Dying hard drives…WD makes it easy

Well it seems like hard drive failure month for me. Here are the drives, for personal machines, we are putting SSDs in as they are much faster and more reliable iMac 2009. Yuck, this one is going to be hard to get out. It’s buried and I have to figure out how to get the […]

Can your Mac run OS X Yosemite? Find out here

Given how tough the last releases have been particularly with iOS 7.0 and 8.0 and Mavericks (which seemed pretty rough), I have to say I’m surprised by how smooth 8.1 and Yosemite have gone. Seems like it runs the same if not faster on old hardware. Our venerable iMac 2009 seems to like it (albeit […]

Things broken on Yosemite

Not surprising really: Tunnelblick. This is an OpenVPN system. Seems to hang network access on Yosemite. This gets fixed by the latest update to Tunnelblick. You have to manually down load it. Lastpass. Seems to forget the email and that I have already typed a password. This gets fixed by the latest version of Lastpass, […]

Wow this was my favorite blogging plugin for a long time. I’m moving off of WordPress, but nice to see it is back and around. Check the thing out!


Future Web Platforms: From LAMP to where?

Tongfamily.com kind of missed a generation. I can’t believe it is 20 years since the first post on the site (1994!). And I still somehow have the 5,000 posts done over the years. There have been several major iterations of the site and while the text has survived not much else has: 1994. FrontPage Extensions […]



Be careful when buying a USB wifi adapter

The net of this is that you probably want to buy your USB Adapter from either thinkpenguin.org for general intel linux and from modmypi.com or adafruit.com for Raspbian. Be careful that there are lots of knockoff cards and things that don’t work: Be careful when buying a card for this project: – WLAN cards documented […]