Yahoo! Movies: Terminator 3: Rise

Yahoo! Movies: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Greg’s Preview. OK, a random site, but a good reference for some of my favorite “Buckets of Blood” movies of all time. Here are all the facts about the 2003 release of Terminator 3.

Yahoo! Movies: The Matrix Reloaded – Greg’s Preview . Well, the release date is May 15, 2003. I can’t wait!

Mountain Bike RacingAnother review of

Mountain Bike RacingAnother review of the Epic from Mountain Bike Action. Wow!

The new 90mm-travel rear suspension smoothly outperforms the FSRxc over uneven terrain, and it retains its predecessor?s ability to isolate suspension from braking and acceleration forces. The real beauty of the Brain-equipped Fox shock, however, shines when you jump out of the saddle and pound mercilessly on the pedals. Nothing?and we mean nothing?happens. The Epic doesn?t sprint like a hardtail?it sprints better. Hardtails bounce around all over the place when you sprint. The Epic?s inertial valving allows the suspension to continue to react to the bumps, while it halts the downward movement you create by bouncing on the pedals. As fantastic a tale as this may seem, it is as real as the paper these words are printed upon.

Specialized’s Radical New Bike: The

Specialized’s Radical New Bike: The “Epic” Wow, looking for a new bike. The four bar linkage Horst link has been the best so far, but check out this new Specilized Epic.

Understanding the inertial valve concept is the key to comprehending how the Epic’s suspension performs. Bump forces from the ground activate the inertial valve inside the Brain, which activates the air shock, giving you suspension compliance. When the bike is rolling across flat ground, the air shock valving is closed, essentially “locking out” the rear suspension.

S-Works frames will be available in late July for $2,170. A full range of complete bikes will start at $2,060 and will be on sale in mid-August.

Tom’s Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide:

Tom’s Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide: DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4 – Conclusion: SiS 648 Surprises with DDR400 and AGP 8x

It seems like getting the DDR400 plus SiS 648 is going to be the highest performance route. Seet he notes below…

The signs are auspicious – SiS might be able to land a great hit on the market with its 648 chipset. Compared to its competition (Intel and VIA), the manufacturer leads the way with numerous advantages: the 648 offers modern functions such as DDR400 support and AGP 8x, which are not to be found at all with its competitors.
Intel isn’t even planning to tackle DDR400 support and AGP 8x until the start of next year. In addition, the Intel 845G chipset is only meant for DDR266 at the moment, followed by DDR333 in August.

The Road War — Shimano

The Road War — Shimano vs. Campagnolo Campagnolo is known worldwide by metallurgic enginneers as a company that has developed some procceses that nowadays are used by many high precision mechanical devices manufacturers. And the Record is a summary of the most advaced ones. Campagnolo uses both cold and heat forging techniques depending on which piece. Sometimes, using the extremely high forces that cold forging procceses need result in microfissures, only viewable by very powerful microscopes, depending on which alloy is used, so sometimes is better to use a less plastic alloy and forge it at a higher temperature, submiting later the piece to a heat treatment proccess that avoid inner stresses that could appear.

T D F – 2

T D F – 2 0 0 2 : canal le Tour – OLN. Ok, here are the notes on following the Tour de France. The best site part of this site is the Listen Live section at where you cn hear the Outdoor Life Network coverage. Main web site is the, but I like to watch the particularly the Tyler Hamilton daily dairy. Also check out, an Australian site, is the place to see the techie information and great commentary by Joe about Postal’s tactics. As always check out for some really great wallpaper and screensavers on the Tour De France.

Also check out which has a webcast of Outdoor Live live

CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery,

CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery, Charger, Leather Case, Faceplates at MARQUEL.COM A plug-on accessory camera that’s powered by the phone through the system connector. Pictures can be sent as E-mail attachments stored in a virtual album EMI (Ericsson Mobile Internet). The camera is controlled through dynamic menus.
Instant imaging is growing in popularity. And the new mobile camera, CommuniCam MCA-10, provides a simple way to send pictures over the Internet. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t a high performance digital camera. It’s an affordable product designed to make messaging even more fun – and personal. But what about image quality? To speed up the transmission process for the user, as well as reduce costs, we’ve opted for CIF image resolution (352×288 pixels), with a colour depth of 24 bits. An ideal solution for this application. Features: Image resolution: 352x288pxl. A cool utility I’ll have to get one for connie

Ericsson Data cable RS232 DRS-11

Ericsson Data cable RS232 DRS-11 DPY901236 437022 (back order for 2 weeks) Ericsson Inc. DPY901236 Data cable that connects to your Ericsson mobile phone and a laptop. Can be used as a wireless modem to check and send email. Network Support of data functionality is required for wireless modem use. Please contact operator before purchasing. Ericsson T28 World, T28z, T39m, A2218z, A2228z, R300d, R520m.

RS-232 Cable DRS-11 Specifications