Last Step: Threading the Derailleur

Well, I’m almost done. I’ve gotten everything on the bike. Including:

* Michelin Cyclocross Jet tires. It is amazing these fit. They are fine in the rear, but a little tight in the front mainly because of the brakes not because of the fork.
* Suntour Brakes with new brakepads. I took the brakepads off of the Teknos and put them on the Suntour, so braking power should be good.
* Lock ring (how can a little ring cost $20 BTW!) is on, so I’ve got a 13-26 cassette in the rear.

The main step remaining is threading that rear derailleur. I got some great advice from Vintage Bicycle Discussion Area. They basically suggested, getting a string down and through and then pulling it through. This won’t work because it is so small a hole. Also suggested putting a derailleur housing through. Fails for the same reason.

Best advice I’ve gotten so far them and Steve Hooper is to get mechanics wire which is very stiff or bailing wire to get there, then use it to pull through the derailleur cable. And, of course, next time I replace, make sure to pull a new cable through by taping it on to the old one before pulling.

Mail to Blog

Popper – THE webmail client. This is a PHP4/MySQL webmail client. It has all the pieces to parse a POP3 set of messages into nice MySQL format. I’m still drilling into it, but it has the hooks to connect into a mail account, read it and put the messages into a nice format. I’m going to install it on so that I can then use it. I could also do the same with SquirrelMail, but then I’d have to learn Perl and Python.
* XML-RPC. This is the little utility to actually do posts into various blog systems. So, once I have the mail, I can actually post it.

Email to Blog

A long standing project. I actually figured out pretty much how to do it with B2/Cafelog, but I’m going to convert everyone at Geek Fishing over to MovableType and restart the project with MovableType. That does mean I have to learn Perl though, so it will take a while. On the other hand, in the last few months, I’m pretty good with PHP, so it’s time to learn the other big programming environment

Project goals are:

  1. For folks who love Blackberrys and Outlook, you should be able to enter a blog entry by just sending email to a magical email address
  2. If the email has attachments like photos, automatically upload them and put the right links in
  3. If the entries include interpolated mail, then split the email entries properly into their own entries.
  4. If the entries are already there, then coalesce them and use categories to thread them
  5. Put a Spam filter on the entry email address as well