Mac Office 2008 somewhat faster

This corresponds to what I’ve seen, you’d expect that Office 2008 being a native Intel application would be much faster than Office 2004 which is PowerPC and runs in emulation on Intel. Well, the results are a little confusing. It is faster, but not much in many things:

| | Excel Open | Word Scroll | Entourage Download |
| 2004 | 0:25sec | 1:04 sec. | 1:29 sec |
| 2008 | 0:23 sec | 0:51 sec. | 0:49 sec |

So don’t upgrade to Office 2008 for speed. Also there is a new SP1 which is supposed to fix some of the many stability issues on Office 2008. Good luck. I think I’m staying on 2004 for now.

Downgrading from Mac Office 2008 to Office 2004

This isn’t as straightforward as it seems, you first have to run Office 2008 uninstall. Then install Office 2004. However, you then have to go to Auto Update as the libraries uses by Office 2008 are newer and you will get the “Error when loading Microsoft Framework Library”: message. You have to update Office 2004 to that latest version. Currently 11.3 so that everything runs. Otherwise, Entourage hangs and Excel throws this error message.