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Hey Matt and Greg have done some cool Web 2.0 work, so you can see what folks are buying on eBay and Amazon. Here’s a sample of watching digital cameras being sold:

Here is the mover and shaker list on ebay:

No more A9 Rewards Help and Frequently Asked Questions. A9 just updated their site and they bagged their 1.5% off of Amazon purchases if you use it. Nice if they told someone, but I think that’s part of the plan. People keep using it (the main reason I used it was for the Amazon rewards, I have to say the search quality wasn’t that good, so no real loss there).

Now I can use Blingo and try to get rewards. Another example of how Web 1.0 companies with earnings (Amazon) are going to have time beating the marketing dollars of Web 2.0 companies like “Blingo”:


!>!: Simon and I had a great conversation abourt where the web is headed. There are an amazing number of vertical sites now like

POPSUGAR | Insanely Addictive.

Heather and David have been hanging out all summer, and with the end of the summer comes the end of this romance. Heather has decided it’s just too soon to move on with David, so the two are taking a break and will be “just friends”. So much for true love; we thought the gold-and-diamond skull necklace Heather gave David meant this relationship was serious. People reports:

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Since I’ve been traveling, I’ve been way off of my goal of logging onto 10 Web 2.0 sites a day. Sorry! but here are the latest:

!!: This looks like a delicious clone, but it has been getting impressive increase in traffic according to “Alexa”: and is now 4000 after just a year. Seems related to Furl, Simppy,, Netvives and Jots according to Alexa. I found it because it is the number hit on google:”RSS Bittorrent” search

!!: It reminds me quite a bit of Furl which is owned by Looksmart. That thing is even more successful at “Alexa”: It is quite a bit older, but has really moved in the last 18 months.