iPhone OS 2.0 nearly jailbroken

Hurry, these guys are geniuses. Means hopefully you’ll be about to unlock the phone so you could use it on another carrier and still use the many freeware applications out there as well.

Unlock/jailbreak for iPhone OS 2.0 imminent (screenshot) – iPhone Atlas

The iPhone Dev team has posted a screenshot, seen below, of an iPhone running OS 2.0 with both the App Store (Apple’s third-party application solution) and Installer.app (the unofficial third-party application solution) running side-by-side. The iPhone is also unlocked, per the MTS carrier logo — MTS is an unsupported wireless carrier.

ifixit and engadget fly to new zealand to get first iphone 3Gs

!iFixit iPhone 3G First Look

Apparently 24 hour ahead there were 5 people in line at the Vodafone store and by 8AM there were 90 people in line!

Some great tidbits, they include a little steel thingy so you can push out the SIM card, you can take screen shots by holding the HOME and the On/off key, you can use a regular headphone now (yeah!).

BTW ifixit is going through all the parts and figuring out who is supplying what.

Sync Server spinning

I’ve had problems with sync between Entourage and iCal and sometime i get process Sync server running wild. So how to really break the link? It isn’t documented anywhere how this kind of syncing works. Even when you tell Entourage not to sync, I still see the Sync Server running. “Austin Kinsella1”:http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5793364 points out that the information is in ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices so I tried deleting everything there.

How to replace your original iPhone with the 3G

Because the first iPhone was unsubsidized, you just need to extend your contract by two years and then you end up with a new iPhone 3G and you have an old iPhone you can play with. iPhone 3G FAQ: How to replace your original iPhone with new iPhone 3G – iPhone Hacks

iPhone owners in the US:
If you are in the US then you don’t need your original SIM as the new iPhone 3G includes a SIM. Your original iPhone account information will be transferred to iPhone 3G’s SIM at the time of purchase.

AT&T reveals Rate plans for iPhone 3G, Upgrade Policy & No-contract iPhone 3G – iPhone Hacks

The 8GB iPhone 3G model will be available for $199 while the 16GB model will be available for $299 pricing for the following customers:

* iPhone customers who purchased before July 11
* Customers activating a new line with AT&T
* Current AT&T customers who are eligible, at the time of purchase, for an upgrade discount

AT&T reveals Rate plans for iPhone 3G, Upgrade Policy & No-contract iPhone 3G – iPhone Hacks

(you can check your eligibility to upgrade here)

Time Capsule running hot

I’ve noticed that Time Capsules can really run hot. I haven’t figured it out, but it looks like something keeps accessing them. “Speculation”:http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1428330 is that if you have the Time Capsule drives mounted on a Mac, then the hard disk stays spinning.

I’ve had mine stacked and that seems to be bad too. You want them to be separate and some folks put them on little legs to get ventilation underneath. I unstacked them and they are much cooler now.

“Macrumors”:http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=481793 found that they are 114F or 45C when they are just sitting there standalone and when stacked they are warmer still. The main issue is that the Time Capsule fan blows downward and it isn’t effective and small, so it needs to be a little higher to work. A couple of pairs of nickles seem to help to give it a little height.

128GB SSDs

Paradise awaits as 64GB Solid-state disks are falling. The MacBook Air SSD version just came down from $3100 to $2600 last week. Now Samsung has a cheaper technology called multi-cell so 128GB are coming this year and 256GB sometime later. This is going to be a real boon for laptop users, so hang on!

PC World – Samsung Puts 128G-byte SSDs Into Mass Production

Samsung Electronics is mass producing solid-state drives with a 128G-byte capacity, and will begin production of a 256G-byte product later this year, the company said Wednesday.

Mac OS X 10.5.4 problems

Well there is a bug fix release for OS X. Here are the things to watch out for:

Mac OS X 10.5.4 (#4): Spotlight problems; random shutdowns; poor performance; more – MacFixIt

Spotlight problems Some users have reported Spotlight problems after updating to Mac OS X 10.5.4, a relatively common occurrence with major system updates.

One reader writes:

“The update to 10.5.4 results in loss of application indexing in spotlight. Had to rebuild spotlight index”

The first procedure you should try in the case of general Spotlight issues after a major system update is the following:

* Download the utility “Spotless”:http://www.fixamacsoftware.com/software/spot2/.
* Use the tool to erase the Spotlig
* Restart your Mac.

Others have had random shutdowns. You have to reset the SMC as noted for the “MacBook and MacBook Pro”:http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303319

BTW most folks think that installed standalone vs. using the Software Update tool is a better way to prevent run away processes, etc.

As an aside it is a pretty minor update but does fix a problem with Adobe CS3 corrupting files on remote servers. But it does have a bunch of iCal fixes as well.

There is a safe installation procedure that takes a while but is more reliable:

Mac OS X 10.5.4 released; fixes Adobe CS3 save issue; update recommendations – MacFixIt

# When an update is available in Software Update, do not press the Install button in the Software Update window. Instead, download any desired update packages individually and without actually performing the installation. Software Update allows you to do so, but this feature is not at all obvious, so here are instructions:

1. Make sure there is a checkmark at the left of all and only the packages you want to download.
2. Choose Update > Download Only. After performing the download(s), note the location, on your hard drive, of the downloaded material.

# [Note: Alternatively, go to http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/ and click the download link for the desired package. In the case of major system updates, this is the way to obtain the full “combo update”, which is often better than the incremental update offered by Software Update.] Restart into Safe mode, by holding down the Shift key from the moment you hear the startup “bong” to the moment the “spinning gear” appears. Expect this startup to take longer than usual. Don’t be alarmed if the fans whir loudly during the “spinning gear” display. Eventually you will be presented with the Safe Boot login screen. Log in as the administrator.
# Without launching any other applications, double-click one installer package and perform the installation. Do nothing else; just sit there and wait until the installation is complete.
# Repeat step 3 after every installation. Finally, restart normally. This, too, may take longer than usual, and you may experience a “double-restart.” Be patient!

Airport Firmware 7.3.2 Problems

Apple just release “7.3.2”:http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/timecapsuleandairportbasestation80211nfirmware732.html which is an update for the firmware and the airport utility running on Macs and Windows. Not clear what it has besides bug fixes.

As with most Airport Extreme and Time Capsule fixes, it isn’t seemless. “Pokrface”:http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/8300945231/m/726007513931 has problems with it hanging the access points. Going back to 7.3.1 fixed that problem, but the issue appears to be with locking the Ethernet WAN port to 1000/full. The default is autodetect which should work most of the time. This causes the Airport Utility to hang while reading configuration.

“Yves Nadon and others”:http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1580385&tstart=0 also reports that his Airport Utility refuses to recognize his Airport Extreme. It also hangs with a “Reading Configuration” message and you get an flashing amber light. So a reset and return to 7.3.1 if you have this issue. Also many times, you have to manual power cycle (that is pull the plug and have it start again after you upgrade the firmware). As with the note agove me7486 has figured out this has to do with the WAN or uplink connection. RJW365 reports that he manually uninstalled the utility on his Mac and this seemed to work. Some had to factory rest their Airport Extreme. You do this by disconneciton power and pushing in the tiny reset button on the back when you connect the power cord and keep holdin it until the light flashes fast.

Here is how you reset at Apple – Support – Discussions – Problems with 7.3.2 …

Start Airport Utility, select your airport (do not double click) and press the button labeled in the main window. After “Reading airport configuration” the summary page should show. Go to the menubar and select the menu item named “Base Station”, select “Upload Firmware” from the menu list. A window showing Current version (7.3.2) and Upload Version (7.3.2) should appear. If you have the 7.3.1 firmware stored on your airport you can just select it from the pop-up list and press “ok”. If not you’ll have to select “Check for updates” from the “Airport Utility” menu while pressing the key (on windows, the key). This will allow you to download an earlier firmware version. I’d recommend that you use a wired connection to the airport when performing this.