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Earthweb Hardware and Systems: Computers: Weekly Platform Trends: Intel Redesigns the Desktop Again The Tidewater platform is the big news in the form factor area, not only because it fills a market vacuum, but because it will reach the market soon: Intel estimates Tidewater reference designs will be made available in April, with systems in the retail channel later this year. This is news that will surely receive a warm welcome; I’ll be counting the days till I can replace network or home server PCs with a smaller form factor, while gaining the inherent benefits of an industry-standard case and motherboard design. — I personally can’t wait to see this Tidewater design. Could be perfect for the small machines.

Building a CD Server Now

Building a CD Server

Now that I’ve got the basic server running, the next step is to make it a virtual Cd-ROM server. virtual cd is the one I’ve tried. There are a couple of others. I normally look at and see who is doing the most downloads from the last week and then look at the number of folks who are saying it is good. If there are more than 30% thumbs down then I don’t install it. Virtual CD seems like it fits there. I’m experimenting with doing exactly what you are doing. So let’s learn together!

Audiotron BBS. Audiotron is a

Audiotron BBS. Audiotron is a great MP3 receiver. Just integrated into my living room hi-fi system and it is just great. Can see all my MP3s on our home server and the user interface is actually usable. Here is a discussion board for those who want to learn more. I got mine via for about $270 during one of their free shipping promotions.