Soccer registration closes

We are well into the swing of the season, but kids can still register

* September 30. For select the rules are pretty strict and I really rely on Bob Sigley for this.
If you check the WSYSA registrar’s handbook, I think all the deadlines are covered but they often change rules from year to year (not the dates so much).
* October 31. Swaps down from Select to Rec have to happen then.
* The deadline for registering for the city tournament is usually Oct 31 and so rosters need to be set for that. With the select team tournaments the rosters can be set later than that date.

When Players aren’t going to play

If you get a note saying someone doesn’t want to play:

# Get email from the parents or the participant. You can’t just take the coach’s word
# Choose in Quick clicks and assign participant and find the team, click on the person and unassign
# Now reject the player
# Select the main folder for your registration event
# Choose EDIT / FIND and search for your player or coach/volunteer (or team).
# For players (or teams), click on the to display the Registration Financial Information screen.
# When the window displays, by each registrant name you’ll see a CONFIRM or REJECT button. Select the option you want and click the UPDATE STATUS button on that screen.
# When you are done making your changes to EACH registrant on the screen, click the CLOSE button.

Code of conduct forms and process

The Washington State Youth Soccer Association only requires that every player, parent and volunteer agree to the follow its ethics rules (no screaming at kids for instance) simply by participating.

The Seattle Youth Soccer Association requires that parents, players and volunteers sign a form.

At Capitol Hill Soccer Club, we handle this in two ways:

# As part of the registration process for players, electronically, you see an ethics form and agree to it.
# As part of the coach signup process, you also have an ethics form you have to agree to. In addition, we collect a signed coach ethics form as well as a secondary check that everyone really understands the point of this is to make sure kids have fun and learn good sportsmanship
# There is a disciplinary process where if there is an incident, a protesting coach tells the referee. Then with the endorsement of the club president, it goes to the disciplinary committee at the Seattle level. Their decisions are reviewed by the large Seattle club.

What is a parent does not have internet access

The entire registration system is online with Bonzi, unfortunately, there are still people who don’t have Internet access, so what are the choices. Well, there are two, have the person come by your office or home to do a registration with you.

A better one though is to recommend the person go to a nearby library. Libraries in Seattle and King County allow free internet access if you are a resident with a library card. So that’s the best choice.

Team sweeps

When you get a new kid who has sent in proof of age, it is a convenient time to send an update mail to the team:

1. Run Member/Verify Member and find the kid and verify them.
2. Click on the league they are in
3. Choose Find Participants in quick click and enter the kids name
4. double click on his entry and then in the center to his team
5. From the team page, run Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and select First Name, Last Name, PG1 Email and click on unverified. If you haven’t been to this team lately, click on Email All and send a reminder that you still need proof of age
6. Copy all the names from the spreadsheet and close the window
7. Now choose email roster and all the coaches will be checked. Past the spreadsheet in to tell them who has not been verified and giving them emails if they need it. Also include a note on which coaches have not set in their paperwork.

The beauty of the system is that you don’t have to remember to send reminders, you just use new proof of age to do that.

Require Proof of Age before assignment

We didn’t do this this year, but when kids register, we should require proof of age *before* assignment. That is payment and proof of age are required first (assuming they haven’t played before). This means that every week during registration season:

* you have to run the Report/Registration/Detailed Report and select a period to see who has newly registered
* blanket check their names for verification (I think this is still manual unfortunately), send email if it isn’t there
* Then assign folks as needed. I think the system automatically assigns folks from last year, so this will only apply to new registrations.

Standard reports

Bonzi is not very workflow oriented, but now that the verifications are done, here are the daily reports to do:

# Unassigned players. You want to get them assigned as quickly as possible. Click on Rec and Choose Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and pick the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category and sort Registration Category (e.g., U-10) and then Last Name.
# Unverified players. These are players who are on teams, but we don’t have their proof of age. A big list this year. Click on Rec and then Select and Choose Reprots/Participants/Detailed Reports. Pik the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category, PG1 First, PG1 Email. Then sort by Registration Category and Last Name. The goal is to drive this to zero.

Printing all medical forms for a team as their coach

With Bonzi, if you want to print out all the forms for your team and you are a coach with coach tools turned on:

# you can go to your team page which you access as an administrator at # Since your tools are on, I’ve resent your instructions on how to access this by hitting update (I think).
# You log-in at the admin site with the same username and password that you used to register and then you can turn on or use your team pages.
# Follow the instructions/help given there.
# There’s a line to click on that will print out all the player forms or you can do which ever ones you need.
# If you want the players to do their own (they should have gotten one as an attachement when they registered, but that doesn’t always work), they can go to the club website at, log-in, click on past registrations, then click on print forms.
# I find it is easier to print them all out and get the parent signatures at practice. Hold on to the forms for the season.

Refunding payment

If a participant decides before August 31 to withdraw, we return the money. Here is how in Bonzi:

# find the player on a roster preferably but you could find them under registration (be sure to light it up by choosing rec or select
# Click on the player then click on “Registrants Financial Info” on the player’s “page”, it’s one of the 4 lines above their registration info
# then click on new payment or refund, then if they paid by credit card, click on refund an existing transaction then refund appropriate amount ($120 for select) then click on submit and click on okay for the “are you sure?” message and the refund is done.
# I’m assuming that the players wants to come off the team completely so when the Financial page comes back up, click on reject and her balance will go to $0 and she’s gone from the team and from Capitol Hill.