Visioneer 7600 USB under Windows

This is now an “old” scanner being five years old. Amazingly “Visioneer”: still have a support page for it where you can download Win 95/98/2K drivers (but it doesn’t work with XP without special work). Otherwise, they have the drivers up there, but when you install it on Windows, it fails because it expects PaperPort, their utility to be there, but I think it still installs drivers, so in that sense, the error messages are wrong.

It is very hard to get it run on Windows XP, but “Tony”: has figured out a bizarre way to do that seems to work. Only problem is that you need Paperport 8.0 and 6.1 which I don’t have:

Step 1: Download PaperPort Deluxe8.0 (can be the trial version) >>> install it

Step 2 :Connect the scanner and put in the install CD, go to: Start >>> Settings >>>Control Panel >>>Hardware >>>and install the driver from the CD !!!! VIPERSTI.DLL is requested ( to find at as part of

: Step 3 :Uninsall PaperPort delue 8.0 >>>> restart PC

: Step 4:Install PaperPort 6.1 from install CD also install the Twain drivers in the same installtion process >>>> restat PC

: Step 5: Start PaperPort >>>> click on the Scanner icon >>>> press SCANN >>> !!!!! for the first scan only, cancle (interrupt) the ?Light wormup ?(Lampen Aufw?rmphase)

Building a poor man’s Network

Building a poor man’s Network Attached Storage

1. You use the Promise Connectstor II box to is a great poor man’s solution. Just $500 and you can put in any pair of IDE drives that you want. YOu can get this from right now $526.
2. This board appears to have lots of information on the Promise drive and they rave about it. Check there if you have a problem first and I learned a few things about the thing. For instance, there is a firmware upgrade to get it to support >48 bits addressing, so you can put the 160GB hard drives in.
3. Buy the hard drives recommended. For the absolute biggest in size, the current state of the art is the Maxtor 160’s. The WDC 120s or the IBM 120s are the next choice. Should be about $270 for the 160 and about $200 for the 120s. you can get the 160s at and the 120s from
4. from the manual is pretty straightforward. With the 120’s, you just plug them in. The new IDE cables autodetect everything. With the 160’s, you have to install a small drive, load the firmware and then load a big one. This site btw is quite good.