Nuforce 8 vs. Shure er210 vs Brookstone Pro plug

I lost my beloved etymotic 4s on the plane. Maybe I should buy them again. These sealed isolation things are great but in buying $40-150 ones I’ve found the biggest variable is a good seal:

1. Brookstone Pro Plug. $40 so inexpensive. Fit is not really sealed bit they r just so bassy. Not recommended.

2. Nuforce 8. $70. Supposed to be amazing. I tried with the stock earplugs and can’t get a good seal. Recommendation is to buy a $15 set of super pro plugs. Ill try that but that puts it a pretty high price point like the Etymotic 6i. They r more balanced than the Brookstone. So not recommended with stock plugs. Will see with the add-one.

3. Shure Se-210. Widely distributed. Sound ok and better fit than Nuforce. At $120 I wouldn’t say they r much better than the $90 etymotic 6i

4. Etymotic 4s. Although only a single driver the main thing is that they really fit well. Thy have foam plugs that r as tight as soundplugs. Sounds is remarkable at $180


!>! After our most recent trip, nearly all of our earbuds have simply died. Usually, the little cable breaks, so what to do if you need a lot of these and they take abuse. “”: has some of the best reviews I’ve seen. It is how I originally got the Etymotic ER-6i and ER-4p and ER-4s. Sadly, I’ve lost one ER-6i and two have broken, so what are the best headphones now:

h2. “Ten Best Headphones”:

Most of these aren’t practical for travel but the real winner seems to be the “Shure SE310”: It got 5 out of 5 (The Etymotics ER-4Ps are 4.5 out of 5, so close) and it comes in “white”: Amazon has them for $200 and the list is $299. While has them for $250.

h2. “Entry Level”:

If you can’t stand paying more for your headphones than your iPod or you’ve got kids who will likely rip and destroy them, then try the “Sennheiser MX300”: which lists for $10 and Amazon has for “$9”: They don’t say it but I’d expect the white “MX500”: probably works just as well although it is $17 because of the color :_) and because there is a volume control on it. “Macworld”: also likes the MX 500 and it is nice it comes in a little case too. “iLounge”: also liked the MX 500 giving it an A- saying that while they are uncomfortable for long usage, they sound as good as the Apple ones. BTW, if you don’t mind, you can get blue MX 500 for $10 from “”:

If you want in the ear, so called in-canal headphones, these are a great step up and much less bulky that on the ear headphones, so a budget set would be then try the “Jays j-JAYS”: which are just $50 and do have that snug fit and noise reduction. or the “d-JAYS”: which sound better at $100 and got a 4 out of 5 rating.

Etymotic Accessories

I’ve got a set of ER4-Ps, ER4-Ss and ER-6s from Etymotic. They are all really superb in terms of quality, but over time, I’ve lost the various components. like pouches and bags. “Etymotic”: itself sells the little pouches for $4 each and also has a winder for the cables that is very handy since the cable length is never right. Also, it sells the little plastic tips and filters too. And the shipping is a very reasonable $6 per order.

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