Another way to selective delete lots of Skype contacts

7000 contacts in Skype Address Book, how do I mass delete – Skype Community

Select one contact, scroll to the last contact and shift-click on it. That should select EVERYTHING between the first and the last–so be careful. Then hit the DELETE key on your keyboard. If there are contacts you do not wish to delete, simply Shift-click from the first one you want to eliminate to the last one before the contact you want to keep. Then skip that one and begin again. Might take a little thought and a little time, but it can be done.

Next Generation Home Theater

If you were to build a Home Theater today, it would be much different from a few years ago. Here is what I’d get:

* Epson 1080p projector. We just got one for the office. Kind of a miracle of technology
* MacBook Blu Ray. Ok, this hasn’t shipped yet, but if you look at it a MacBook has digital optical output through a Toslink Mini, it has DVI output as well, so it is a really nice digital device. Also for control, you can have another Mac control it as the main controller, or control it through your iPhone or use the infrared thingy. Pretty cool and it saves you from getting a dedicated DVD player that you have to control. Plus you get Internet and gaming on the same box. The best thing will be if they ship it with a solid state drive, so you don’t have to worry about hard drive failures
* Time capsule galore. Digitize all your movies and stick them on a terabyte server in case you get tired of flipping. With Blu Ray, the disks at 30GB each, so you only get about 30 on a TB drive, but for DVD quality, ,you get more like 300.
* AVR. You still need something that has got big watts to drive the speakers. Last time I used Onkyo and then switched to an internet brand called Outlaw, so need to recheck this.
* Speakers. Of course you need 7.1 output as well.
* Home distribution. With wifi everywhere, you can use Airport Express to feed just about any existing stereo or more simply, stick an iPod Touch with Logitech Pure Fi everywhere. This has great speakers and is also an AM/FM clock radio.

Spanning Sync vs. Busy Sync

Spanning Sync is “supposed”: to sync Google Calendar with iCal, but there are many issues. Busy Sync apparently works better. The big issue is how do you uninstall it. Most Mac apps are a drag to trash, but here, you need to reload the trial and click on the DMG and they have a dedicated application for uninstall there.

Entourage Calendar Sharing

This is a great example of having to read your posts to remember crazy stuff. In this case, I want to share my calendar from Entourage to Entourage. How do you do it with a hosted Exchange. Man, I did this “originally”: then promptly forgot how. There is a item at “Mobility Today”: that explains this.

# You *can not* do this with Entourage by itself when you are going at a hosted Exchange. This is because Entourage isn’t in the same private network as Exchange by definition since it is hosted
# You have to use Outlook, so I hope you have Parallels or a Windows machine.
# In Outlook 2007, create a new profile for the user who wants to share his or her account by choosing Control Panel/Switch to Classic View and then click on Mail. Click in the Mail tab, New… for a new profile. Click on manually configure and then enter for Microsoft Exchange Server, and the user name is Rich Tong and the click on More Settings
# Now click on the Connection tab since you need to set RPC over HTTP by clickin on “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and then click on Exchange Proxy Settings enter and make sure both On fast network, connect using HTTP… and On slow networks, connect using HTTP first in the section called Use this authentication, select Basic Authentication and choose OK
# Now click Next and close and close
# Start Outlook and you will get a Connect to… dialog and enter for the user name _bizatlarge\rich.threeinitials and the password and now Outlook should start with you connect. It will show retrieving mailbox settings for quite a long time
# Now right click on the Calendar and choose Permissions then click on Add… and you should see the Global Address List and add folks and choose OK and choose Publishing Editor to get the right permissions

Coffee Reviews

Well now that we have a fancy coffee machine, you can really tell the best from the worst coffee. I like the “Cafe Britt”: just because I’ve been there. But of course, there is a site “”: that covers referrals. The new trend is something called Single Origin Espressos. That is a single bean from a single coffee farm. These ratings are reverse chronological so a good way to see what is “freshest”:

h3. “Terroir Coffee”:

# “Terroir Coffee La Esmeralda”: La Esmeralda Panama. It is Rainforest Alliance Certified and micro-roasted. It comes from one coffee famr in Panama. They have a great “top 10”: list. It is rocking expensive at $23 for 8 ounces, but interesting to have for a coffee test. The coffee is actually shipped on the roast date!
# Kenya Mamuto. 97
# Guatemala El Injerto.94
# La Minita Costa Rica. 94
# Kenya Kigutha. 95
# Kenya Karagoto. 96
# “Terroir Coffee Decaf Espresso La Lapa, Costa Rica”:

h3. “Atomic Cafe”:

Another top microroaster that is a coffee house in Massachusetts and now seels its beans

# Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Korate. 94
# Kenya Peaberry Ruera Estate. 96

h3. Some other roasters

# “Coffee Klatch”: is another small roaster and their “Esmeralda”: also is top rated from the same place. It is even more expensive at $33 for 12 ounces 🙂
# “Paradise Roasters”: A local Minnesota company. Rated 94. Called Ethiopia Awassa Special which you can also order online at “”: Also expensive at $17 for 12 ounces, but probably worth it.

h2. Johnson Brothers

# “Johnson Brother”: Another Minnesota microroaster. They like “Kenya Peaberry Nyeri-Tatu”: and “El Salvador Pacamara Tierra Fertil Los Alpes Reserva”: $12 for 12 ounces.

Mass Delete Skype Contacts

I’m an idiot, I imported 7000 contacts into Skype. I know, I should have just allowed things to be seen. There is no documented way to delete contact except one by one. The problem is that it is not clear how to select all contacts. Here is how you do it:

# Click on the contact group list.
# There is no command for this, you just have to know it is Command-A or Ctrl-A on the PC to select all the contacts. With 7000 contacts, it will take about 2 minutes.
# Then all the Edit menu items are greyed out so it appears that you are stuck. But in fact, if you hit the Delete Key, then you can delete all the contacts.

The main issue is that I’m a dummy and expect that everything that can be done with shortcut keys is on the menus so I was expecting to see both Edit/Select all which isn’t there and also Edit/Delete to be active instead of greyed. You are warned, don’t import contacts, just click on View Address Book.

Performance will be way better. With 7000 contacts, Skype is regularly spinning for 10 minutes at 100% talking with its servers. Right now the 7000 contact delete is still going on after five minutes with the processor running maxed.

Skype Community > How to completely delete a contact list ?

Ctrl+A selects all your contacts and then just delete them

Smaller than a dSLR recommendations

David asked me, OK, zooming back (no pun intended), if you want a smaller camera, what are the realy choices:

# Canon or Panasonic point and shoot. If you just want a point and shoot like the Instamatic of old, then pretty much anything in the el cheapo 8MP range is going to work. Last year’s SD850 is a good choice which is 8MP. The picture quality is decent. The SD790 is a 10MP camera so it is going to have images twice as large. But it does have all the features like stabilization. It would be a slam dunk except at the really low end 28mm, it has distortion. Similarly the Panasonic FX35 would be a slam dunk but it has noise in the dark spots.
# Got retro. Go Fuji. The F30 is essentially an ebay item now and doesn’t have a modern screen and so forth, so it is the retro choice for the afictionado. I have an F10 and an F11 and they remind me of the Yashica T4. The T4 is a film camera long out of production, but it had an amazing fast lense and was a fixed lense, no zoom. The ugly truth is that you can’t have a tiny package, gigantic zoom and lots of megapixels something has got to break.
# Non-Altoid box sized. But still small. LX3. If you are willing to go just a little bit above point and shoot and slight larger, then that is where all the action is. These cameras are much smaller than an SLR, but have much, much, much better image quality that a point and shoot. I only got the SD790 because most folks really don’t care about image quality, they just want a snap. But if you care a little, then there are three amazing choices that are coming in October that are just maybe more like the size of the old 35mm point and shoots rather than an Altoid box size.

It is these so called “super compacts” that are generating the most interest. They break the physical constraing of small size, but still use the tiny sensor. So maybe with a better lense, you can coax more performance out of these tiny 0.5 inch sensors:

* Panasonic Lumix DSC-LX3. Reviews are just coming. It is $500, but has a very, very fast lense F2.0/2.8 so could be a really great available light camera. The point and shoots really suck in the most common case, you are in a restaurant and you use a flash. They you get that bright forehead, red eye, deer-in-the-headlights shot. All these look much better without a flash (like the F30).
* Canon G10. Photokina is coming and Canon is updating their so called “super compact” which might be very good.
* Panasonic micro-4/3rd. This is between a big SLR and a compact. It uses a much larger sensor (the beginning and middle and end of the quality bar is really how big a sensor you put in. A dSLR essentially has a single chip with is 1 inch x 1.5 inches. That is kind of a big piece of silicon and requires a big piece of glass in the lense, but that whole thing might have 12MP. In contrast, your basic point and shoot crams 12MP into something with is 1/2″ x 3/8″, so no kidding, you get a tiny camera, but that is an aweful lot of density, so no surpirse. Then instead of glass, you have this tiny single lense. No surprise it looks like a picture from a Cracker Jack box camera.

So my real recommendations are:

* If you want a camera for just point and shoot, then really look at the super compacts because one great picture is worth 50 crappy ones. LX3 all the way!
* If you really care, get a Lowe Backpack and carry around a full dSLR with a superzoom lense. Ironically the price is about the same as these cameras and picture quality is amazing because you are carry around so much more sensor.

What if a player wants to drop?

If someone is playing and they decide they don’t want to play.

# If it is after September 1 there is no refund
# Click on the league
# Choose Edit/Registant and type in their name
# You should find them and click on them
# Now to quick click for participants and seach for that team
# find the person and click on the right arrow to deassign them and press ok
# Got back to Edit/Registrant and type in the name
# Click on financial information for participant
# Click on reject