also lost the data. The Sidekick data services had amazingly been out over a week.

From what they say, after a week of investigation, there is no way to retrieve the user data. Customers will have to start over. The word on the street is that it was a Hitachi SAN upgrade failure.

But customers will be happy to know that Tmobile is offering a free month of data (not a free month of service, just the $20 unlimited data plan) for all of their information. I really hope a lot of Sidekick users used the Intellisync software that pushes data to the desktop and would have backed their data up.

T-Mobile has halted the sale of new Sidekicks. All models are now showing “temporarily out of stock” on the company’s website.

Lumix DMC-GF1 looks good

Well, it is $800, but the initial reports are good. It is so exciting that the small compact, but professional segment of cameras is opening up. It used to be just the Ricoh GR Digital II and the Sigma DP2 which has a 41mm equivalent lense at F/2.9. The lense is sharp but autofocus is slow. I has decent resolution through ISO1600 and noise is OK through ISO 400. It doesn’t have a stabiilzer but has the Foveon sensor.

Now Olympus has the EP-1 which is nice but slow to focus. And the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 looks particularly good. Ships with a very fast F/1.7 lense 20mm (40mm equivalent) and has low noise up to ISO 400 and is decent at ISO 800 so great for available light.

There is also the super expensive Leica X1 that also uses an APS-C sensor but it is more like $2K! With Luminous Landscape preview, it looks pretty good.

DPReviews had a good preview on this. It looks pretty good and they say the screen is nice. Cameralabs also had a good review. The initial tests show that focus is fast and the noise is very well controlled even to ISO 400 and usable to 800. did a review. The 14-45mm F/3.5-F/5.6 is slow but the 20mm F/1.7 is fast. The 14-45mm is also image stabilized. The 20mm seems like a nice choice. say the images are little soft with the default sharpening in camera.

The camera with a 20mm lense is $900. There is also a wide range of lenses that Panasonic has including alot of micro 4/3 lenses including (these are 2x factor

  • Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f4.0 ASPH. A nice wide angle lense for landscape. It is a little slow, so mainly for brighter light. 14-28 equivalent. This would be the next lense I’d get. No reviews yet on image quality. SLRGear says the images are very sharp. It does have strong chromatic aberration at the edges. Very little distortion as well. It is 300 grams which is very light.
  • 14-45mm f3.5-5.6. A pretty slow lenses, but a good intermediate, personally I’d get the 20mm instead since it is faster. This is the other kit lense.
  • 14-140mm f4.0-5.8. This is a zoom lense that is 28-280mm equivalent. A good travel lense for zoom. Probably the second lense.
  • 45mm f2.8. Very fast for macro photography. A specialty lense.
  • 45-200mm f4.0-5.6. A super long lense 90-400mm equivalent.

Dont get time capsules!

Sigh. I really love apple equipment I really do but I have to say these time capsules are a big mistake. There are two huge problems

1. There is no permissions or security. I just accidentally deleted 100gb of photos because there is no way to make a directory read only. Ur either full access of not. If ur really using this to store valuable data fo corporate or home it is just too dangerous becase there is no real backup strategy. Doing an archive takes hours and u only have one copy and u have to do it manually. In my case with four time capsules u forget and u have to have four dedicated drives so your pretty time capsules look ugly.

2. Power supply failure. The oldest time capsules are failing. We have two from mid 2008 and they died with bad supplies Again unless u take regular backups ur toast. Apple will only do unit replacement so there is no way to recover data without ripping the things apart which voids all warranties and is a pain. Again u have to remember to do manual recovery. These things run mercilessly hot because of poor thermal design so I’m sure the rest will fail as time marches on.

So what to do.

A. If u have time capsules stop using the hard drives right away. Use them like expensive airport extremes.

B Buy a backup terabyte drive and archive them right away before they die. These USB drives are now dirt cheap.

C. Get a network attached drive set. Ideally one that has raid so u get data redundency, permissions on a folder basis so u won’t deleted data and ideally a trash can like scheme so a single delete doesn’t wipe out everything, gigabit Ethernet interface for those media files and with todays modern machines u need 4tb at least IMHO. Darrell recommends the drobo. I need to investigate.

New iMacs and MacBooks

AppleInsider | Apple predicted to release new iMacs, MacBooks in weeks

Also on tap, according to Wedge Partners, are likely price cuts. The company sees the lower prices as a competitive alternative to Windows 7 machines. Wedge Partners predicts that Apple will sell 3 million Macs in the holiday season, riding the wave of price cuts and new products.

More affordable Macs have been rumored for some time. In June, cuts of $100 to $300 were enacted on the 13- to 17-inch unibody aluminum notebooks, which have all been classified as MacBook Pros.

For comparison, in the June quarter, Apple sold 2.6 million Macs, a 4 percent year-over-year increase, and the best-ever June quarter. This quarter, Apple is predicted to sell 2.8 million total Macs.

Ugh deleting your photo directory don’t buy Disk Warrior, get Data Rescue II

Classic user error, I just deleted my entire photo directory from my time capsule. This is a real problem because there is no way to recover it without opening the Time Capsule and voiding your warranty. Also there are no permissions, so you can’t secure a folder to prevent this kind of thing. So it means that you need to (and I don’t) be religious about doing an archive to another drive that is USB connected. Of course, this is completely manual and the problem is that if your drive is nearly full, you need 1TB drive to get one full imagle and it takes the whole Time Capsule down too. So be careful!

As an aside, the top hit for file recovery for macs is Disk Warrior. Don’t Get This! The site says over and over, it recovers files. But this is only if the directory is bad, it actually doesn’t recover deleted files (which you’d expect). And they won’t refund you $100. So you need it only in the limited case that your directories are corrupting.

The product that works great is Data Rescue which searches the empty sectors looking for files. I will have thousands of strangely named files, but that isn’t as bad as losing 100GB of photos!

AppleInsider | Answers to Time Capsule reader questions

Yes, in addition to setting up a single password for all users, both Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme allow you to define a list of users, and assign each read only or full read and write permissions. However, there is no more granular controls to set up drop box (write only) permissions or to define different permissions on different volumes, files, folders or drives.

Arggh Xbox issues

I can’t believe it, Microsoft really does make expensive hardware. We have three PS3s and they work fine, but Calvin wanted an Xbox, so off we go to the store. First thing is that although the box costs $300, you need to spend $80 (wow!!!!) for a Wifi adapter, but it turns out, it is incompatible with Time Capsule Wifi. The best solution appears to be to buy a $99 Airport Express and use it as the Wifi adapter if you can believe that. Or if you want, get a $80 Netgear wireless n gaming adapter.

Time Capsule/Xbox 360 Help – Mac Forums

that des nt work with TC only air port. as of yet noone knows how to get it to work

Time Capsule/Xbox 360 Help – Mac Forums

you can get an Airport Express and set it up to Extend the Time Capsule’s network, Make sure you set the IPv6 mode under the advanced tab to “Tunnel” and plug your Xbox to the Airport Express via ethernet.

Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Capsule and my XBox 360 …

I replaced an Airport Extreme and Airport Express (used as a booster) with the Time Capsule. Everything is working great, even my printer, but my son is having a Cow because his Xbox 360 won’t work now. Would anyone know how to use either of the above or any other suggestions to get his Xbox working again? Thanks

Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Capsule and my XBox 360 …

The problem is not wit the xbox and it is not with the TC. The problem is witht he OEM microsoft wireless reciever. It has a problem connecting with the wirless n from the time capsule.

Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Capsule and my XBox 360 …

I have a 1tb TC and my xbox would not connect either. I tired for days before I finally had a Idea to go buy a wireless n gaming adapter. I bought a netgear for 80 dollars and plugged it in via the ethernet and it works WONDERFUL. It is actually alot better than the microsoft unit.