Bib Shorts

My three pairs of Castelli Y2Pro’s are wearing out. Two have been just great, but one has a hole in the pad, the later one I got started unraveling the minute I had it. This was an ebay purchase, so caveat emptor applied. So what bib shorts to get:

“Assos FI.13 S-2 Bib Shorts”: I have used Castelli’s for a long time, but many folks think these are the best shorts in the world, but they don’t wear very well according to roadbikereview. Heck, guess that $260 from “Biketiresdirect”: They are 90 pounds from “Totalcycling”: or $160. Mediums fit 30-34″ waist.

“Castelli YPro3 Bib Short”:,3307,s1-9964,00.html?category_id=361&article_type_id=63&family_id=101. Lists for $175. “Excel”: has the YPro3 which doesn’t use YFuso for $175. Large fits 32-36″ waists.

Castelli YFuso. “Totalcycling”: gets you last years Castelli Yfuso for 75 pounds or $137 for the 2004 model, although these YFuso’s have been less popular on “Roadbikereview”:” because they are thicker.

Finally, has a bunch of reviews of shorts I’ve never tried including the

“Cannibal”: shorts which I might get just because the name is so amazing.

“Giordana Tenax”: Another short that fit well for him. Got 4 1/2 stars.

“Louis Garneau Power Bib”: This big also got 4 1/2 stars but is more expensive than the Giordana

“De Marche Contour”: Like them, main complaint was they seemed to thin to be durable. 3 1/2 star because he suspected the durability.

“Canari”: which is a speciality brand that they found very comfortable. 4 stars.

“Sugoi Evolution”: Super thin chamois, but he liked the fit. 4 1/2 stars.

Bike Shoes

Well, my trusty dusty Sidi Genius 4’s are finally fading. The velcro straps are wearing out and of course carbon fiber soles are all the rage, so what to get. Here are some choices:

“Rocket 7 Super Stock”: Heck, these shoes are made in Puyallup, so I have to give them a try. Main virture is that they are super light. The Shimanos are just 620 grams, but these are 400 grams for the pair. $400 list with a $640 custom option.

“Sidi Ergo 1″:,3307,s1-6026,00.html?category_id=361&article_type_id=63&family_id=137..”Excel”: is $400 which is amazingly expensive even for these very nice shoes. “Totalcycling”: has them for $292. BTW, the the lines are a little confusing, but basically, best is the “Sidi”: Ergo Carbon 1 with full carbon fiber, better is the Energy Hi Tech Carbon with 40% carbon fiber and good is the Genius 5 Hi Tech Carbon with 40% carbon fiber and less fancy buckles. I’d expect these to fit well since my Genius 4’s were great for my feet, but they are expensive.

“Shimano R215″: These get good reviews and are light. Totalcycling”: has for $192. The R151 is cheaper with the same sole. 4 1/2 stars at

“DMT Ultimate RMX”: Another shoe that weighs 630 grams and that cyclingnews like as much as the Sidi and Shimano. Also all carbon fiber. 4 1/2 stars.

“Specialized Pro Road”: Another comfortable carbon shoe.

The rest of these are lower rated mainly because they aren’t truly carbon fiber:

“Sidi Genius 5 Hi Tech Carbon”: I have had the Genius 4 for four years now and they are great. These are a slight update that have a little carbon fiber in them, but aren’t as stiff as the $400 Ergo 1’s. $250 for the Genius 5 from “Biketiresdirect”: . This is the lowest end Sidi that is carbon fiber. “Excelsports”: sells the Genius 5 Carbon for $280

“Sidi Energy Hi-Tech Carbon”: Totalcycling has the Sidi Enery Hi-Tech for 120 pounds or $219. This gets you the same shoe with carbon fiber sole. You are supposed to replace your shoes every other year or so, so it is about time.