Seattle Senior Activities

It’s complicated to figure out what folks who are 55 years or better should be doing. Here’s a quick list courtesy of google:”Seattle senior citizen”:

* Seattle Parks & Recreation: For Seniors. Seattle Parks and Recreation Senior Adult Programs offer a wide range of activities for seniors that change each season.
* “Senior Centers”: A good list is here. There are centers in the Central District, Ballard, West Seattle. The Central District one has $12 dues and they run a variety of activities. It is at Jackson and 30th
* “Community Centers”: These are general purpose community centers. The Montlake Center is under construction, but “Miller Community Center”: is close by and has buried in a “pdf”:
** Friday 1-3PM. Bridge for anyone
** Tai Chi
** Field trips like going to Olympia June 8, Thursday but you need to call specific days to 684-4240 at 8AM to register.
** Morning Fitness will be held in the Miller Community Center Gym at 7 & 8:15 a.m.
** Adult Karate will be held at McGilvra Elementary School Gym at 1617 38th Ave. E, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
* Call 206-684-4951 for city-wide senior programs
* “CISC”: This is a chinese information center. There is also an adult daycare called the Sunshine Garden.

There are some things a little farther afield:

* “Seattle Bridge Club”: They are up north at NE 145th. But they have a very active schedule 10:30AM on Monday thru Friday.
* “Seattle Times Aging”: There is section on aging and a senior calendar updated weekly on this site.

Flexible Date Travel

Flexible Dates. Here is Dad’s tool for flexible travel. YOu just select the length of stay to say San Francisco and then it shows you want the cheapest dates are. Pretty neat. The current lowest fare to San Jose for instance is $144 roundtrip!

“Europe Travel”: These are their special fares from Seattle to London. Good to check since flexible dates doesn’t work there.

Dad’s Login Page

One of the hard things about the internet is making favorites really work well. When folks are on different machines, it is really complicated. It is too bad there isn’t a central repository for folks settings for simple things like the links on a browser toolbar.

So instead, a blog is a good way to do. Here is a separate category i’ve set up for our grandparents that will help them to get the email and other thing they need without having to constantly recustomize. Also its a good way for me to change settings in one place rather than having to go to each and every machine:

# “Hotmail”: Come and get your hotmail from this link.
# “Tongfamily Mail”: Here’s the way to get your private mail on tongfamily
# “King County Libary”: The right place to check out books and things. Very convenient now.
# “Google”: Here is Dad’s favorite search engine.
# “Mapquest”: Here is the best way to get directions.