Shanghai Places to try out

Haven’t been back to Shanghai in a while and haven’t had time to study and look for cool places to go, but here are some quick notes: Bakeries. Well, 85 degrees C Bakery seems to be the most popular (a  Taiwanese chain), but none seem to be close to Lujiazui. But you have to see […]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 arrvies

I’m glad we waited a bit, there is a slight spin of the GTX780 to a GTX 990 (the 8xx series is the mobile family). The main thing is that it is the new Maxwell architecture which is a midlife extension to Keplar. Designed for “mobile first”, it doubles the power efficientiy (watts/gflop) of Keplar. […]

A good deal on AMD R9 290X or nVidia 780Ti

These seem to be the two best cards and the pricing on them varies very significantly. For instance, the PCS Pro+ varied between $650 and $460 over a two month period (I just missed that $460 price not realizing this). I’m using and just monitoring a wish list to try get a good […]

Getting 2550×1440 from a MacBook DisplayPort

This whole interconnect is a little confusing particularly if you want to plug multiple computers into a single monitor. The easiest way is to just have different connection. Most monitors autosense so just plugging thing in work weel. The long and short is that: HDMI does support 2550×1440 at 60fps with most cables (HDMI 1.4) […]

Mac Converting MP4 to MP3

If you’ve got some MP4 videos and want to quickly convert them to say just the audio track, it seems hard to find this. The simplest (if most arcane way) seems to be for iTunes 11: Start iTunes 11 Import your MP4 videos into iTunes Switch to the Movies, click on the Home Movies Tab […]

Computer Accessories

Been a long time since I’ve had to buy various computer accessories to run Linux machines, but here’s a quick list: Monitors. We’ve tried both the ASUS PB27Q and the BenQ BL3200PT. They are both pretty amazing monitors. I really liked the extra size of the 32″ monitor and at 2550×1440 it is really nice. […]

Battery Chargers

While we have battery jumper for all our cars, for the ones we don’t use too much, you need a Battery Tender. These are top rated on Consumer Reports and are trickle chargers: Battery Tender 021-0128 Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger: Automotive. $47 and this is a 1.25 amp charger There is a […]