Windows Remixed

“Wired”: points out there are plenty of remixed Windows that are configured better than the default from Microsoft. I’ve tried “WinXP SP2 Lite Edition” which has a ton of utilities and is way smaller. There is also Super WinPE Ultimate Boot CD 2004 which puts seven versions of XP on a single DVD. It includes two Chiense versions and also a mini Windows XP that runs on a CD like Knoppix. These are available on many versions of Azureus.

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TinyXP AppzXP Windows XP Pro Lite »

oala101 presents…

Windows TinyXP Rev06 (brought to you by eXPerience), together with some appz.

Basically, this is Windows XP Pro SP2, with useless contents removed, for performance’s sake.
It runs fast, installs with no trouble, is updatable (passing WGA), and contains the following useful applications:

Codec Pack All in 1 v6.0.3.0
Cool Edit Pro v2.1
Daemon Tools v4.08
Directory Printer v5.1
DVD Ripper Platinum v4.0.72
DVD X Player Pro v4.1
DVD-Cloner IV v4.10
Free Download Manager v2.1
Nero v7.7.5.1
NOD32 v2.70.32
Office Pro 2003
PC Auto Shutdown v3.4
Premiere Elements v2.0
Reader v8.0
Rename v1.56.0
SnagIt v8.2.2
Spy Sweeper v5.3.2
UltraISO v8.6.1
Unlocker v1.8.5
uTorrent v1.6.1
WinRAR v3.62

Some of these applications got their useless parts cutted off (in order to fit a 700 MBs CD), but they are still fully functioning. Taking these applications as a whole, they will fit your most-common needs.

The “Save System RAM Memory” file of the eXPerience folder allows the user, simply by answering a series of user-friendly questions, to balance functionality and RAM allocation.

To set up, low-speed burn this ISO disc image on a CD- or DVD-ROM, restart the PC, boot from that ROM, then format the partition using the NTFS file system. No serial number is required.

Enjoy and SEED for a while please… thanks!

Edit: fantasyware has solved the Unicode characters problem! (thanks to him!):

To read unicode characters in TinyXP Rev06, you need a copy of untrimed WinXP to obtain those kbd***.dll and related language files. Follow these instructions.

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Roguecleaner and

As I mentioned had a really bad case of spyware. No US program would get rid of it (including Yahoo’s version of Webroot, Spybot, Trend Micro, etc). Finally got rid of it with a set of Chinese programs. First is Rogue Cleaner (“”: or ????????. There is also an online virus checker that we had to use. You have to boot into safe mode and then run the web-based detector at “Rising”: Good luck if you have one of these terrible things.

FWIW, the Chinese name is literally
?? liú máng rogue
?? ru?n jiàn software
?? q?ng l? cleaner
?? zhù sh?u helper

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Send on Behalf

I really don’t know why it is so complicated, but if you want to be able to have someone send a message on behalf of you and look at your email, there is a complicated process to get Outlook and Exchange to do it. This method from “Microsoft”: seems to sort of work.

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Power Toys for XP

Well Vista may be here, but for those of us not upgrading (until the next machine comes preinstalled), here are some cool utilities that don’t get much press, but which are pretty useful. They are called “PowerToys”: and amongst them are:

* RAW Image viewer. If you are using Canon or Nikon high end cameras, they produce their own proprietary format and this lets you preview and use them
* Color Control Applet. This lets you look at color spaces. Way beyond the casual user, but useful to see what’s inside an ICM file.
* Alt-Tab replacement. From the Mac, you can actually see what the other application is before selecting it.

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Adobe font pack

Argh, how strange. Adobe doesn’t use the native fonts of Windows, so you have to download a separate font pack for Adobe to read documents that don’t embed (which is most of them!) at “Adobe Reader 7 and below”: or for “Adobe Reader 8.0”:

Windows XP onto a Dynamic Disk

We’ll, our primary 75GB drive looks like its failing, I took a new 750GB (!!) drive and made a 700GB data and 50GB system area, but in order to install Windows XP on the 50GB section, I need to make it recognizable. Apparently, only certain types of partitions can be used for Windows XP. Here’s how to convert a dynamic partition back into a Basic disk. “Basic”: are those partitions used in previous Windows before Windows 2000. Dynamic was introduced to allow you to do RAID dynamically. Basically, for most users, you should never need to go to dynamic disk although it lets you change the size of a partition and the space doesn’t have to be contiguous and you can RAID striped for more performance.

How To Convert to Basic and Dynamic Disks in Windows XP Professional

How to Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk To change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk. You basically have to backup and format it again.

# Back up all the data on all the volumes on the disk you want to convert to a basic disk.
# Log on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.
# Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
# Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management.
# In the left pane, click Disk Management.
# Right-click a volume on the dynamic disk that you want to change to a basic disk, and then click Delete Volume
# Click Yes when you are prompted to delete the volume.
# Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each volume on the dynamic disk.
# After you have deleted all the volumes on the dynamic disk, right-click the dynamic disk that you want to change to a basic disk, and then click Convert to Basic Disk.

W22n51.sys BSOD

I tried to upgrade to the latest driver on the Sony site for my VGN-TX140P and there is now something wrong, the Intel Pro Wireless application doesn’t come up and I now will get blue screen of death with a W22n51.sys stop message.

Upgrading to the Intel generic driver doesn’t help. The version is 10.5. I’ll try to downgrade to what the factory install was (thank you Sony recovery and then see if I can’t debug).

IBM Personal computing support – XP Crash: System may hang or restart with a previous version of the Intel PRO 2200BG Mini PCI adapter wireless software – w22n51.sys may cause Stop Error Message – ThinkPad R50/p, R50e, R51, T40/p, T41/p, T42/p, X31, X40

W22N51.SYS may cause a Stop Error Message or Windows may stop responding with an error message on a blue screen or the system may restart just after the error message.

Starforce Removal

Starforce is a copy protection scheme that loads drivers on your computer. Here’s how to get rid of the drivers that can slow down your CD/DVD player if you are not careful. Both Virtual Skipper 3 and 4 “use it”:, so it will appear on my machines with it. You can also use “Daemon”: to make a backup copy, but recently, Starforce 3.5+ just disables all SCSI drives if there is an optical IDE drive in the system or if you have an nForce3 or 4 chipset. Daemon Tools is a good tool that I do use sometimes for backup purposes. Lots of folks on the forum are using “Blindwrite”: to create their backup and Daemon to run the backup so they can store their original copy safely. Other folks are using “Alcohol”: and its image making wizard and the appropriate copy protection method selected in the application. For Starforce, make sure their drivers aren’t installed and also for Starforce 3+, you need to “hide”: your IDE drive by either manually yanking out your IDE optical drive when you run the game unless you have that nForce3/4 chipset.

Boycott Starforce

Unofficial way to remove Starforce

1. Remove these files:


2. Remove these registry keys: