Best hardware for photo editing

This is a great question that Vlad asked me. I’ve done special builds now for file servers, gaming PCs of course, but what about just doing image editing, what’s the best build. Here are some criteria: Very quiet. I know this shouldn’t be, but why not, who need a roaring fan when you don’ have […]

Waiting for Black Friday

Well, if you can stand it, waiting for Black Friday or the virtual black fridays makes some sense. So here’s what I’ve got on hold: New hard drives for the many disk arrays. New monitors New MacBooks Hold on to those items as we are so close to the date. I’ve been putting things into […]

Yosemite migrations continued

Actually the move to Yosemite has gone pretty well for me. We’ve dodged some of the bugs I’ve heard about (Wifi connection) and it is definitely faster on small machines because the 3D effects are less. The only thing I’ve seen is a strong losing of SMTP passwords. In terms of thing that change, mac […]

Multiple Ghosts on single Droplet

So what’s the best way to bring up a Ghost site on Digital Ocean and then have another site which is the test one. There is some support for a development version and a production site in a separate place. I tried the instructions in Digital Ocean but this didn’t work and nginx failed. I […]

Monoprice is on Rakuten

Wow this is a great thing for those of us who want to save a few things by using the Monoprice store on Rakuten. Rakuten has some good discounts (right now they are running a site-wide 10% off) and they also have a point system (1% rebate). Combine that with 2x points on Bank of […]

Beautiful Celebrations of Life: Ode to Joy

We seem to be going to more and more memorials and celebrations of life. It may be morbid, but I can’t help but collect some of the best songs that really inspired me. Went to one last week and the end had “Ode de Joy by Beethoven” in a Choral arrangement. Absolutely beautiful.

Found out that this was an Internet meme so there are a huge collection of flash mobs where people since this wonderful song. Really a celebration of life if you think about it, here are ten thousand Japanese singing the 9th:


And if you loved these, here’s a playlist of amazing flash mobs


Oh Hallelujah

Mac Mail tips, tricks and traps

Well since we are all on Mac Mail, here are some typical issues and problems. Normally the thing works fine, but there is something strange with how it stores things and sometimes it forgets the SMTP password. Here are some of the tricks: You want to run IMAP and SMTP on initial setup, OS X […]