Legoland is something younger kids like. 8 is about the perfect age. The cost of the place is simply amazing at $60 for an adult. Fortunately, “Mousesavers”: has some amazing discounts. Right now, you can get $7 off with just a coupon.

Or book with “Costco”: to get 25% off or if you trust them, “Ares”: offers a whopping $28 price for kids or adults. That’s 50% off for adults and 35% off for kids.

They just got acquired but are even better

They just got acquired but are even better

Review of: Garden Court Hotel, Hyperbaric Services
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

I was reminded once again how much I like the Garden Court. It is right in the middle of Palo Alto and with the renaissance of the center there, there are fewer t-shirt shops and many more classy restaurants.

The Garden Court is de rigour for the Stanford MBA events, but it is really a nice hotel. Free wifi and Internet and they are now part of an exclusive chain.

The service if anything is better than ever and I really like the winebar and the morning coffee and danish they serve. Also this is one of the few places with parking in central Palo Alto.

Elegant dining with terrific Lamb and Mediterranean

Elegant dining with terrific Lamb and Mediterranean

Review of: Lavanda Restaurant & Wine Bar, Restaurants
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

I had a dinner with some folks there last week, it is right at Emerson and University in Palo Alto, so convenient to get to. They have a great wine list (which restaurants in tony Palo Alto don’t). Metroactive ( seems to have the best reviews of local Palo Alto eateries.

My buddies who took me there recommended the lamb and the veal chops. I have to say they were terrific as was all the wines. You really need to go there with friends as there are so many different things to try. I also had their .

If you are wondering, Lavanda is Italian for lavender and the chef is a well know fellow down there. His name is Clyde Griesbach and he was at Marbella, Azur and Goosetown Café.

Quick, clean and tasty

Quick, clean and tasty

Review of: Shiok Singapore Kitchen, Restaurants
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Well, I don’t know how authentic it is, but Shiok is a great find in Menlo Park, its on a quiet street and it has great teas including the lime one that I had where you got to pour your own sweetener in. The shrimp was really tasty and the service was quick.

My buddy who goes there quite a bit tells me it is very reliable.

A perfect hangout right around the corner from the glitz of Stanford Shopping Center. Glad there are still places like this on the Peninsula.

Aveda and Post Ranch Inn Spa

!!: “Aveda”: now has an online site that ships you their various potions. The prices are certainly, ugh high end, the “Rosemary Mint”: is particularly great. The shaving gel is a mind blowing $12.50 for 5 ounces,and the 1 litre shampoo and conditioner (34 ounces) are $25.

So where else can you get it for less. Well “”: carries some Aveda, but the prices are about the same when you take into account the shipping prices.

But the best deal is via “mpire”: where they show you can get the commercial one gallon (!!!) refill packs of the Mint Shampoo and Condition fo $130 including shipping, at $60 for 3.8 litres, thats probably the best buy. Those gallon jugs by the way retail for an amazing $160. “A New You Body Care”: like a pretty good source
Geeking with Greg: Seattle internet startups ordered by traffic

Final restaurant picks

Here were some final picks:

* Asia-Vous Restaurant Restaurant Escondido CA Review Gayot. Asia-Vous has gotten great reviews, but is closed Sunday and Mondays. Too bad!

“San Diego Magazine”: has its readers choice and some of their favoriate are Hacienda de Vega 760-738-9804.

For Japanese, amazingly in the North County Mall is Onami. It is actually supposed to be a pretty good Japanese buffet.

San Diego Restaurants

Looking for a place to go out, well San Diego seems to be a sea of Carl’s Jr’s and King’s Table, Costco hot dogs and other fast food places. Moreover, like LA, the traffic is so bad, you can’t just go out, you’ve got to plan. Besices the San Diego local newspaper called the “San Diego Reader”: and “San Diego Restaurants”: seems like a good storted list of places to go. I particularly like their Top 20 list that shows where folks are really going.

What this and every big city site needs desparately is a Google Maps mashup. “Judy’s Book”: really did get this right. For big cities, traffic is so bad and street addresses are so meanlingless, you need some way to visually see where things are. So although you can get an “Inland”: restaurant review, there isn’t a map to tell you where things are. Good reviews though.

Some good tips for the North County Inland area:

* 150 Grand Cafe, Escondido. American-Mediterranean with a touch of Asian. Wow, I don’tknow what to make of that. The review is old though from 2003. (That’s the other problme with reviews)
* Abbey’s Real Texas BBQ, Miramar. OK, it ain’t a date place, but it sounds great!
* Ashoka the Great. Mira Mesa. Great Indian food and cheap too.
* Bamboo Hut, Mira Mesa. This is a Hawaiian neighborhood place stuck in a minimall.
* Bernard’O Restaurant. In Rancho Bernardo, this is a French place that is close and a good date place.
* Bistro 221, Escondido, compfortable with bumbo shrip and the like. Sounds like fun.
* Bolsa Vietnamese, Mira Mesa. It’s Viet fusion and sounds like a fun inexpensive place.
* Cabana Cove. Ok so its ina casino, what the heck, its not bad apparently
* Casa Reveles Mexican and Seafood Restaurant, Escondido. Mexican Italian food, got to go for that!
* Galeon, Escondido, Mexican seafood. We’ve been tehre and it is fun.
* Hacienda de Vega. Mexican restaurant in a farm house. We’ve been there. Not bad.
* Hernandex’ Hida-Away. They say they invented the magarita there, in any case, supposed to be fun.
* Hunan. Heck, a good spicy restaurant in Rancho Berna

Bicycle Shop San Diego

_Wow, local search on google has sure gotten good. On “A9”: gets you the usual hash. You get a pseudo directory that is clearly SEOed but useless.

On the other hand with “google”:, even though a9 buys from them, the query is much more useful. First, they have a structure local query that is much more accuragte. Gives you the top 10 shops and also addresses and phone numbers. The query results are better too. You go get a yellow pages, but Trek comes out muih closer to the top.

Net, net, it yields two bicycle stores in Escondido, with Google Maps doing a great job on both. The surprise is that the new Yahoo maps beta is simply awesome. Same idea, but much better. See below the difference between “Google Maps”:,+CA&radius=0.0&cid=33119167,-117085556,6573418693905043942&iwstate1=form:to and “Yahoo Beta”:

By the way the two are a Performance Bicycle shop with a $150 24″ kids bike Kids Bicycles @ Performance Bicycle

And there is a local bike shop called Hidden Valley Bike Shop as well.