Skis. Wonderful skis.

Ok la Nina is coming and even if the kids don’t want to ski much, I sure do. Quick trip to Sturtevants and here r recommendations.

I need a goo all mountain ski and praying for la nina a great powder ski o complement the gotoma and six star I have for mid powder and groomed days…

1. Armada JJ. The ultimate powder skis. Tried them last year. They r well rockered so even though 120 underfoot. It skis so short on the groomed.

2. Watea 84. Had these from before thy got rockered. They didn’t score well but I’ve loved them because they r wood and super flickable on bumps

3. Need to try the Head Rock and roll. Apparently a great all mountain.

From skiing magazine. The magazine is gone but they still do (non numeric) reviews. As a note with rockered skis u need to go 5-7 longer as more of the ski is up in the air. I normally ride 167s on mid fats so that means 175 for me 🙂

1. Blizzard bodacious. 142/118/132. $950. 186 and 196 lengths. Rockered

2. Blizzard chochise. 135/108/123. $900. 177, 185, 193. Ski of the year. All conditions but best in crud and chopped powder. Rockered

3. Nordica Hell & Back. 135/98/125. $900. 161, 169, 177, 185. The new midfats r getting fatter but because they r rockered still good carving. rockered.

And while we r at it if u want to lust some get:

1. Zeal Transcend gps. These r ski goggle with a heads up display showing your vertical, speed, etc. And they r photochromatic. Just $500 for data paradise!

Snowing big flakes

It’s funny how certain small things can really touch your memory. The weather forecastera were wrong. Didn’t heat up instead, stuck at 0C and huge flakes started to fall. Sun set and the glow of the sodium street lights here leaves a beautiful glow.

Reminds of me of long ago when I took a dear friend skiing for the first time. Rain at the base, sleet half way up he gondola and at the top a huge winter wonderland. Not windy just big puffy flakes falling. A great day to learn. The soup had never been so warm and everything was covered in this snow.

Today I also skied in a little park but it was the afternoon of shopping that reminded me of that day.

Whistler Skiing

Arrgh, this is so complicated. I love the small resorts like “Sun Peaks”: and who likes the fact that the US dollar is now less than the Canadian dollar, so prices are 30% higher, still the kids friends are all going up there, so I have to follow them. Here are some relative bargains up there:

* “EDGE card”: This gives a small discount but more importantly you don’t have to wait in the ticket lines which are enormous there.
* “The Map”: This resort is so large, that you really need a mega map to get it. The long and short of it is, that if you stay in Whistler Village, you are trendy, but it is a walk to get to the lifts. Upper Village and Creekside are the two ski in and ski out places really. Blueberry Hill works but you have to take the shuttle to get there. So the best places look like Creekside if you only want to stay on the Whistler side or Upper Village if you like Blackcomb. You can use the really cool “interactive”: map if you want to see where things are. This is really a gigantic area. 9000 acres and in December 2008, they are going to put in a mountain to mountain gondola. In contrast, Crystal is 1500 acres and has just grown to 2500.
* “Packages”: are where it is at given lift tickets for four folks can be $150 per day. Right now, the promotion is that you get a 4 skiing days for 5 days overnight plus two fresh track (wake up early and ski) tickets. Its a pretty good deal.
* “Trip Advisor”: seems to have the best list of good hotels. The Aspens comes out well as a budget hotel

There are also other services that get you into condos

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Giro Omen and Fuse Helmet Sizing and Pricing

The “Giro”: website doesn’t help very much when it comes to sizing. I found tht I fit nicely into a Large Fuse or a Medium/Large Omen.

“MBStores”: has a good size chart and it shows the Fuse at 14.5 oz.

| Model Name | S | M | L | XL | XXL |
| Fuse | 53.5-55.5cm | 55.5-57cm | 57-59cm | 59-60.5cm | 60.5-62.5cm |

In terms of pricing at the end of this season, the list price is $320 at Amazon, but you can find it on eBay for $150 thanks to “Mpire”: just be careful to get the wireless version, they have three versions, no audio, wired audio (called tuneup ii) and wireless (called wireless tuneup).

At “REI”: there is the sizing information for the new top of the line Giro Omen, it is a little simpler as it has three sizes only that “Snowshack”: has

| Model | XS/S | M/L | XL/XXL |
| Omen | 52-55.5cm | 55.5-59cm | 59-62.5cm |

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Epic Powder

SkiWashington.Com. Got up on Friday to Snoqualmie (conditions were just OK, it was kind of too warm and the powder was wet, but lots of fun), but Saturday was awesome at Crystal. The boys and I skied black diamonds all day and found lots of powder still around. Larry over at skiwashington did even better…

bq. Hope you rode some of the untracked powder last Wed-Saturday. I was at Crystal Thursday and Friday. The best two days of powder skiing in my life! Every run – untracked powder. First tracks down Paradise Bowl Friday morning – 46 linked powder turns! Southback late Friday was 3 ft plus of deep, dry snow down Damn Fine Forest. Thursday morning, as the mountain opened, I was on the 25th chair up –I’d never seen the whole mountain untracked with 1-3ft of deep powder, as we headed up.

Good news is that it won’t stop, it will be cold this week and 1000 foot snow levels and this weekend could be good again. There is a $DIETY!

Read it and weep…

SkiWashington.Com. OMG, it is like heaven, but today, here are the snow reports. Powder everywhere including 45 minutes outside of Seattle if you can believe it. The net is that there is between 10 and 13 *feet* of snow at these resorts and about two feet of powder just about everywhere. Go skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| Ski Area | Snow in 24 hours | Base |
| Crystal | 14″ | 102″ |
| Stevens Pass | 25″ | 154″ |
| Summit – Alpental | 20″ | 145″ |
| Summt – West | 20″ | 128″ |

Skiing Magazine on Powder Skis

Skiing Magazine and its sister Ski Magazine make it super hard to find things. They have a slow site and the indexing of data is strange. So here is a more convenient index for those looking for powder skis. What Skiiing calls Big Mountain Experts:

* K2 Seth Pistol. 179cm, 128/95/118, $750, Speed 3.95, Off-Piste 2.00 Turn 3.45
* “Nordica The Beast”:,18056,700224,00.html. $865, 177cm, 124/92/116, Speed 2.95, Off-piste 1.42, Turn 3.10.
* “Rossignol Bandit B3”:,18056,700226,00.html. $869. Epistomizses the genre of powder skis. Speed 3.4, Off-piste 1.75, Turn 3.45 178cm, 122/94/112.

Spring Skiing

Mt. Baker Ski Area 2005-06 season. With a 200 inch base, Mt. Baker is a good choice. Actually most places should be good for spring skiing. Crystal will stay open through March.

There are bunch of good places to stay that are quite reasonable for an overnight. Say leave on Sunday, ski in the afternoon, then all Monday and back on Monday night. Some are pretty nice.

For instance the Canyon Creek “Chalets”: is 35 minutes wawy and looks nice.

End of Season Skis

SKI Magazine ~ Gear: Have It All. It’s been an awesome ski season, so now folks have skis on sale. If you want a set now is the time to get them for 50% off. Some choices for those of us who love powder and are thinking with a midfat (like the K2 Apache Recon or its older brother the Axis XP) and a carving ski (like the Volkl 6 Star), why not a big fat powder ski such as those found in the “Ski Magazine Buyers Guide”:

* Volkl Karma, 119-87-111, $695 (no bindings). Fun in any condition, but it’s especially adept at taming difficult snow due to its stability
* Volkl “Mantra”:,13185,,00.html?make=&criteria=powder&myear=2006&x=47&y=15. 130-94-113, $765 flat, Overall impression 4.0, crud 3.9, Powder 3.9.
* Atomic “Sugar Daddy”:,15058,ski1100,00.html, 126-99-117 at 183cm, $800 (no bindings). It trhives on deep-backcountry snow. It’s super fat and fun. Crud 4.1, Stability at Speed 3.9 and Powder 3.8. Main con is that it doesn’t handle bumps at all.
* Salomon Teneighty Gun, 122-90-115 at 175cm, $800, Lightweight and manueverable, this is a deep-powder days ski.