Battery Chargers

While we have battery jumper for all our cars, for the ones we don’t use too much, you need a Battery Tender. These are top rated on Consumer Reports and are trickle chargers: Battery Tender 021-0128 Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger: Automotive. $47 and this is a 1.25 amp charger There is a […]

5 Best Ski Review Websites

Time to get ready for skiing, so what sites to look at for an back-side all-mountain women’s ski: A very clean and easy to use website, is the first place to go when you are trying to decide which pair of metal rods you want to strap to your feet this year. […]

Crib and Baby Shower things

Crib Recommendations. (Subscription required) has a good set of recommendations. The main one is that you don’t want the older style where the sides drop (they are dangerous), so get used to hoisting your baby with a crane (:-) Some places to look and also looking at Amazon ratings Graco Lauren. This has a good […]

Mouse Pads

Well our Razor mousepad seems to have just decided to start folding in on itself. Pretty inconvenient. So on to look for something better. There don’t seem to be many reviews of these things, but Amazon has a nice sort of mouse pads for gaming by rating: SteelSeries QTK+ is the highest rated at Amazon. […]

Aquarium PC catches fire

Ok, our trusty Aquarium PC wouldn’t power up. It has been in mineral oil for close to three years now. Taking it out is quite a mess, but it is amazing how clean the components are. Here is what we discovered: 1. The CPU Fans on our Noctua NH-14D were burning out. there is too […]

Canon Pro9000 printer profiles

Canon U.S.A., Inc. says (this is the 93rd time that I’ve reviewed this). So obscure to use a two letter code and lower is higher for quality. And where do you get the driver? You have to actually go and install their printer driver I think. It comes with the driver. Argh! Understanding Canon ICC […]