Canon 5d2 settings

I keep forgetting settings but for my canon 5d2, I shoot in raw to get the extra two stops of dynamic range. This means that

  • automatic light optimization I leave off since it doesn’t affect raw
  • highlight tone priority shoots at a lower iso by on stop and then brightens digitally. So an iso 200 shot is actually taken at iso 100 and then shadows are brightened. I don’t use this as the camera is relatively noisy already so pushing dark means more noise at least in theory. For newer cameras like the fuji xe-1 this can work really well as it is so low noise which is why they implement this for up to two stops. So an iso400 shot is really iso 100 and then I camera brightened.
  • picture styles only apply tomjoeg but set as faithful so the histogram a which are based in jpeg in camera are accurate v

Bike Lust

Back to loving bikes. Went on a few rides and remembered how much I love it. So what’s up since (five years?) in the technology world:

  • Trek Madone 9.6 SSL. It is 100 grams lighter than the 9.6 of 2010. High desire factor. Plus does internal frame routing of the Shimano Di2 and an integrated sensor for cadence and speed.
  • Shimano Di2. Well I haven’t tried it, but everyone says it is amazing (and expensive!). Electronic shifting finally arrives
  • SRM Powermeter. You can get one for this monster bracket that the Trek has. 90mm. Wow that is wide

As usual, eBay is a good place to buy these things used because pros and other bike geeks are always looking for more stuff. There is a Project One Trek Madone on sale right now in the LA area. Someone didn’t want it I guess :_)


Cool Bikes and wheelsets

I barely have time to ride anymore, but my buddy Mark does and has the coolest bikes:

bq. My next bike. check out the Java Boy bike at “”: These are amazing custom frames

bq. Its not often in the bike industry I am impressed with someone on the > phone. I called this company,
“”: and spoke with the founder of this bike company. It mainly caters to pro racers and triathletes.
The discussion went into how aluminum and graphite can be extruded to tighter tolerances and strenght to weight analysis. The can build the > wheel to your wieght and riding style! Anyway, check it out very impressive.

bq. Tubular wheels, make ALL the difference in Ride quality and comfort. The Cervelo is a climbing machine, the Steelman is a surer ride and awesome descender.

I looked at both sites, the Sy Cip bikes are really great custom made things. The Nimble wheelsets are state of the art wonders. The Spider for instance is 1351 grams per set, so quite light to say the list

Giant Bicycles in Shanghai

Someone was asking me where the Giant Bike shop is. This from Ken:

There is a Giant shop near Carrefour in Jinqiao. Stella, who speaks English, has procured bikes for a lot of us. Her email and a map are below. She has good Giant bikes on the premises, but you can also obtain others. We had her get titanium frames for us from the same manufacturer that produces for Airborne in the US. Titanium costs more than aluminum, but it is light, strong, and won’t rust. The key is to get good welds and the guys that produce for Airborne do a great job. My partial mountain bike specifications and prices in RmB are below. I had a friend bring a Manitou fork from Taiwan, because she couldn’t get. The rest I just selected from her shop.

Let me know when you are ready for a ride!!!!

??No 357 YinShan Rd ???357??Our open time 10:00-20:00,
xr group:5500
gui seat post:180
rim;MAVIE 317 680
fork: you provided
spokes:black stainless spokes.
spacer:carbon20 alumaium 10
quick release collar:15


Topolino Carbon Core

I’ve been using Topolino wheels since they first came out. They are exotic and expensive, but very lightweight and incredibly durable. I just had the hub rebuilt and I’ve only had to true the wheels once in 10,000 plus miles.

Now they are doing a next generation wheelset so they will get lighter and even more expensive 🙂

The claimed weight is CX2.0 is 1360 grams (compared with 1475 for the aluminum rims I have). They still use their very lightweight carbon-kevlar spokes. Tjhey also now use ceramic bearings and have a lighter freehub that supports the Shimano 10-speed freehub. It will be about $1200 per wheelset available in January. Their aero profile AX3.0 is 1460 gramsand 30mm high.

If you have $2000 handy and don’t mind tubulars, they have a 1125 gram tubular set as well that does have a carbon fiber rim (vs. aluminum in the CX2.0 and AX3.0).

Let the bike lust begin 🙂

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!>! “Deathride”: John reminded me about this ride sounds like fun if you are in shape!

bq. Beginning and ending at Turtle Rock Park north of Markleeville, California, the five pass ride includes 129 miles and 15,000+ feet of lung busting climbing. You also have the option of riding one, two, three or four passes. For your safety, the first four passes will be closed to vehicular traffic for the ride.

* Monitor Pass (8314′)
* Ebbett’s Pass (8730′)
* Carson Pass (8573′)

Tour de France

Well Lance isn’t in it this year and just about every major star (Ivan Basso, Jan Ulrich, Vino, etc.) are out on a doping scandal, so its been interesting following things.

See it on Tour de France 2006 blog for blog commentary.

“Yahoo”: also has good coverage with particularly easy to find “photos”: