Washington State Elementary Chess Championships 2006

WA State Elementary Chess Championships. Registration is now up for the state tournament. Sign up now. It is getting close to April.

A nice site, you get online registration and also you can check the registration list at “Signup4chess”:http://signup4chess.com/wa/Registered.asp to see if you and your friends are there.

Washington State Elementary Chess Tournament

!State Chess Tournament. The Washington State Tournament for K-6 is coming up. It’s in the tri-cities this year. We almost forgot to sign up and it is a little hard to find, but the link is at “2006state.chesschampions.org”:http://2006state.chesschampions.org and you can register hopefully quite soon. They say hopefully by the March 15th, so stay close to this.

Also, there is a cool t-shirt and there aren’t any tables, so make sure to bring a card table or something. It will be warm, so bring sun screen and a ball to play with. The facility is a very modern convention center. Looks nice!

What is Cerulean Blue?

Cerulean blue – overview. Calvin heard this and was wondering. A very cool shade.

And another great Calvinism that I just had to share. While riding mountain bikes down a trail, I said, Alex you are doing well as are you Calvin and he says,

bq. Alex, he’s a single track artist

Should be a bumper sticker :_)