Maximizing your social networking pints

I’ve been futzing with social networks for a while. After all if they’ve got score like Waze, Yelp, or Foodspotting or follower counts like twitter, Facebook or Instagram, might as well be good at it 🙂

Like frequent flyer points (I love!) I’m sure there are optimizes but lately I’ve noticed every cross posts to everything else.

So how can u maximize things so u get the maximum cross post per click.

Well first, from Facebook, u can have it automatically send twitter posts, so as long as u get to Facebook ur set.

Since everything posts to Facebook, seems obvious u shouldn’t post directly buy through another app

Here are the choices

  • WordPress. With jetpack, it automatically posts to Facebook and twitter for that matter. This keeps the clicks for yourself but doesn’t give u any social network “points”. Still it is nice to have a high ranking blog. While on the road the WordPress app lets u upload photos and so forth.
  • Foodspotting. My current passion is food shots as it is hard to get in trouble. This automatically posts to Facebook and twitter if u want a direct post
  • For non foodie shots, if say Instagram is easy and u get Instagram and Facebook credit. Plus twitter as well if u need it
  • Waze. With Waze u get credit for driving. Just leave it on in the background and traffic reports to to Facebook but be careful if u don’t want someone to track all your driving so easily. I use just for speed trap reports on my Portland to Seattle milk runs
  • Yelp. Another great one for reviews and getting to elite. Tips post to Facebook. Wish i could get foodspotting to post to yelp automatically. Sigh.

On time departure statistics

BTS – Airline Information – Airline On-Time Statistics – Detailed Statistics – Results. We are thinking about going to Hawaii and I was curious about ontime departure.

Man, those folks at the Bureau of Transportation really have their act together. What an incredible database. You can actually look at 5 years of data on on time departure by flight number now.

For instance the flight I looked at was mainly on time but had one time it was delayed an hour.


A Teaching Program That Actually Works…

UCDS and the John Neilson Fund

_John Neilson passed away several years ago, but his memory lives on. Connie and I contributed to a fund for teaching and education. Here are some results from a program that is part of the teaching center it supports. It is kind of cool to see something that actually works_

We’ve just received great news about the current state of Thurgood Marshall’s math program (UCDS, in a collaboration with the Applied Math Department at the UW and funded by a grant from the NSF, has been mentoring their teachers in this area for two years). As the figures below show, 4th grade students at Thurgood Marshall now have math scores that exceed the Washington State average. We will provide a full story on this in an upcoming issue of the weekly, but felt you would want to celebrate this amazing news with us now.

|Math WASL Pass Rate|2000-2001|2001-2002|2002-2003|
|4th Grade Thurgood|9.8%|45.5%|58.7%|
|Washington State Average|43.4%|51.8%|55.2%|

Guns, Germs and Steel Books: Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies. Been looking for books to get for my brother’s birthday. I think I already got him this one, but if you don’t have it you should get a copy.

It explains one of lifes biggest questions, “Why do the White men have all the cargo?” (or translated from the New Guinean), why is it that the Europeans ended up with all the money and power. A great read.

Clausewitz Study Guide.

Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides. Bibliomania is a great free study guide. Don’t understand the business model, but am sure glad it is there.

Here’s useful quote for someone defending their turf:

Not only reason but experience, in hundreds and thousands of instances, show that a well-traced, sufficiently manned, and well-defended entrenchment is, as a rule, to be looked upon as an impregnable point, and is also so regarded by the attack. Starting from this point of the efficiency of a single entrenchment, we argue that there can be no doubt as to the attack of an entrenched camp being a most difficult undertaking, and one in which generally it will be impossible for the assailant to succeed.

Quotes from Sun Tzu, Clauswitz and others

Like Zagula, I’ve been collecting quotes and thoughts like mad. Here are some good sources:

* Library Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site by . Besides Sun Tzu, he’s got most of the other classic military thinkers like “Clausewitz’:
* “Web Wargaming”: While doing this, I found someone who wrote a javascript wargame that runs off a website. How fun.

Eating the right fish

Farmed Salmon — Bad. Actually, there are many more things than farmed salmon that are bad. At “Seafood Watch”:, there is a huge “list”: The long and short of it is that most things that are around like bay shrimp, chilean seabass, cod, orange roughy, etc. are really bad to eat.

Read the “All Fish”: list to see what the status of nearly every form of seafood is or download the wallet sized card.

Best choices are listed, but the best run fishery in the world is in Alaska, so pretty much anything Alaskan is going to be OK. But, John is right, it really pays to ask. Restauranteurs do take note, when you say, “I don’t eat farmed salmon, please find out from the chef where this salmon comes from and how it was caught.”