Headline NewsHere it is, Headline NewsHere it is, the next set of drives to get. Wow, 3-year warranties and up to 250GB. Drool on!

The MaxLine Plus II adds a third platter to the firm?s 7200 RPM design to reach capacities up to 250 GB. The Plus also incorporates an 8-meg cache. Both will be available in ATA-133 or Serial ATA interfaces and will feature optional FDB motors.

Perhaps most importantly, Maxtor certifies these drives for ?24/7? operation, claiming a 1,000,000 mean-time-to failure (significantly higher than other ATA drives) and retaining 3-year warranties on the units. – Hardware, Benchmarks, Reviews, – Hardware, Benchmarks, Reviews, Reference, Research, and SurveysI’ve been pricing a do-it-yourself kit for Hoops. Here is a good place to get an overview on storage. I use Tom’s Hardware for just about everything else.

The current leader is the Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB. I have one and it is like lightening. Another round of new drives is coming though, so stay tuned.

Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and

Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity After a great weekend at the Inn at Langley, I realized I’m storing my wine at the wrong temperature. Here’s a recommendation from a wine storage company…

Wine should be held at a temperature which assures its proper rate of maturity. It is generally agreed that around 55?F is the optimum temperature for wine storage. Lower temperatures slow development, higher temperatures age the wine prematurely.

Proper humidity is also important to the storage of wine. Too high a humidity will encourage molds to develop and damage labels, too low a humidity can cause corks to dry out. If that happens, the wine will inevitably spoil. A relative humidity of 60% to 70% is considered to be ideal for wine storage

Philips CEO: LCD prices falling

Philips CEO: LCD prices falling – Tech News – Philips Electronics’ CEO Gerard Kleisterlee on Tuesday acknowledged that prices for liquid-crystal display screens were falling. “Apparently prices are going down. They are getting competitive again. I think we are reaching a point where undersupply is behind us,” Kleisterlee told Reuters at the sidelines of the “Students in Free Enterprise” conference in Amsterdam.

Bloglet: About RSS Bloglet’s RSS

Bloglet: About RSS Bloglet’s RSS support is a radical departure from the way subscribers sign up for Bloglet. Before, a site owner had to sign up for Bloglet before anyone could subscribe to the site. Now, subscribers can subscribe to any site with an RSS feed, even if it isn’t a member of Bloglet. All you techies can think of it as an RSS-to-email converter.