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Packable Tackle Do realize that, as with photo equipment, good gear assures quality results but only beginners pay list price. Tackle is widely discounted. Shop wisely and you can save 30 to 50 percent. I’ve found the lowest prices either in mail order catalogs you can order through fishing magazine ads or in discount stores where tackle from “nam” manufacturers such as Garcia, Diawa, Fenwick, Shakespeare and others offers roughly equal quality in any given price range — plus the access to parts and repairs you might find expensive with off-brand gear.

While blister-pack beginner’s outfits can get you started, a spincasting, casting or fly rod that breaks or telescopes down into a 14-inch or 16-inch package to fit luggage makes tackle “packable.” Spinning lets you cast small lures or baits best and is the typical all-around choice. Spincasting suits children and those who enjoy minimal casting fuss at the price of limited casting range and line capacity. Baitcasting allows heavier lines for larger fish and trolling without line twist. Flycasting magnifies the fight of small fish and provides its own special pleasures if you have time to practice casting skills.

Fiberglass rods fit the tightest budgets and suit beginners’ needs; experts find more expensive, yet lighter weight, graphite and/or boron rods increase sesitivity to better detect light bites and reduce casting fatigue. Good rods use graphite or fiberglass instead of metal ferrules.

A reel to match your rod comes next. Most manufacturers suggest their own matching reels, but you might save by mixing rod and reel brands. For example, any spring reel that holds 200 to 250 yards of four-to six-pound test line fits the typical all-around spinning rod. Look for full bails and skirts that reduce the chance of line loops snagging on reels. An extra reel spool lets you carry both four- and ten-pound test line to meet changing conditions.

Six- or eight-pound test line is a good choice for all-round use; flour-pound test suits trout and panfishing. Interchangeable spools aren’t available on spincasting reels, but are common on single-action fly reels and available in baitcasting reels to make it easy to switch line when needed.

Berkley Fishing Product Details Berkley FireLine

Berkley Fishing ProductDetails Berkley FireLine is unlike anything you’ve fished before. It’s stronger than monofilament. It casts farther. And it handles as well — even better in some situations. It doesn’t create birds nests by digging into your spool. And it ties easier knots, makes smoother casts, and stays hassle free in any kind of weather. And FireLine is as durable as it is versatile. It won’t deteriorate over a lifetime. Ultra-light rays or sunlight won’t affect it. And neither will the cold. No other line delivers this combination of easy handling, castability, super strength and sensitivity. And no tackle box should be without it.

T2 Spinning World’s Smallest Spinning

T2 Spinning World’s Smallest Spinning Reel

?Three Double-Shielded Ball Bearings

?8-Point SharpStop? Anti-Reverse

?Machined Aluminum Spool Cross-Drilled To Reduce Weight

?Interchangeable Left/Right Retrieve

?Lightweight Graphite Body

?Distinctive Rosewood Handle

?Powerful Front Drag

?Spare Graphite Spool

?Fast 5.3:1 Gear Ratio

?Titanium-Shielded? Line Roller

Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine:

Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine: Fieldtest February 2002 – Ultralight Fishing Tackle Ultralight spin fishing uses soft-action rods intended to function with 1- to 4-pound test monofilament like micro-thin Tectan ($7.49, Cabela’s, (800) 237-4444) or braided Fireline ($15.45, Pure Fishing, (877) 777-3850) and thumbnail-size 1/32- to 1/4-ounce lures. By bending, these flexible rods allow a fighting fish to be shock-dampened, thus preventing low test lines from breaking on the first strong run.

Between these extremes in length are the soft-tipped snap-cast rods like the reasonably priced 6’6″ Daiwa Procaster-S-B ($34.95, Daiwa USA, (562) 802-9589). This two-piece rod has a custom look, but beyond aesthetics, it offers outstanding rod action, especially when combined with the Daiwa SS II 1500-C Spinning Reel ($149.95, Daiwa USA).

For micro-spinning, the most advanced rod is the three-piece, 6’3″ Escape ($225, G. Loomis), with a classic action for tiny reels like the T-2 Pinnacle ($49.95, Pinnacle, (803) 794-8521). ~ The Angler’s Source ~ The Angler’s Source for Tackle News and Reviews!. Thanks to google again, I found the right fishing site for getting the kids fishing rods. Here is what we are going to get…

Okuma Metaloid for Dad. Okuma produces a real winner with the Metaloid! The Metaloid echoes the very mission of Okuma…to produce top notch products without the astronomical prices. At 79.99 the Metaloid is an incredible value that offers any angler the opportunity to fish with a high performance reel. While some may find the Metaloid design flashy others will no doubt love the Metaloid’s premium look and feel. in any event the Metaloid offers a unique balance of innovative features and performance at a amazing price….making it a worthy recipient of TackleTour’s “Best Value” award!

Okuma Fina for $50. Okuma does it again, they have effectively raised the bar by re-designing the Fina with advanced features and improvements found in reels twice this price. The Fina represents everything that Okuma stands for, producing a high performance product that is also a phenomenal value. The new Fina not only is a major step forward from the old design but puts the product right up there as a real contender for value conscious anglers that want the most reel performance out of their hard earned dollars

Quarrow ML3 for $110. After completing all the tests I had a conversation with Quarrow Pro Tom Lester and he remarked “The ML3 series rod from Quarrow is the lightest, strongest and most durable rod, in it’s price range, I have ever used. If quality is an issue when selecting a fishing rod, you can’t go wrong with a Quarrow ML3 rod,” and after fishing with the OTS664F on four different lakes in varying conditions, and with everything from cranks to plastics I would have to agree. You would be hard pressed to find a rod with the OTS664F’s great sensitivity, comfort, and strength at such a great price. In truth the OTS664F fishes with the same confidence as rods twice its price, and offers a level of sensitivity that can hold its own with any of the top rod manufacturer’s premium offerings. It is for this reason that the OTS664F is the first rod to ever be awarded TackleTour’s “Best Value” award, congratulations Quarrow!

For the Boys, I was going to get them a pair of ultralights so we can go camping and it also fits their smaller size.

$36. The Quantum XLSP1000 combo consists of the XL462SUL rod and XL00S2 spinning reel. The rod is only four feet and six inches in length constructed out of high-modulus graphite, genuine Fuji reel seat, and a cork handle. The 5.0 ounce reel, when attached to the rod, makes a perfect couple in appearance, but we will see if they perform just as nice.

Thru-Hiker: Gear and Resources for

Thru-Hiker: Gear and Resources for Long Distance Hikers2002 Mountainsmith Ghost
You used to have to squeeze your gear into a waistbeltless, frameless rucksack to get your base pack weight below 10 pounds, but no more. The Mountainsmith Ghost is a 2 lb 6 oz pack with a good suspension and effective waistbelt. Let’s take a look at what sets this pack out from the crowd