The Final Days

Information Letter 14. This memo by John Walker was one of my touchstones more than a decade ago. Written in 1991, it talks about the quaint Eighties. It’s amazing to me how much changes with the Internet and how in many ways nothing changed.

I rate this a must read for everyone. Actually, his whole book is very interesting documentation about the creation of Autodesk and like all true stories, it’s not pretty to see how things really worked in a sausage factory

Digital will transform the music and film industries — whether they like it or not.

Forrester Brief – My View: Digital Denial. Interesting thoughts from George himself on entertainment industry. A good perspective. John Souza made less in his lifetime than Mel Gibson makes per movie. Wow!

We’ve been thinking about where entertainment is going over at Ignition. This is just fuel for the fire. It is interesting to see how folks like Dave Matthews and Steve Miller think differently about the business according to Bill

The Batter’s Box – Discount

The Batter’s Box – Discount Baseball And Softball Bats And Much More – Equip Yourself! Calvin is taking up T-Ball. Paid way too much for a glove at GART. Why don’t I ever remember the Internet is easier. Here is a good site for this kind of stuff. Here are some of the things that I got from “T-Ball Equipment”:

* Easton Soft Stitch IncrediBall. Nice soft 9″ ball
* Charley Lau Jr Professional Model Batting Tee. A batting tee.
* Wilson Advisory Staff 10.5 Mitt
* Easton Connexion T-Ball Bat

The Head Geek Overview

Here are the latest personal photos. Thanks to Seattle Filmworks for their
great digitization, although you do have to manually convert from their
proprietary format to JPEGs. These are thumbnails and behind each is a full 30KB
JPEG you can get just by clicking.

Just before Alex was born

The Big Year of Change

This was the year that I left Microsoft. It was the new millenium too.
Started to work on a new company called
Ignition. Has been a lot of fun
working with great people

Rich at home in 2000

At the ‘rents house

Happy Birthday to Me in 1996

Yes, it’s my 35th birthday. Boo-hoo. How sad, but a great barbecue in any

Here is an early picture with me and Alex

Richt and Alex

And, here is my buddy Jon on his new boat

CRN: Tong Gone From Microsoft

_The web is amazing, but not great for long term clipping. So saving for posterity some old articles about me for the kids to read someday_

“Tong Gone From Microsoft”:
Veteran Executive Takes Leave
By Barbara Darrow, Computer Reseller News
3:59 PM EST Tues., Feb. 01, 2000

Rich Tong, a longtime Microsoft Corp. executive who worked on products ranging from the early Excel to the most recent BackOffice suite is leaving the company.

Tong served in a variety of capacities from Excel product manager to, most recently, vice president of marketing for the Business Productivity Application group. He has been very involved in BackOffice.

He was a well-respected member of the executive team, although he had taken a lower profile of late, said sources inside the company.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed Tong’s departure, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family and look into other opportunities.

“He is a very multitasking kind of guy. Perfect for Microsoft. Rarely would you get his full attention, but he always got the message. A lot of cycles, drive and energy,” said one former Microsoft executive.

Tong’s last day will be Tuesday, the spokeswoman said.

Some worried about a brain-drain at the company coming at a crucial time,just before the launch of Windows 2000, the biggest product of its history. “This is a big year for BackOffice so this doesn’t look good,” said Rick Sherlund, partner at Goldman Sachs & Co., New York.

Indeed, Microsoft is revamping the suite of server applications, including SQL Server, Exchange Server and Internet Information Server, to take advantage of Windows 2000.

“At some point, you’ve got to wonder how deep their bench is,” said Steve Kleynhans, vice president of The Meta Group, Stamford, Conn. “They’ve lost a lot of experienced people, not all of whom are household names,” he noted.

Tong’s duties will be assumed by Liz King, another Microsoft veteran, said sources inside the company.

Microsoft has seen its share of departures in the past few years, and executives with stock options that vest can depart as millionaires or even billionaires. Tong, who joined the company in 1988 after a stint as software engineer at LSI Logic Corp., would almost certainly fall in that camp, even though Microsoft shares are now trading just north of $101.

Tong could not be reached for comment.- CRN