iPhoto slideshow hang

Strange problem with iPhone 8.0, when I press on the slideshow button for an event, nothing happens, then when I click again, the screen goes blank like it is trying to do a slideshow and then returns to the main iPhoto screen. Nothing on the web on how to fix, but feels like either the plist (preference list) or the iPhoto library is corrupt. Easy to do with 2,000 photos!

Some fixes are noted on discussions.apple.com including deleting manual the preference list, it is in /yourusername/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iPhoto.plist and also holding the Option key down when starting iPhoto and then select Choose Library to help it find your library of iPhoto or try to backup and rebuild. Hold down the Apple and the option key both down to rebuild.

VEX robotic kit

If you want the ultimate in geekdom, get the Vex Robotis kits. They are expensive, but a good deal if you know you love making robots. The part numbers that are the best deals are:

VEX-CLASS-1. This is the complete kit that gives you remote control and also a microcontroller so you can program the beast. If you just want the basics, then the

Autonomous Control Starter Bundle (276-2320-EASYC) is the same but without the other parts. And is $380 cheaper.

Plus if you went to the idTech robotics camp, then you can save an additional 10% by calling them directly and telling them the city and your camp name. Nice deal! But you do have to call 1-903-453-0800

Nanaimo and Desolation Sound rocks

What a great place to come. Herr are some notes but it is a terrific hour from Seattle

  1. Kenmore Air. They fly nonstop from their Kenmore site. Don’t go to Lake Union! But it is just 1:15 to Nanaimo at the center of Vancouver Island. The 9AM departure is very convenient as is the 2:15 return.
  2. Nanaimo yacht charter are really friendly. Ian and and Lorraine are terrific as is the rest of the staff. Plus you save lots of time getting up to Desolation sound If u really want to be efficient get there the night before because charters start at 9am. Make sure to check everything. Their Hunter 410 is a good size for a couple or three people and is easy to handle.
  3. The most dangerous part of the whole area is Nanaimo harbor itself. Very shallow at 3-5 meters and there are two rocks right in the middle. Beware particularly of Oregon rock. It is only marked by a very ordinary looking green channel marker. This is one place where sticking close to the market is a terrible idea. And the locals run their powerboats at full speed right over the rock, but it is very shallow less than six feet at high tide, so you can wipe out a sailboat. Voice of experience here! There are plenty of rocks, so make sure your depth alarm is on.
  4. Sailing across Georgia strait is pretty easy but check to make sure the whiskey gulf area is clear. Then it’s a straight shot at about 350T to pender harbor. And the reverse is true as well at 167T. Works well in either the usual southeast or northwest winds.
  5. Fuel is hard to come by so this is a 30nm sail. U want to refuel at John Henry before putting in. On the other hand a typical sailboat only burns 4 liters per hour, so you don’t necessarilky need to do it.
  6. Desolation Sound is a pretty easy 7 hour jaunt if you are in a sailboat motoring at 6 knots. Or if you are lucky or have the time, you can tack into the typical northwest wind.
  7. Strait of Georgia – North of Nanaimo is the weather page to track. Typical weather is winds 5-15 from the northwest. Although it can get heavy so you can see 10-20 knots from the southeast which is much heavier.
  8. Whiskey Golf. This is a naval exercise area in front Nanaimo that you have to check. Either listen to Weather 3 or call Winchelsea Island Control at 1-888-221-1011 and you can talk with a real human (amazing!) who will tell you if WG is open or not.
  9. The currents here are less of a factor than in the San Juans, but in a 6-7 knot sailboat, a 1 knot tide really makes a difference.

iPhone SMS debugging

iPhoneCodes – iphone-elite – List of codes found in CommCenter – Project Hosting on Google Code

Any command can be preceded by *#, ** or ##.

** is SETUP.

*#5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
**5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
##5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1
*#5005*62# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*62255# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*87223# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
*#5005*86# Displays the Voice Mail dial-in number.
**5005*86*VOICEMAIL# Sets the Voice Mail number to VOICEMAIL (international format).
##5005*86# Erases the Voice Mail number from phone.
*#5005*7672# Display the SMSC Setting.
**5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER# Sets the SMSC to SMSCNUMBER (international format).
##5005*7672# Erases the SMSC number from phone.
*#5005*22# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
**5005*22# Unknown. Displays “Please wait”; returns to dialpad – Note 2
##5005*22# Unknown. Displays “Please wait”; returns to dialpad – Note 2
*#5005*5264# This reads LANG and tells you the “actual language” (en).
*#5005# “Error performing request – No Network Service” – Note 2
##5005*22*12345678# Function unknown, displays “please wait”…; power-off to exit.

TuneWiki is amazing

This thing really works. Karaoke on your iPHone. I’m actually amazing by how nice the application is.

TuneWiki for iPhone and iPod Touch | TuneWiki

Tunewiki is the first media player ever to combine music, videos, community and legal lyrics for free! In this document we will guide you through all the screens and features of the TuneWiki Media Player for iPhone. TuneWiki will open up some amazing new options for you, and playing your “same old” music will never be the same!

* Play your music while lyrics appear on screen, synced with the audio.
* Find music videos on YouTube by artist and song.
* Listen to thousands of streaming internet radio stations with synced lyrics.
* Search for your favorite song’s lyrics legally whether you own the actual song or not.

iPhone 3GS launch records

And it went amazingly smoothly, I got my 3GS in 15 minutes at the Apple store. They are getting really good at fulfillment!

9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence

On this year’s launch day, iPhone sales exceeded sales recorded on 2008’s iPhone launch day, Black Friday 2008 and Dec. 26, 2008 — all heavy-volume sales days. In fact, this year we surpassed 2008’s launch day sales at about noon Central time, and sustained our previous peak hour record, also set in 2008, for 11 straight hours.