Athlon 64 version of Far Cry

AMD64 and Far Cry. _Hard to happen eventually, the Athlon 64 is so good at gaming, that folks are doing specific versions._

bq. The AMD64 version of Far Cry is now available! This version is a patch that installs on top of the retail boxed version and gives you an enhanced experience for/in Far Cry. It supports fully functional, in-box single- and multi-player modes. The AMD64 version gives you enhanced content and higher frame rates with enhanced textures, longer view distances, and more physicalized objects.

Graphics Card in History

Tom’s Hardware Guide Graphics Cards: VGA Charts IV AGP Video Cards – FarCry – Very High. I also found those benchmarks for Phil, I was looking for.

With Farcry, there are the statistics comparing video cards by family:

| Card | Farcry noAA/AF (fps) | 4xAA, 4xAF | Generation |
| GeForce 6800 GT | 79.2 | 53.4 | 2004 |
| X800 Pro | 71.1 | 48.8 | 2004 |
| Radeon 9800 Pro | 40.2 | 26.4 | 2003 |
| GeForce FX5900 U | 20.7 | 14.1 | 2003 |
| Radeon 9600 Pro | 16.8 | 15.1 | 2003 |
| GeForce Ti4600-8x | 28.3 | 12.6 | 2002 |
| GeForce4 Ti4200-8x | 23.9 | 10.5 | 2002 |

So you can see, basically, his Ti4200 is about at the limits of playability. So it is about 3x slower if you have all the antialiasing and anistrophic filtering turned off.

If you turn on all the advanced stuff, it is 5x slower and unplayable at 1024.768.

Call of Duty United Offensive

FPSCentral – File Downloads. Ok just about done with Call of Duty United Offensive. Not nearly as exciting as the first Call of Duty.

Maybe this is serial fatigue, but this one didn’t surprise me as much. it is harder in that there are way more people in each battlefield, but really nothing new.

I still love the first Stalingrad scene in the original COD.

That being said, the modder community is active and there are some fun things to try. Merciless is pretty cool and I’ll have to give the others a try on this page.

Far Cry Mods

FarCry Mods. Well I finally got a full copy of Far Cry in anticipation of updating Calvin’s machine to a full Athlon 64 system (just waiting for the CPU right now!).

A wonderful game even on a now mid-range, Athlon XP 3200+ with GeForce 5900GT card. Main issue is that it pushed the graphics card so hard that the system crashes when running overclocked (438/780 vs the stock 300/700 MHz). Oh well.

The most exciting thing though are all the mods that people have produced for Far Cry. For instance there is “The Forgotten War”: which is the Korean War or “Pandora Forces”: a modern insurgency scenario. Can’t wait to try them!

PC Games Review

Ok, with Call of Duty and Ghost Recon pretty well mastered, I put games down for a couple of months, but with a new Calvin PC coming with a mid range graphics card, time to see what’s around:

* “Game Rankings”: A very neat meta site that gloms together reviews from the top web sites so you can look at the best games across the net.
* “Gamespy Reviews”: PC Gamer make it really hard to find games ratings and sort them. Not so Gamespy. Their favorites seem to mirror mine (e.g., Doom 3, etc.)

Available now…

* “Doom 3”: The famous Doom 3, main issue is that it really requires the new ATI X800XT or the nVidia 6800GT to show itself off. Main thing is the graphics are more about a terror than sneaky villians or monsters.
* “Far Cry”: Ive played the demo levels but haven’t bought the full game yet.
* “Half Life 2”. Its finally just about here.

Coming in a month or so…

* “Full Spectrum Warrior”: Due this September, this is supposedly adapted from an actual US Army combat simulator. It appeared first on X-box, but is now coming to the PC. Can’t wait. Seems to be in the tradition of Ghost Recon and Rainbox Six.
* “Call of Duty: United Offensive”: This is the expansive pack for Call of Duty. A bunch more games for single player and new maps for multiplayer.

Coming in early 2005…

* PC: Brothers in Arms delayed. This is a more realistic WWII shooter. While I liked Call of Duty particularly for the soundtrack and the shake-when-hit, it wasn’t particularly realistic. Not like Ghost Recon for instance. Sounds like Brother in Arms coming in 1Q05 might fit that bill.
* “Ghost Recon 2”: The Xbox and PS2 versions ship first, then the PC version in 1Q05

eDimensional Glasses Don’t work

Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality Homepage – Complete Market Surveys of 3D-Glasses VR-Helmets 3D-Software. Well, I tried these eDimensional glasses. Plugged it in, but with the latest nVidia drivers, I get an instant blue screen when I start Windows XP and then get blown into some strange video mode where the screen is blank or blinking.

Sounds like some sort of conflict with the latest drivers. Maybe this bulletin board will help. Sending email to nVidia and eDimensional has been fruitless, but note I tried this and it get the drivers to install correctly. Apparently the 3D stereo drivers were locked in and couldn’t be removed. Go figure.

Anyway, did all this and it still doesn’t work. I don’t think the glasses are flickering, but now I also notice that this won’t work LCD monitors. Should have noted this earlier. Sigh!

Far Cry: Another Cool Game

Tom’s Hardware Guide Games & Entertainment: Far Cry Comes Close to a Perfect Game – Tech Demos Making Gaming Memories.. I’m beginning to curse Ludwig. My goodness what amazingly cool games he finds. First there was Battlefield 1942, then Call of Duty and now Far Cry.

This new one really pushed the graphics card hard. Probably means my next update (we are going to upgrade Calvin’s machine this time) is going to need a spanking new nVidia 6800 (NV40 engine) card in it and the amazing AMD Athlon 64 given its incredible game performance.