Crystal, Flo and Molly Moon’s

Cool day with skiing at crystal. Perfect groomed day. Dinner at Flo’s was great. Too much traffic in bellevue buy an awesome Japanese sushi place. Trythe chirashi and also tuna carpaccio. If u haven’t tried Molly Moon’s for artisan ice cream. Tryviy perfect for the 2C day. Salted caramel is awesome but love the spiced cider sorbet.

And listening to atmosphere now. Great Midwest rap group. I love shazam for identifying them. Very cool.

Snowing in Seattle amd Elastigirl

Another 20cm headed Seattle’s way. How incredibly beautiful. More shots on the way. Was feeling sad but as my good friend John reminded me there is really one way to handle true sadness. Feel it and then do something about it. He reminded me of The Incredibles, Helen (aka Elastigirl, discovers here world is falling apart.

Helen: [sobbing] Now I’m losing him! What’ll I do? What’ll I do?
Edna: What are you talking about?
Helen: [stops crying] Huh?
Edna: [shouts] You are Elastigirl! My God…
[swatting Helen with a newspaper]
Edna: Pull-yourself-together! “What will you do?” Is this a question? You will show him you remember that he is Mr. Incredible, and you will remind him who *you* are. Well, you know where he is. Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win!
[normal voice]
Edna: And call me when you get back, darling. I enjoy our visits

Downtown Seattle Restaurants

!>! Well, I said you could spend a year exploring downtown Seattle restaurants for lunch. Here’s a sampling of the latest so far in the definitely go there again. As a sampling of where to find reviews, “”: and The Stranger I’d add to my list. The “Gayot Top 10”: is pretty good.

* “Steelhead Diner”: is right across from Cafe Campagne and it servers some really great and different cuisine. I had gumbo and it was very nice. The chili is hot and don’t think of it as a diner, it has a great view and great good. They hand out Seafood watch, so they care about the environment. Lots of local ingredients and its a family place. Ken Davis is from Louisiana, was executive chef at Arnaud’s there and then was at Sazerac and then Oceanaire. It isn’t just southern, the Black Cod sounds wonderful by the way.
* “Copacabana”: Also at the market and with a nice view over the top. The only Bolivian restaurant in town. Try the Paella, but what I really love are the local cola and the drink from the Amazon. 1520 Pike Pl.
* “Maximilien in the Market”: Nearly impossible to find if you don’t know where it is. (It’s deep inside near the pig). It is a classic French bistro. Try the onion soup or the mussels. They are terrific.
* “Place Pigalle”: is right next to Max’s at the Market. They’ve got a new chef and updated menu. Like Max’s, they have a great view. Food is terrific too. Not as classic a Max’s. But still bistro food.
* “Cafe Campagne”: This is the downstairs little brother to Campagne’s. Looks like a French bistro. The cassoulet is terrific.
* “Andaluca”: The staff here is terrificallly friendly and the tomato bread soup is really good. It is vaguely spanish I would guess, but feels mediterranean I think is the general term.
* “Il Fornaio”:

And here are some places that are on the list to try:

* “Le Pichet”: How many French bistro’s are there in downtown Seattle. Its kind of amazing.
* “Metropolitan Grill”: For the day we are so depressed we have to eat a big steak and drink a martini at lunch time 🙂
* “Chocolate Box”: Because you can’t live by good alone :_)
* “El Puerco Lioron”:
* “Etta’s”: Seafood by the green.
* “Lola”: Greek food.
* “Palace Kitchen”:
* “Serious Pie”:
* “Taste at SAM”: Great cookies!
* “The Triple Door”:
* “Serious Pie”:

Downtown Seattle Restaurants

Ok with the new sub office, getting to restaurants is way more fun than a chicken wrap at the Bellevue Club. Here are some restaurants we’ve been to and some others to try:

# Place Pigalle, it seems a long way, but it is just a few blocks to Pioneer Square. The meal there is classic French and delicious. The beet salad, onion soup and rabbit were wonderful.
# Cafe Campagne. Also down at the market. The casoullet (sp.) was delicious and the oeuf are very good. Parboiled egg on toast in a foie gras sauce. Very french and tasty. Great bread too!
# Andaluca. Great italian. Nice salad and pasta.
# Oceanaire. Just went there for dinner. Don’t pick from the memo, just ask the waiter for what’s the freshest thing there. Had first run Columbia River wild salmon. Apparently, the fish earlier in the run taste better. I completely agree. You want it medium rare which is the most flavorful IMHO.
# Purple. Cool and trendy with great wine and cheese. Lunch is OK and service is pretty good. Nice ravioli and caesar salad.

Some of the great restaurants we haven’t tried are listed i “”:

# 94 Stewart. Top of Pike Place Market with natural quising
# Assaggio. 2010 4th
# Brasa. 2107 3rd Ave
# Cafe Campagne. 1600 Post Alley
# Dahlia Lounge. 2001 4th Ave
# Icon Grill
# Union. A little uptown. Need to try it.

Disc Golf in Seattle

Here are some great things to do if on a rainy day you want to play frisbee (a.k.a. disc golf). Here are some resources:

Places to play. Seattle Parks and Recreation: Mineral Springs Park (formerly North Seattle Park) Mineral Springs Park is home to one of Seattle’s two disc golf courses. (It is really a nice park that is right by Northgate. Also close to Northgate Mall so you can go CPK later for pizza or Starbucks for a hot chocolate. It is close by at 1500 N 105th St, Seattle, WA

Another option is “Juel Park”: in Redmond which is on Avondale road if you are an Eastsider.

You can’t really play that effectively with a regular frisbee. You need one of those solid disks that can cut through the brush. If you need those special disc golf things, you can get them at the “Gas Works Kite Shop”: They have a great selection. The Aerobie folks have a starter kit that has a driver, a mid-range and a putter. Basically, these are different weights and fly straighter.

Finally, you want a “score sheet”: which is no different from a golf one.

The “rules”: are pretty intuitive like Ultimate Frisbee. The main lessons are that you can’t lean forward. The “plant” foot which is where you put your wieght has to be as close to the font of where the disc landed. The other foot is where you want it but can’t be any close than the rear of where the disc landed.

That site also has some great strategy advice that sounds much like regular golf and see “”: which is filled with tips

* The most important throw is the putt. If you can make a putt from 10 meters out, you’ll nearly alway win.
* You typically release 45 degrees away from the target

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Acme Bowl

Acme Bowl

Review of: Acme Bowl, Entertainment & Arts
By: Rich T. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Wow, we had not heard about this place, until we happened to be a Jalisco’s (a great Mexican restaurant on Capital Hill), the waiter said he’s just been to Acme to bowl and it was terrific.

We took our kids birthday party in tow and headed down there. Wow, it is way nicer than Sunset Bowl (no smoking!) and although it is expensive ($90 for six people, two lanes, shoe rentals and two games), it is worth it.

It is clean and has lots of flat screen TVs everywhere. There is a bar and a restaurant too. It is brand new and across from the Mervyns. See for more details. 100 Andover Park West, Tukwila, WA 98188 Main: 206.340.ACME
Events: 206.340.0202
Fax: 206.340.0404

General inquiries: