Starbucks and AT&T offer up

After much confusion at the store level, it look slike here is what is happening, if you use a Starbucks card in the last 30 days, you can use AT&T Wifi at Starbucks for two hours. When you sign in, you create an AT&T login. Of course, I already have one, but there doesn’t appear anyway to tell the system that, so you have to create a new one. You need to just it just once and you get spammed four time a year by AT&T so its a small price to pay (turn your spam blocker on!).

You only get one session of a maximum of two hours per day, so choose carefully when you turn this on! But since you get one account for every registered card, what you really want to do is have say three cards in your wallet charged with the minimum, then you get three accounts or however many you want.

Sign Up for Starbucks – AT&T Wi-Fi

Join Starbucks Card Rewards to get great benefits, including 2 hours of AT&T Wi-Fi, everyday.

Wifi Hotspots in Wedgewood, Laurelhurst and Ravenna

OK, I get stuck waiting for meetings around the Childrens Hospital quite a bit. If you don’t want to brave the traffic at U-Village, what are the options. As an aside if you are in UVillage, “World Wraps”: does have free Wifi and is less crowded than Starbucks by alot.

Well, there are some great ones around the bend in Wedgewood according to “”:

* “Top Pot Doughnuts”: A great store. Very library like and the Wifi is of course free. Good hours too. It opens at 6AM and the doughnuts are of course great. There is a Starbucks up the street, but why go there when you have such a good option at NE 70th St and 35th Ave NE. Across the street, there is a “Grateful Bread”: is you want lunch and free Wifi instead although you do need to ask for a user name and password.
* “Gula”: Here is a non-corporate coffee shop that serve bubble tea. Just a few blocks north in Ravenna. Lots of bubble tea at NE 50th and 30th Ave NE.
* “Tully’s 5 Corners”:,+WA&fb=1&view=text&latlng=47661225,-122293280,12001432388379103107&dtab=2&reviews=1&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=result I actually don’t like this Tully’s very much as it is very busy and the Wifi is incredibly slow. As an aside, there is Tmobile hotspot next door at the Kinko’s, so stay on the north side of the Tully’s and use that if you have an account.

WEP Cracking

“Tom’s Hardware”: has an amazing guide on how to crack a WEP key on a Wifi network. Kinda scary how easy it is. Everyone should move to the more advanced WPA or WPA2 if you can ASAP.

Basically, you need a laptop with a Prism2 card in it (this is a particular chipset that the cracking software needs). There is a CD you plug in that has a Linux distribution on it called “Backtrack”: over at so it fits on a CD and comes in .iso format

YOu can either use Nero or “CDBurnerXP Pro”: which is freeware burning software.

With the Linux tools on Backtrack, you can use Kismet which is like Netstumbler to find wifi networks and like Ethereal in that it allows you to look at the raw network traffic.

You then use the tools

* Airodump to capture the packets looking for IV or initialization vector packets
* Void11 to kick clients off the network and thus generate IVs for you (a deauth attack)
* Aireplay take the traffic that void11 generates and keep replaying it to the wifi network to generate more traffic
* aircrack to take the captured files and extract the WEP key.

Wifi Tools

OK, here’s the definitive set of tools that I use to make sure a wifi network is working:

* “Advanced LAN Scanner”: This is super useful for figuring out what devices and computers are actually on a network. When you get to a new network run it and it will tell you what’s running and what they are.
* “Wardriving”: This is a great site for all the tools you need to find open access points around town. That’s called wardriving.
* “Wardriving downloads”: They host a great list of all the tools that you can have
* “Netstumbler”: This tool now works with Prism2 (what Intel uses), if you put it into NDIS mode and then you can see all the APs that are around
* “Aircrack”: This tool sniffs and cracks WEPand WPA keys if you forget them.

Here are some device specific things:

* “WAP54G”: This is a definitive guide to the various hacks around the web for this access point. Of main note are the hacks that let you turn up the power from 20mW to 100mW to get more range.The builde at “hyperwap”: is based on the latest 3.04 firmware and is very nice.

Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router

!:: LAPTOP Magazine • Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router ::. What a great idea. This is a 802.11G router and the power is actually built in. It wouldn’t be a bad home access point, but is perfect for the road given its size. It is more expensive than a regular home router like the WPC54G ($60), but it sur is convenient and great for conference rooms being on the road, etc. A great gift too!

“Pricegrabber”:,__10258444/sort_type=bottomline has it for about $75, so not a bad deal and it is small.

Update now

Wireless LAN Products – Download Windows* Software for Intel? PRO/Wireless Network Connection. A bunch of sites say the new Intel wifi software finally fixes various problems like connection drops and so forth.

They are right. My new VAIO works perfectly with it. And if you don’t have an OEM who updates you the generic Intel drivers seem to work fine at least on my ASUS Mn-3.

These are for the 2200bg and also the new 2900abg cards.

D-link 624 and Intel 2200BG woes

I’ve had lots of issues with my old Sony VAIO VGN-140 that are described in this thread. Lots of hangs and poor performance. Lately, I’ve been having lots of problems with my D-Link 624 router. I’ve had to reboot the router twice today. Once because it wasn’t handing out DHCP addresses and another time because it was incredible slow for both wired and non wired connections. Net, net, I got a bunch of things I should have known. If you have some of these problems, maybe the really great forum at “DSL Reports”: can help you:

broadband ? Forums ? Wireless Networking ? Intel pro/wireless 2200 BG Problems.. Now I fried the screen on that one and got a brand new VGN-TX600 and it seems better, a little search turned up this one. Mainly says you need to get the latest Intel driver seems to help called that “Intel”: has at its download site with detailed install instructions by “funchords”:,14892601 that involves installing both Intel and Microsoft software and really cleaning other things out.

“D-Link 624 Rev C Firmware VErsion 2.71 Beta”:,14470400~days=9999. This is another thing that has been a real pain. I run with 2.70 right now and I get DHCP and other problems all the times. Early reports on this beta are that it fixes quite a few issues. My big problems have been with WPA access so that I’ve reverted to WEP 128 bit for most things. The other problem has been performance when running lots of computers. Right now I think that these are bugs and you have manually reboot.

Apparently I’m not alone, the flip to “Firmware 2.70 cause DHCP problems”:,14475750 is pretty well known. By the way, I learned how you configure a cascade of routers. The main trick is that you to make a router just a plain access point, you need to now use the WAN port. Connect the routers together using a crossover cable, then disable DHCP on all but one of the routers, but the problem is that DHCP doesn’t get passed from one box to another properly.

Last thing is that I’m now getting “IP in use”:,14391182 errors. Another well know problem.

That forum also has a great utility called “D-link Connection Monitor”:,12608281~start=200 that parses the “”: file that tells you what is going on with the router.

Finally, some folks are pretty smart about getting maximum “performance”:,14900655~fmode=nest~days=10. Consistent advice is to disable the proprietary super-G mode since only D-link client adapters use it and to enable UPNP. Enable gaming mode (whatever that is) as this helps with BitTorrent streams. Also disable DNS relay to improve stability.

And then there is some generic advice for everyone, including me who seems to have wifi connections that bounce up and down as “Dslreports”: describes. The main issue is corrupted profiles in your various clients. So you have to try a brand new SSID, turn everything off for 65 minutes and try again.

Sony VAIO T-140PL W22N51.SYS Crash

WiFi-Forum – Blue screen with Centrino 2200BG wireless card when TKIP is enabled. Well, maybe TKIP is the problem, but under high load, the Centrino 2200BG driver crashes on my Sony VAIO.

Only happens when really pushing the driver. I’m not sure it is reproducible, so I’m going to get the latest updated driver.

I use TKIP and WPA/PSK encryption on my network. What an alphabet soup, but at least that means I have a normal password rather some hexadecimal goo for a WEP key.

In the blue screen details, it says the following :
* STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x82400000,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xF8122988)
w22n51.sys – Address F8122988 base at F80AE000, DateStamp 404c5c4c