Single Malt Scotch

Read a good review of scotch on some plane somewhere. Made me curious. Of course “”: is filled with data. For instance telling you that Single Malt Scotch is really whisky from scotland that is from a single source.

There’s a good “Award”: list up there. Some of the great names are:

* Highland Park 18 year old ($90)
* Highland Park 12 year old ($40)
* The Macallan (speyside)


Another book recommendation by John. This is a series about multiple alternative worlds. Chrestomanci – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chrestomanci is the title of a powerful enchanter with the responsibility of regulating magic usage in a set of parallel universes including our own world. The Chrestomancis are unique in that they have nine lives. This is because while most people have “doubles” across nine worlds, a potential Chrestomanci has no doubles. It is a government job, and each Chrestomanci is responsible for locating and training his or her successor. The word “Chrestomanci” may be derived from the Greek khrestos, meaning “useful,” and -mancy, “divination.”

The books are in publishing order:

* Charmed Life
* The Magicians of Caprona
* The Lives of Christopher Chant
* Conrad’s Fate
* The Pinhoe Egg
* Witch Week


Compact Cameras

For years I’ve used the Fuji Finepix F10 which took really great pictures with 5Mpixels but most importantly was fast enough to take ISO 400 photos. That camera still works really well but is not pretty big. Ideally you want a shirt pocket camera that:

* 8MP sensor and lense quality so you can get A3+
* ISO 400 quality so you can use available light most of the time
* Image stabilizer to future help you get those low light shots
* Aperture and shutter priority to control exposure
* Shirt pocket size

Here are the pro choices as “Luminous Landscape”: and “Steve’s Digicam”: reviewed:

* “Sony DSC-W300″: It is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. It has a 13.6MP lense and a tiny 1/1.7” sensor but it looks good at ISO4. nice, but kind of big, so defeats the purpose a little bit. You really want something that is shirt pocket size. Most importantly it has an optical viewfinder. However, “Amazon”: found picture quality poor. “Steve’s Digicam”: as ISO 200 images for earlier W200 (12 vs. 13MP) and was the ultracompact to beat. “”: found nothing special about picture quality.
* “Ricoh GX100”: is another no obvious choice, but this one does have a 10MP sensor, 24-72mm equivalent lense. It has a Raw mode but takes 5 seconds to write a single shot! It has a optional electronic viewfinder, so you its easier to aim. Main issue is it is noisy at ISO 400.
* “Sigma DP1”: might be a good choice because of its incredible image quality using a dSLR foveon processor. The main issue is that it has slow startup, slow shot to shot and is noisy above ISO 200, so really isn’t practical.

Be Kind Rewind and Sweding

John is back and gave some great recommendations for movies and films:

“Be Kind Rewind”: is an ultra strange movie starring Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda’s Po) and Mos Def as they reenact famous movies like Ghost Busters, you have to see it for the slapstick then appreciate the sense of community and important of film-making. Not to mention that is an homage to Passaic, NJ (not far from where I grew up).

Now of course the world has gone crazy with “sweding”: which basically, well, you have to watch it to appreciate it…

Some are just amazing like Top Gun. They are more than spoofs, they are great!

Here is Armageddon…

And my favorite Terminator 2:

Other hilarious ones:

* “Die Hard”:
* “Princess Bride”:
* “Predator”:
* “Say Anything”:

Life imitates fiction 🙂

Driving to Jackson Hole

If you ever wanted to just enjoy the US countryside before gas is $10/gallon and we are all in electric cars, nows a good time. So, how to get from Seattle to Jackson Hole easily. It used to be hard, Mobil Travel Guides and so forth, but Google and Trip Advisor things are just so easy:

View Larger Map

What a trip, its 884 miles and nearly 587 miles are on I-90. So that’s long straight and square. Google says its a straight shot and just about half way through which Missoula.

Figuring out what is in Missoula leads you to “Trip Advisor on Missoula”:

AT&T Exclusively Business

We’ve never really had an AT&T business plan, but “Exclusively Business”: actually seems like a pretty good deal. If you have 5 or more users, then you get an 8% discount on voice and data plans priced $35 and higher. Also, you can have corporate users direct billed (they are called Corporate Responsibility Users, is that a 1984 term or what!). They also wave the $36 per line activation fee.

The rumor is that the new iPhone will qualify for these, so now’s a good time to sign up. There is also a portal you can use.

Nintendo Emulators

“FireNES”: integrates into Firefox and let’s you play over 2,000 old NES games in Firefox.

Or do it in any web browser via “vNES”: through Java. Hat tip to “Ludwig”: