New Balance KJ 717

!New Balance KJ 717 NOG Boys. These are Calvin’s current favorite shoes. Hard to find, but thanks to the Internet, you can pick them out.

“Pricegrabber”: has them listed and the best merchant looks like “Fogdog”: but they only have a few sizes.

The best source seems to be “Zappos”: which has a big variety of New Balance but they are $65, the list price.

We used to use “Road Runner”: but they seem to have stocked out of many models. They do have a KJ718 which looks the successor to the KJ717 at just $45 compared with $65 list.

“Shoebuy”: is the other source. They stock the newer “KJ718s”: at $60 and the KJ766s rather than the 717s and the 745s that Calvin and Alex like. I’ve bought from them before and these are $50 and there are often sales and discounts.

I suspect that these are just small updates but have not tried them in store to know

Cool Sayings

Heard on the street…

Imagine a kid climbing up a steep hill towards a water slide that you ride head down (no it is not dangerous, you use a map and there is a bumper in the front). And as Dad fills the air with advice, little guy says, “Hey Dad, can you just let us die in silence, please????!”

Or another comment, “I can’t believe that all these people like to streak down face first on the water slide.”

Finally on all the different races and people of color in Hawaii, a great simile, “all the people here are like all the different colored beads on a multi-colored necklace.