New York City with kids to sail, go to the amusement park, bike

!>! So what if you want to take an afternoon and have some outdoor, not touring a museum fun. Here are some alternatives. I tried to pick somethings that are a little off the beaten track and not trekking through the streets:

h3. Sailing

This is something that Mike suggested to me, get out there on either a new or an old boat

“Sail the Hudson”: They have a 2PM sail on weekends. Its a bigger boat. Have six passengers. $149 for two or $89 for a single for two hours.

“Sail NYC”: This is an old schooner at Chelsea pier. 1-3PM and 3:30_5:30PM. $40. 2 hours. It is at Chelsea Pier which is overall great fun. “Chelsea Piers”: It is $40 for adults, $17 for kids

Actually, they have lots of “charters”: at the Chelsea Piers marina including the screamer.

And of course for a Stuart Little day, go to the “Conservatory Water”: where they sale radio-powered model boats. You can rent them as well. It is in Central Park on the East Side from 72nd to 75th Street. There is a club that does races. They start at 10AM on Saturdays if you want to see how the pro’s do it. They have rentals usually starting at noon.

h3. Amusement Parks

“”: has a couple of pointer that lead to “Nickelodean Jr”: and then to “”: which have some good things:

“Coney Island”: Its been in so many movies yet I’ve never actually been. To get there, use the subway for the authentic experience. Take N or D line to Stillwell station. Exit the station then go to the ocean. Left on Surf Avenue, Right on 10th Street. As luck would have it the 24 year old “Mermaid Day Parade”: is on the 23rd. It does take an hour to get there by subway, so it is a full day activity.

“Victorian Gardens in Central Park”: This is right in Central Park. More for kiddies than the huge roller coasters at Coney Island.

h3. Bicycling

“Battery Park to Riverside Park”: This is from Battery Park, then up the West Side along the hudson. At Chelsea Piers, you can sail or Kayak and then when you get to Riverside which is between 72nd and 125th, you get great views. This is officially called the Hudson River Greenway and you can use “Bike and Roll”: which is conveniently at Pier 84 to access it. It is literally 10 miles of green trail from Battery Park all the way up to the George Washington Bridge.

“Central Park”: is probably the most famous with its circular drive. “Central Pike Bike Tours”: has actual tours which are $40 per person or $20 for kids with an escort. a10am, 1pm and 4PM as wellas a 9am and an 11am on summer weekends. They even have a special tour where you can see the sites where various movies were made.

If you are more adventurous, then you can take “Tours by Bike”: which takes you all over the place from Brooklyn to Chinatown on a bike. A cool one is going over the East River to Roosevelt Island in a tram. The Sunday tour is through the East Side and is much like the Central Park one, but also covers more ground and is five our long.

h3. General Sports

“Chelsea Piers”: is an aamazing place just for general athletic fun. They have bowling, sailing, kayaking, golf and skating rink. For teenagers:”” that includes baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, ice skating and soccer.

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Anything that Brad likes

Anything that Brad likes

Review of: Abboccato, Italian Restaurants
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

I’m going to like I think 🙂 In any case, this is a modern Italian restaurant in midtown on 55th St, it is has a great location across from the big city theater. I was jet lagged after a 14 hour trip to get there, but the food did impress.

The food there is very good northern Italian. I had the chop and it was terrific. The appetizers are very nice too and if you are smart let someone there select a nice Italian red to go with your dinner.

Desserts are the typical amazing fare 🙂

Boutique and centrally located

Boutique and centrally located

Review of: Muse Hotel, Hotels
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Hotels in NYC are outrageously expensive, but as hotels go, this one is quite nice mainly because it is right in the heart of midtown where you can usually find mega skyscrapers, but the boutiques are expensive.

The room was very small, but the service was quite good. We had a small meeting there and it is in the basement, but the food for breakfast was OK.

Recommend it if you have money for a good midtown location but don’t want the pretentiousness of a Carlyle (or the price for that matter).