Cool Bikes and wheelsets

I barely have time to ride anymore, but my buddy Mark does and has the coolest bikes:

bq. My next bike. check out the Java Boy bike at “”: These are amazing custom frames

bq. Its not often in the bike industry I am impressed with someone on the > phone. I called this company,
“”: and spoke with the founder of this bike company. It mainly caters to pro racers and triathletes.
The discussion went into how aluminum and graphite can be extruded to tighter tolerances and strenght to weight analysis. The can build the > wheel to your wieght and riding style! Anyway, check it out very impressive.

bq. Tubular wheels, make ALL the difference in Ride quality and comfort. The Cervelo is a climbing machine, the Steelman is a surer ride and awesome descender.

I looked at both sites, the Sy Cip bikes are really great custom made things. The Nimble wheelsets are state of the art wonders. The Spider for instance is 1351 grams per set, so quite light to say the list

Topolino Carbon Core

I’ve been using Topolino wheels since they first came out. They are exotic and expensive, but very lightweight and incredibly durable. I just had the hub rebuilt and I’ve only had to true the wheels once in 10,000 plus miles.

Now they are doing a next generation wheelset so they will get lighter and even more expensive ๐Ÿ™‚

The claimed weight is CX2.0 is 1360 grams (compared with 1475 for the aluminum rims I have). They still use their very lightweight carbon-kevlar spokes. Tjhey also now use ceramic bearings and have a lighter freehub that supports the Shimano 10-speed freehub. It will be about $1200 per wheelset available in January. Their aero profile AX3.0 is 1460 gramsand 30mm high.

If you have $2000 handy and don’t mind tubulars, they have a 1125 gram tubular set as well that does have a carbon fiber rim (vs. aluminum in the CX2.0 and AX3.0).

Let the bike lust begin ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bike Light Guide

Mountain Biking Product Spotlight: MTBR Lights Shine-Off. For years I’ve recommended the Light & Motion HID lights. They are super bright, but the big drawback has been they don’t run that long, so aren’t that useful for more than a relatively short bike commute (2 hours at most) and they are heavy at over two pounds. In the last two years though Lithium Ion has made HID lights lighter so a pound is the penalty, but more importantly, LEDs are now so bright, you can get very light, but very bright lights. MTBR did a review and here’s the best recommendation from a sort of “ratings”:

* “Jet Lites”: Folks seem to uniformly like the Jet Lites products. The Phantom i Single Beam seems really popular. It lasts eight hours by the way. It odes weight two pounds and the 20 watt version lasts four hours, with the 12 watt lasts 6 hours.
* “Light & Motion ARC”: . I have three L&M lights now, the old halogen and two HID. They have been great, although I push them so hard, the battery cord are always coming apart.
* “Lupine Edison 10”: For the true maniacs. At $800, it costs more than most bikes, but probably the best and brightest light out there. Metal Halide Xenon Bulb produces 900 lumens and equals a 64 watt halogen bulb. Its 16 watts, weight 720 grams

Polar s720i Battery Change

Polar S720i Heart Rate Monitors
. I’ve had one of these for quite a while and the battery if finally dead. Got two years out of though. Fortunately you don’t have to send back to Polar, but you do get an additional year warranty if you do:

Battery life is estimated at 1.5 years on the watch and 5 years or 2,500 hours on the chest transmitter ยท Watch batteries are standard 3 volt lithium and may be changed by a jeweler

It is $13 to replace it with Polar and they guarantee water resistance. So not a bad deal for a watch tjhat is designed to brave the elements ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is the repair “form”: which is kind of hard to find.

Powertap SL and Zipp 808s

Powertap SL Zipp 808 – Complete System – Power Meters – Bikes :: all3sports :: Triathlon Bike Parts & Frames. If you actually have to know what the most incredibly expensive single components that are outrageously priced, then lust for this single wheel. It costs $1800 and is one of the fastest production rear wheels made, the Zipp 808 plus a Powertap SL power meter on the pack for measuring performance. These are time trail wheels, so best on flats.

For climbing wheels, Zipp makes the 303 (also with PowerTap). The wheelset overall is just 1543g, so its really light. I don’t know how durable.

Zipp in fact offers the PowerTap SL on “all”: its wheelsets which is pretty cool.

The Powertap SL alone costs $1200. If that doesn’t make you sweat, you can spend a cool $2,500 for a special crankset that also does power measurement made by SRM. Wow!

Light & Motion Vega

LED Lights – If you don’t have a light yet for your bike, then now is the time to get one. The new LED lights are a great compromise. For myself, I still like the incredible power of a HID 14 watt since it is just blinding, but the Vega is a more practical choice for most folks. Expensive yet, but convenient and durable. !>!

Over the years, different materials were used for batteries, bringing the weight down. Now that the weight is reasonable on most lights particularly the high endmanufacturers are looking at new and more efficient light sources to replace the aging halogen technology. First up were HID lamps. These offered increased light output for a given wattage, enabling l-o-n-g runtimes but at a price. The bulbs alone are in the $100 range for replacements. Now LEDs are coming on the scene in a big way. These aren’t the keychain lights that you can pick up for a buck; these pack real lumens and burn real Watts… Every light reviewed here uses Luxeon LEDs, made by Lumileds. Lumileds makes the highest lumen per Watt of any high power LED, the light they emit is clean and white to blueish-white, almost like a light purple. Really, they are the only choice for LED powered lights that you can see by and not just use to be seen.

The Light and Motion Vega is the least expensive high end LED light on the market. While other LED-based lights that are powerful enough to replace halogens range from $250 and up, the Vega comes in at $175

“Cyclingnews”: agrees with this assessment. It is 4 watt light that will last forever because LEDs are so efficient and decently bright.

USE Alien 8mm Cradle does not fit

I got a Fizik Aliante seat from you and also an 8mm cradle for my USE Alien. The problem is that the cradle doesn’t fit the post. It seems that it is a little too big. My post is from 2000, so I’m wondering if they’ve changed the post somehow since then.
you: Hi
Josh: Well, I have never heard of that problem before. Please give us a call and talk to our customer service department, specifically Dan. He will be able to get that issue ironed out.
you: OK will do I’ll ask for Dan.
Josh: Thank you, take care.

Speedplay Lubrication

I’ve been trying to figure out how to lube these babies. I got the Speedy Luber pieces, but these just leak like a sieve when I try to inject grease into them. The original design had a plastic cap without a hole in it. The newer X/1 pedals have something with a philips screw and a hole in it that you inject grease into it.

If have been lazy like me and didn’t do this every three months as recommended, you can’t force the grease through the bearings, so you have to either call Speedplay to have them rebuild it or disassemble the thing.

It is actually not too hard according to the instructions. Basically, you have to take off the dust cap and then heat the screw inside with a soldering iron, then you use a T-20 Torx (why don’t people all just use Philips). There is a retainer clip you pull out with pliers and then two sets of sealed roller bearings fall out. Lubricate these and you are good to go at aleast according to Daily Peloton – Pro Cycling News

_User maintainable. The pedals contain sealed unit replaceable roller bearings that can be purchased from any stock bearing supplier in Yellow Pages. All pedals also have needle roller bearings, which are still going strong on my original pedals. The pedals come with a speedy luber plastic cap that can be used to inject grease into the pedal. I find it is more effective to take the pedal apart and grease in that way, but lazy, non-mechanical types can do it the recommended way!!_

Garmin eTrex Vista Color and Legend Color

!>!. GARMIN Vista and LEGEND COLOR GPS Product Review. Jeff got one of these and they appear to really be breakthrough in size and cost. Sad since it means new software is needed since I bet on Magellan. Still, these are very tiny and have a bike mount.

The Legend Color is $300 and the Vista Color is $340 (it has a compass in it).