Mars Explorer Rover

Both Alex and Calvin are fascinated by the Mars missions. Here are some amazing web sites:

* “Mars Exploration Rover Mission”: The official site. Some cool videos and images. Lots to explore.
* Maestro Headquarters. Wow, you can look at the imaging applications they are using at the JPL to piece together all those photos they are taking into a 3-D world. Cool visualization application that’s a Java application you can download and try.
* “Panoramic Views”: Amazing, you can do a 360 degree view around.

Plasma Balls

Alex and Calvin are working on understanding those strange plasma balls you see in science experiments. Here are some links:

PLASMA BALLS. You can buy one.

“History”: History of the plasma ball. It’s actually a kind of Tesla Coil. Didn’t know that. So on to this fellow Nikola Tesla. Amongst other things, Marconi (I though he invented radio) actually had his patents invalidated and Tesla is the true inventor of wireless and radio.

“Theory”: The theory on how it works. It’s actually kind of complicated.

“Nikola Tesla”: A basic bio on Nikola Tesla. He was Serbian.

“Nicola Tesla”: Most readable short biography.

“Nasa on Plasma Balls”:

“Forgotten Scientist”:

Physics, Wisdom and Advice for Dad

Albert Einstein Online and “Stephen Hawking”: Now Alex wants to be a physicist having read about both Albert Einstein and also Stephen Hawking.

I told Alex that I wanted to _Albert Einstein_ when I was little. Since Alex is really 50 years old in terms of wisdom, he said to me, “Dad, you can’t be Albert Einstein, you should just be Richard Tong.”

Enough said. He’s right.

And then of course, there is the funny turns of phrase he’s learned…my favorite and he looks at two asparagus on top of his favorite food, mashed potatoes:

Dad, could you please move Mr. and Mrs. Asparagus please?

Ode to Peta Jane

Alex is learning poetry. Here are some of his latest. First is a kind of neat form:

Awesome fun
Busy helping caring
Makes me very challenged

I had not heard of this form before, but it has the first and last line are the name of the person.

The second line are two adjectives describing the person. Then third line are three things she does. Finally fourth line is what she does for you. Kind of neat huh?

Alex 1999-2001

Alex and Calvin with Ms. Kaya at the beach

Alex and Calvin with friends

whole Mao-Harway clan

30308_26s.JPG (3182 bytes)

Alex at three. He doesn’t read, but it sure looks like he likes books!

Alex’s Halloween costume. He was "mathematics"

Alex on his sixth birthday!

Alex the track star

At the Beach in Des Moines

Aaron’s Birthday

Alex hanging out
with Grandma

Early 2000 with Alex smiling away!

Being a couch potato in San Diego

Enjoying the San Diego weather in early 2000

Alex in the car with Calvin

Alex with Grace when she is born!

Alex with his favorite
(OK, only) brother Calvin.

His big blue cat is really cool looking