The Head Geek Overview

Here are the latest personal photos. Thanks to Seattle Filmworks for their
great digitization, although you do have to manually convert from their
proprietary format to JPEGs. These are thumbnails and behind each is a full 30KB
JPEG you can get just by clicking.

Just before Alex was born

The Big Year of Change

This was the year that I left Microsoft. It was the new millenium too.
Started to work on a new company called
Ignition. Has been a lot of fun
working with great people

Rich at home in 2000

At the ‘rents house

Happy Birthday to Me in 1996

Yes, it’s my 35th birthday. Boo-hoo. How sad, but a great barbecue in any

Here is an early picture with me and Alex

Richt and Alex

And, here is my buddy Jon on his new boat

Calvin at Three and Four

An overview of pictures of Calvin. See more by looking at the buttons on the

Enjoying the rain in Des Moines

In the living room for the evening

Watching TV in San Diego in 2000

Another candid in San Diego

San Diego during early 2000

San Diego eating ice cream in 1998

Here is Calvin on his second
Halloween day

30308_06s.JPG (3169 bytes)
Calvin is with his brother on his first Halloween day. 

30308_21s.JPG (4119 bytes)
Here they
are on that winter at the U-village.

Calvin as he welcomes Grace

30308_05s.JPG (4191 bytes)
A little
baby himself!

Alex 1999-2001

Alex and Calvin with Ms. Kaya at the beach

Alex and Calvin with friends

whole Mao-Harway clan

30308_26s.JPG (3182 bytes)

Alex at three. He doesn’t read, but it sure looks like he likes books!

Alex’s Halloween costume. He was "mathematics"

Alex on his sixth birthday!

Alex the track star

At the Beach in Des Moines

Aaron’s Birthday

Alex hanging out
with Grandma

Early 2000 with Alex smiling away!

Being a couch potato in San Diego

Enjoying the San Diego weather in early 2000

Alex in the car with Calvin

Alex with Grace when she is born!

Alex with his favorite
(OK, only) brother Calvin.

His big blue cat is really cool looking

Welcome Grace

Here is Grace’s home page. As Connie says, she is the digital baby, so here
is what is going on.,

Here are some early pictures of her.

Backpacking at the Grandparents

at home she’s in the living room

Here is a great sequence as she looks a Daddy. She’s about 8 months in these
photos going down to San Diego…

Here she is with Mom!

Hugging away

with her new friend, Elana’s daughter

Here she is rocking the boat!

Our newest addition, Grace came to us in June 1999.