GSM MOBILE phones UNLOCKING, REPAIRING service tools and software sollutions OK, I found a remote method for unlocking your Ericsson T68. The main issue is that they need $300 for 20 phones, there is another guy who will do it on a single phone basis, but this site gives you the diea. The other thing you need is some way to connect to the serial port. There is a $25 part to do this, but there is also an IR and a bluetooth port, so I think you can connect via that and get the logger to work. That’s tommorrows work.

What is the method:
Download from this page the logger program. Connect it to your phone. Read the phone (you have to have some sort of cable). The program will create *.LOG file. Please don’t change the info in the log file. After your payment in Western Union send this log file to You will receive the unlocking code 1-4 hours after your payment.

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism The Bureau of Atomic Tourism is dedicated to the promotion of tourist locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain vehicles that were designed to deliver atomic weapons.

This is another one of Chris Peter’s interesting habits. Wonderful, interesting and slightly scary especially post 9/11

tips and tricks for t68/i

tips and tricks for t68/i

– Turn on the phone and enter PIN…
– You are now in the mainwindow.
– Tap this buttons: *#06#

? Service menu:
– Turn on the phone and enter PIN…
– You are now in the mainwindow.
– Tap this buttons: >*<<*<* ? "Fake" PIN-lock: - Turn on the phone and enter PIN... - You are now in the mainwindow. - Tap this buttons: #05# - Press 'NO' to exit. Secrets in T68: OK! There has been some changes with the games in the new R2B version. Some of the games has gone, and some new has come. If someone find some secrets in the new software, please post it here. The old games are not going to be removed, couse users with old software. ? Erix: - Go into Erix. - Tap this buttons: 123 (some software: 789) - Play a secret snake game. - Navigate with joystick. ? Erix: - Go into Erix. - Tap this buttons: 397 - A message appears. ? Ripple: - Go into Ripple. - Tap this buttons: 4456 - Play a secret card game. ? Tetris: - Go into Tetris. - Tap this buttons: 397 - A message appears. ? Q: - Go into Q. - Tap this buttons: 3*5 - Play a secret block game. ? Naval flee

phorum – Dr.Unlock’s GSM forum

phorum – Dr.Unlock’s GSM forum – Re: unlocking T68I got one and want to swap it for a Voicestream account and vice versa.

So I need to unlock the phone. Here are some instructions from a quick search on Google.

To get the phone’s IMEI, press:
To get the phone’s Service menu, press:
->, *, <-, <-, *, <-, * From here, select "Service Info", then "SimLock" and it will tell you in which ways your phone is locked. In mine the top one ("Network") is the only one locked (ie you can only connect to AT&T!). Feel free to try calling Ericsson and getting the info straight from them ... also feel free to jump into a time-machine, go a few hours into the future and accomplish the same in the time that passed as you would if you waited on hold for an Ericsson representative. (The answer to the last puzzle is: nothing!) I’m in the market I’m in the market for tires. The sites that look the most used are which is Discount Tire Warehouse as well as Like the user feedback there. Also need to check out which is a Canadian company so the exchange rate is quite good. I particularly like the user reviews at I’m probably going to get the Bridgestone Pole Position’s for our Volvo and then some winter tires as well. On is some good information about maintaining things. Good point is that you need to rotate tires very 8,000 miles or basically every other oil change.

Customer Sign-Up. I was just

Customer Sign-Up. I was just in the UK and France with Connie. Amazing how the telecommunications business has changed. Basically, in the UK, from Fresh or Virgin Mobile, you can get 9 or 10 pound phone numbers with 5 pounds worth of minutes (that’s 50 minutes). You have to have a universal GSM phone to do this (buy the right one when you sign up with Voicestream, AT&T or Cingular!). Then you either buy a phone card or use IDT’s new Debitalk which is a dial back service. That is you call some magic US number and then it rings you back, so you pay US rates for calls which are much lower particularly in France (where it is $0.13 to call from the US, but more like $0.50 to call from France).

Next time you are out there, I’d advise that you…

1. In the UK, go to a Carphonewarehouse to get a local SIM by looking up on their site where they are. This gives you 10 pence per minute to any toll free number of theirs. From there, you can use either IDT’s Global Call (but this has a 1.49 per month service charge, but from the Uk it is just 10 pence per minute to call to the US). Set your vmail to say, please call the magic UK number you now have.

2. In France, it is a bit trickier, but you need to get on the web before your visit. Find on, the nearest dealer to get your SIM. I’m not clear if they have a SIM only package, but will research. Then, you use the same trick to call IDT. In France because their phones are more expensive, it probably makes more sense to use the hotel phone since they don’t appear to charge 0800 calls from hotels.

ZDNet:IPv6 Tech UpdatePromising trillions of

ZDNet:IPv6 Tech UpdatePromising trillions of addresses and built-in IPSec security, IPv6 was on the brink of replacing IPv4. After years of development, many vendors and industry experts say IPv6 isn’t compelling enough yet for most enterprises to switch. Despite the reluctance to adopt the protocol on these shores, Japan is poised to put IPv6 to work in it burgeoning mobile market. This along with seems to be the active place for IPv6