MMS from iPhone

AppleInsider | How to send picture messages (MMS) from your iPhone

to send your first iPhone MMS message. Simply select a photo from your iPhone’s Photo Album, drop it into a new email message, and address the email to your friend’s text-messaging email.

Text messaging email addresses for US carriers

The Xs should be replaced with your friend’s 10 digit mobile phone number:

Alltel =
Amp’d Mobile =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Nextel =
Sprint = or
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =

OMG was I hacked or is the hard disk just full

Think we were hacked on Tongfamily at 5AM this morning. Found that we were stuck at the home page going to the WP install page. There are many “notes”: about this, but it can happen because of a weak password on your FTP or your WordPress admin accounts. I have both and have changed all of them. More sadly, if your hosting provider has a compromised password, then someone can get in and attack everything.

My hack looks like I just get to “Click here to install WordPress page”: but of course, no one is really sure if it was hacked or not, since at that point, you are really vulnerable. In looking at the mysql databases, I discovered that the wp_options table was corrupted and gone. Sad to say, I didn’t do a backup, even though makes it easy to do! I actually did it and then lost the hard disk of the MacBook. So I”m doubly stupid.

net, net for everyone else:

1. Make a backup of everything. On “bluehost”:, this is a just a click on backup wizard
2. Export all your wordpress entries so you have a text file you can pour back into a clean installation.

The scary thing of course is with megabytes and megabytes on the server, I don’t know what else is on here. Probably should do a clean install of WordPress just to make sure.

So how do you recover. Well, without a valid options, you have a big problem. I actually created a new wordpress installation and then copied out the wp_options directory. Actually, it was tougher than that. I had an install that had no default prefix, so it was just options. It turns out that for some bizarre reason, some of the options change, in fact there is a field called user_roles that actually changes depending on the prefix, so it was wp_user_roles in one install and just user_roles in another. Arggh.

I then made another mistake because when I logged on, I got a “unable to access page” when I tried to to to the wp_admin page. This was because of the wierd wp_options name change. So I copied in a new wp_user table, but since I copied from a random place, I also copied in the wp_metadata table. this table like the wp_options has something two fields that actually change names depending on the prefix (the default is wp_), so you have to change those too.

Final issue is that I noticed that my Bluehost hard drive is 98% full. You can actually see your disk status in cpanel which is cool. Maybe why the wp_options got wiped out, so maybe it wasn’t a hack?

Anagram Games

Found lots of anagram exercises on the web from Stanford and Duke in particular, but found one that is a simple game that is pretty easy to understand:

* “Devdaily”: This one is a little complicated, but basically it shows you a scrambled word and you have to figure out how to unscramble and turn it into a real word.

There are also lots of completed programs on the web and even whole sites devoted to it. That’s because anagrams are essentially what Scrabble players need. Take a jumble of letters and turn them into potential words and you can just google:”Anagram” to see literally dozens of games.

* “”: There is a whole site devoted to anagrams and a more advanced program that takes an entire phrase and converts it.
* “Andy’s Anagram Solver”: Has a really big 132,000 word dictionary. See how many ways there are to scramble Lakeside! into French.
* “Brendan’s Anagram Generator”: This one tries to take a word and turn it into English. It uses Evan’s program.


Dad gave me an old laptop to use. It is from 2004! So it needs lots of updating. First up is to get:

# “Java”: So that I can write programs
# “Dr. Java”: Which is a simple editor and program
# “Intel 2200 BG”: I couldn’t connect to Apple’s latest Time Capsule and my drivers haven’t been in updated in four years, so got the latest 11.0 version from last year.
* “Intel Pro100/VM”:*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go%21 The Pro100/VM is OEM only, so you have to download the Pro100/VE drivers, but these are made in 2003, so after five years, I hope there are some improvements.