Find my iPhone

A pretty misnamed app and hard to find. Bit this lets you keep track of your late model iOS devices and macs. It is complicated to use but let’s u find a missing phone. And Aldo have it start screaming “I’m lost!” Well not literally out of the box but figuratively.

Also lets you remote wipe and also send a reward if found message. Sadly it won’t work if data is turned off. And the average thief knows how to always turn the phone off and do a fresh reinstall (why doesn’t apple require a password for that???)

But here is how to use it

1. Got to settings and choose iCloud.

2. Enter your apple Id a d make sure find my iPhone is clicked on

3. Make sure wireless data is always on.

4. Lose your phone ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Find a web browser on your pc. Or whatever and Goto iCloud

4. Login and click on the find my iphone button. And you see a map and your phone. Click on make a sound.

5. As an aside the same app runs on anything rising iOS 5 or later so install ASAP on your iPad, iPad mini. It also works on late model MacBooks running snow leopard I think. Go to system preferences and choose iCloud. Turn on find my Mac

5a. Download the dedicated find my iPhone app from the App Store and login and u can see all your idevices and macs.

6. You can also use this as a poor mans locator because u can have multiple iCloud accounts. So on your forgetful Tweens phone Goto setting and choose mail, calendar and contacts. Pick add account and choose iCloud. Enter your own apple I’d and turn everything off but find my iPhone. Now when u look at that app it will locate that phone as well!

7. The above isn’t really a tracker as it is easy to disable and you probably should tell the owner you r using this but it is useful for those days when I throw your kids phone in the recycling by accident ๐Ÿ™‚


Geek street

While I love the iPhone. I have to say some of it’s quirks are really annoying. Here’s my list. If anyone can find work arounds let me know.

1. Activesync doesn’t work in airplane mode! Man ur on an airplane reading your exchange mail and it won’t delete messages. Just says can’t do it. Works fine with IMAP. Who doesn’t need to read and delete mail?

2. Dial anything. Ur looking at your calendar. There is the conference call number but u can’t dial it. Blackberry allows u to dial anything that looks a phone number.

3. Edit contacts. U can only edit an entry that u search for. If u call someone notice their contact info is wrong, u have to re-search for gem because iPhone has this strange idea there is a read-only contact form and an edit one. Should just be one so u can fix contacts anywhere

4. U see some text on the web and want to copy it over. Why is there. I general copy and paste.

5. There is no way to delete a photo other than thru the photo app. Like contacts there is this idea of view only and edit panes why? If u see a photo u should just be able to delete doesn’t matter where it came from.

6. Return exactly where u were. With blackberry if u task switch say to look at email for an address when u flip back to say the contact app ur exactly where u left it. So u can edit lookup and return. Buy with the iPhone apps just return to their start state so U look up. Then u have to write down on scratch paper the phone number and then search again for the contact. Worse yet if u partially edit and switch then u lose all edits! Arrgh.

iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.0.1 available

It is a 256MB download, so hope you have a fast connectionApple Releases iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 – Mac Rumors

Not clear what has changed, but early claism are

– Backup process for the iPhone is much faster.
– Netshare still works
– SMS typing faster

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update – AppleInsider has a forum thread and here is what users are seeing:

-Contacts are now more responsive.

Sync problems are fixed. It will backup the first time you sync after the update. The updates after that for me have only synced data in about 15 seconds rather than requiring a backup on every sync before.

fixed the lagging keyboard in e-mail and texting

iPod lags are much improved as well.

Email loads appear to be quicker.

Browsing names in the address book, switching between the keypad, addressbook, voicemail is instantaneous. Thank God! Much faster all-around. The camera boots up in half the time it used to.

iTunes error E8000001 could be a bad cable

I got this cable trying to sync the new iPhone 3G, but kept getting an unknown 0xe8000001 error. I tried a bunch of things and was using the combo Bluetooth headset charger plus USB connector. On a lark, I swapped cables and the error 0xe8000001 went away. I think the cable was flaky. I did notice that when I pushed in harder, the iPhone 3G would actually connect.

So next time this happens, it might be the cable. Makes sense to me this particular cable has been everywhere traveling in my bag.

iPhone 3G Exchange setup

Got it! AT&T dropped shipped it. The least painful way in the US anyway to get it. Lines at Apple store are still 3 hours long. Apple is going to sell 3M in a week at this rate. In any case, things that are unclear are how to setup Exchange. It needs yet another site called the Outlook Mobile Access site (aka Active Sync according to “Computer Repair Service”:

For those you use “”:, this is just


As reminder, you need login with the user name bizatlarge\_youruserid_._yourcompanyid_

That is how hosted Exchange works. So if your company id that is set when you first create the account is ABC and your user name is, _rich_, then you login with the user name

bq. bizatlarge\

Cool Tool, iphone availability and early reviews

“Apple”: has a tool showing what is available where. The stores open at 8AM. Amazing the demang. All models except the Black 16GB in Alderwood Mall are available at all four Seattle area stores in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Seattle and Tukwila. 16GB Black not surprisingly is the most popular model. And there are activation issues that make the line super slow

“MacRumors”: has a good summary of initial reviews with the top line being:

# All plastic feels cheaper but you get a little more range because plastic lets in more radio waves ๐Ÿ˜‰
# The screen is warmer and to some looks too yellow
# Audio quality sems to be better although iLounge disagrees. It definitely could use a better speakerphone which was nearly useless in the first iPhone
# GPS is fast and TeleNav will soon release a turn-by-turn navigation system for the iPhone (cool!)
# The iPhone 3G has already been jailbroken and hactivated and we should see that coming out soon
# “Activation”: problems seem to have eased by afternoon (pacific time), so maybe tomorrow will be better ๐Ÿ™‚
# iTouch users can upgrade to 2.0 and get ActiveSync for instance, so they can read email and see calendars in real time when they are in wifi range. That is pretty cool!
# Not surprisingly “avoid”: the AT&T stores, they don’t have much stock but let you queue up and take your name for later when they might be in stock next week.

As an aside, “some”: think Apple could ship 1M iphones this weekend. Wow!

iPhone as Internet proxy for your notebook

Well, it took me three days to do this, but finally figured out how to get an iPhone to use its internet connection over EDGE to be used with your laptop. Its convoluted because most phones allow what is called Bluetooth sharing and you are in. In the iPhone’s case, it is more complicated as “Lifehacker”: explains.ย ย Here is the outline of what you have to do:ย ย 

# Ziphone. Use this to jailbreak your phone. Then use installer to put in the openssh client and server
# Set you Macbook to create an adhoc network in System Preferences/Network
# Connect you iPhone to the network and note the IP address typically 169.254.x.y where x and y are randomly assigned.
# Now the magic, start Terminal on your Mac and type in _ssh -DN 9999 root@169.254.x.y
# Type in the password where the default is _alpine_ for iphone firmware 1.1.1 to 1.1.4
# The terminal session will then hang as it is running and that is good
# Go to System Preferences/Network/Advanced/Proxies and select SOCKS proxy and fill in localhost and socket 9999
# Now you should be able to browse, but DNS is broken, so you need to find AT&T’s DNS servers
# Go back to Terminal and choose Shell/New Windows/Basic and then _ssh root@169.254.x.7_, type in alpine as password and then _cat resolv.conf and you will see two IP addresses which are the DNS Servers which are currently and .224
# Go back to System preferences/Network/Advanced and type those into DNS/DNS Servers

It should work but slowly. Actually I haven’t gotten the DNS to work quite right, so another workaround is that everytime you want to see something you your laptop, you have to type the domain into Safari on your iPhone. This caches the IP address and the laptop works. A little wierd but it functions.